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  3. Hi! Unfortunately there is no such option. And I don't think it will appear on the website or in game any soon.
  4. Hi, you need to create characters on both servers - Uniervsum I and II. If it doesn't help, please change your password using only letters from A to Z : )
  5. witam, mam problem taki ze nie moge sie zalogowac do gry (pisze ze zle haslo) a na stronie normalnie sie loguje? hello, i have a problem that i can not log in to the game ( i am writing the wrong password) and i log in nolly on the website?
  6. Hello, I have question is it possible to check how many active users play on Universum II ? Thanks
  7. Hi, try do delete c://rots - the whole folder and download the game once again from the website. It should help : ) Let me know if you have some more issues.
  8. Hi Everytime i try to open the game it show this message > FATAL ERROR Unable to open /config.rcx I've tried to unistall and install again, but it keep happening again and again. Please help
  9. Czy masz stworzone postacie na obydwu serverach? Musisz mieć postać zarówno na Uni 1, jak i Uni 2 : ) Daj znać, jeśli pomogło ^^
  10. Klient się odpala ale passy nie działają, a na stronie działają normalnie
  11. Xukio

    Update 2.2.2

    Gohan's invisibility from "Super Explosive Wave" technique passive should work as intended when used against monsters, game client shouldn't crash while opening streams (let us know if you'll encounter any other crashes in the game as it will help us fixing them), from now on, monsters from Future Earth shouldn't appear in Daily Tasks on Regular Earth, Perfect Cell's Wings "Destructive Gale" ability doesn't give a cooldown for user's techniques anymore, fixed a bug where "Saiyans Pride" - Vegeta's passive wouldn't trigger properly, "Zanzoken" technique should work
  12. Xukio

    Update 2.2.2

    Hello everyone! Make sure to get yourself some spare time at the weekend because Mimic Event is approaching to the Return of the Sayians world! It will start on Saturday, 17th of April at 11:00 am CET (Global Save) and will end 2 days later on Monday. You will have 48 hours to kick some of these evil chests and loot items with rare bonuses! We're also bringing some more fixes and changes into the game, and here's the whole list: Gohan's invisibility from "Super Explosive Wave" technique passive should work as intended when used against monsters, game client should
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  14. Xukio

    Update 2.2.1

    from now on information about completing daily task shouldn't appear more than once, fixed a bug where player could go through roof on Imperialist Tower respawn on Future Earth without meeting level requirement, using "Shunkanido" technique on player who is in the Protection Zone will teleport a player to the nearest available SQM instead of inside a player, Dende's technique - "Limit Reduction" got back its ability to reduce CD of passives on Finger Blast and Magic Materialization, players will no longer get muted on every channel after posting a message on Trade chann
  15. Xukio

    Update 2.2.0

    Patch note: - added Future Earth, - increased rewards and number of kills required for bonus tasks in the 4th room of CC Lab, - fixed visual bug with Super Masenko passive technique - from now on it should show properly if the passive is active after the Shenlong Wish, - from now on, it is possible to add on action bar such items us: puar stone, shield of blessings, wooden shovel, shovel, platinum shovel, golden shovel, rope, bucket, hoe, pickaxe, - improved functioning of market, - decreased cooldown of transformations from 3s to 1s, - changed the type of Dende's basic attacks f
  16. Xukio

    The Future Earth

    Hello dear players! Today, we prepared a huge portion of news for you so you'd better sit comfortable and enjoy the reading! First of all, the main thing we're including in the update is Future Earth. To access there you need to use Time Machine located near Central Capitol. Below, you can find a short video describing the whole Future Earth. There are Polish, English, Spanish and Portuguese subtitles available. We hope you will love it same as we do. Future Earth Future Earth will allow us to develop PvP side of RotS World - there won't be any frags so fights there will
  17. Xukio

    Forum Rules

    Return of the Saiyans forum rules. By using the forum, the user automatically agrees to the terms of the following regulations. The user is obliged to read the following regulations and accept them if he wants to use the forum. Acceptance of the regulations is a condition for creating an account on the Forum. User - a user is any person who wants to discuss on the Return of the Saiyans Forum and accepts all the Rules. Administrator - The administrator is the owner of the Return of the Saiyans game server and people designated by the server owners to manage the forum. General rule
  18. Xukio


    Hello dear players! Along with today's global save we prepared a small compensation for latest issues with OVH servers. First of all, everyone received 5 days of premium account already. Secondly, each player will be able to extend the remaining time of Puar Stone and Golden Shovel by 5 days. In addition, you will be able to claim Double Exp Card. It will increase your experience gain by 100% for 2 hours. The compensation can be received only ONCE per account so please make sure you claim it on the right character. What more, to successfully extend the time of Puar Stone and Golden Shovel
  19. Hello dear players, We regret to say that our website and forum data are temporarily disabled due to the fire in OVH servers building. Fortunately, neither the OVH employees nor the firefighters were injured. However, we have to be patient and wait for the official information from the server provider, which is probably to happen on Monday. Then, we will know more about the status of our data and servers and after that we will be able to say something more. All the information regarding previous Changelogs and News are still available on our Discord server - https://discord.com
  20. Today, the monthly rewards for PvP Points in March have been granted. Along with that, we'd like to announce that from now, monthly rewards have been suspended as we will be changing them in a short future.
  21. Xukio

    Game Rules

    1. User account. 1.1 Can user sell his account or share the login details? Nope. You are not allowed to share your account number nor password (hereinafter referred to as "Login Details") for login purposes with others. You must also not share your account with other people in any other way. It is forbidden to sell, transfer or provide the Login Details to other people. The owner of the account is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his Login Details. In case of loss of security including theft or unauthorized disclosure of the Login Details, the user should immediately cont
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