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Return of the Saiyans forum rules.

By using the forum, the user automatically agrees to the terms of the following regulations. The user is obliged to read the following regulations and accept them if he wants to use the forum. Acceptance of the regulations is a condition for creating an account on the Forum.
User - a user is any person who wants to discuss on the Return of the Saiyans Forum and accepts all the Rules.
Administrator - The administrator is the owner of the Return of the Saiyans game server and people designated by the server owners to manage the forum.

General rules.
Users are prohibited from:
1) Insulting other users or administration by using profanity, racial, religious, cultural, sexual or other insults aimed at offending the other User or Administrator. This applies to both posting content and private messages.
2) Discussing/Starting/Talking the topics listed in point 1. If the Administrator finds that the User raises one or more mentioned above topics in order to offend any social group or another User or Administrator, he may suffer the consequences of suspending the account on both, the Return of the Saiyans game and Return of the Saiyans forum.
3) Any threats against the Administration or Users.
4) Holding disputes and arguing, even substantive, which may cause spam under the topics discussed on the forum. Users should have a discussion that directly affects themselves only in private messages. The administration will judge and punish users depending on the situation.
5) Spamming the forum. The User will receive a warning for spam. If the User does not improve his behaviour, he will be punished in accordance with the Administrator's will.
6) Creating multiple topics with the same content. If the User does not improve his behaviour, he will be punished in accordance with the Administrator's will.
7) Creating topics related to breaking the law in a global perspective. This means that creating a thread that alludes to, encourages, promotes or justifies breaking the law is completely forbidden and punished immediately, without any notofication.
8 ) Creating posts related to topics other than the Return of the Saiyans game in a place other than the designated place.
9) Creating topics and posts, related to copyright infringement in any way.
10) Impersonating administrators. Impersonating the administration will be punished with banning the User without any warnings.
11) Trading virtual currency or virtual items from the world of Return of the Saiyans in a sphere other than the Return of the Saiyans game. This means that you cannot trade in-game cash for real money, services, etc.
12) Using the User Avatars, signatures, banners, etc. aimed at offending other users, social, religious, cultural groups, etc. The administration will decide about the reported Avatars individually.

It is not advisable to:
- create multiple accounts,
- create posts with excessive content. Posts should be concise and short,
- judge or comment the work of the administration regarding keeping the right order at the Forum,
- create posts with topics similar to existing ones, and creating posts in inappropriate sections.

The administration may change the regulations at any time, and the User is obliged to be up to date with the status of the regulations.
The Administration may, without warning, remove the User from the forum and the Return of the Saiyans game, if he believes that the User has broken the rules or tried to bypass the regulations in order to harm another User, Administration, Forum or game itself, or other entities belonging to the owners of the Forum and the Return of the Saiyans game.
We remind you that using the Return of the Saiyans forum signify your agreement to the above regulations.

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