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  2. Hi Mitsuiomi! Yes, we have considered this type of event in the past. In Return of The Saiyans, players are able to gain new levels very quickly - especially after the recent updates that introduced Dungeons. Currently, we have no plans to introduce such events - but who knows what the future will bring!
  3. Last week
  4. Xukio

    Update 2.8.4

    Greetings, Saiyans! Black friday is here! 30% discount for every puar/kinto skin and backpack - available only for 24h. Visit our Premium Store to get the best deals! Change log: - reverted the change with possibility to get Androids on daily; the draw range for 435 levels is back to -60, +60, - fixed characters moving animation, - fixed quest in Mummy Charmer Tomb, - fixed issues causing server crashes, - fixed an issue, where it was not possible to open Clan Stash in certain situations. Best Regards, RotS Team.
  5. Xukio

    Update 2.8.4

    Patch note: reverted the change with possibility to get Androids on daily; the draw range for 435 levels is back to -60, +60, fixed characters moving animation, fixed quest in Mummy Charmer Tomb, fixed issue causing server crashes, fixed an issue, where it was not possible to open Clan Stash in certain situations.
  6. Xukio

    Update 2.8.3

    Changes: from now on, the Daily on Future/Regular Earth will have draw range from level -60 to infinity (works only for characters with level 435), Fixes: fixed visual bugs in Bulmas dialogues; the scroll bar covered some of the text, fixed 'ignore' option - it should no longer reset after Global Save, fixed a bug, where it was not possible to use Pickaxe on SQM with blood, fixed a bug, where it was possible to enable Clan Buffs on Team Fight Event, fixed a bug, where implants were not active after Team Fight Event, fixed a bug, where player lost Korin's Mixture effect after Team Fight Event, fixed an issue, where it didn't show negative Defense stats on some items' tooltip, fixed an issue, where player could block Clan Stash while disconnected. Character Balance changes Bulma: Air Strike changed damage area, from now on, Air Strike is casted instantly; it doesn't require mouse click confirmation anymore, decreased Damage buff from passive: 20% → 15%. Mines CD: 3s → 12s, Significantly increased damage. Protect Significantly decreased shield value, Ki cost: 5% → 3%. EMP Charge Silence duration: 3s → 1.5s. Trunks: Full Control Trunks gets additional 30% dodge chance from all techniques.
  7. Xukio

    Boss Event

    Greetings Saiyans! This weekend we'll host another event! Between Global Saves on Friday and Monday Bosses will spawn more often than usual! In addition, each defeated boss will give you 3 boss points! Happy hunting! Best Regards, RotS Team.
  8. Unfortunately, I'm not sure about Admins plans, but it was something like that, @Mitsuiomi:
  9. Wow, I'm glad you've suggested that. I made a similar suggestion in Discord for AI CO-OP and removing exp bonus or total exp would be an example of restriction over it! I'll send a screenshot of the whole idea here in a few minutes, but so far, thanks for the suggestion!
  10. Its harder and harder to find support players for team up. We could be able to "rent" npc's at least for dungeons.. it would increase the search for this kind of content. Dungeons are kinda dead. A second idea would be remove the bonus XP for support characters. Another idea would be allow players to switch class without xp loss. This could be done 1x per day, only in-dungeons.
  11. Do you guys ever considered double xp events? Double XP Dungeon, XP Tasks, etc.
  12. Earlier
  13. Witaj! Nie będziemy odblokowywać kont tylko dlatego, że zmienia się zawartość gry. Ban został nałożony słusznie i nic w tej sprawie się nie zmieni.
  14. Witam, @kexus Przekażę Twoje pytanie bezpośrednio do jednego z naszych administratorów na Discordzie. Może to przyspieszy proces odpowiedzi! Życzę ci powodzenia. Pozdrawiam, John.
  15. Witam . Jest szansa na odbanowanie mojego konta ? Wprowadziliście tyle zmian w pvp że powód mojego bana przestał istnieć.
  16. Fiery notification Don't let your inner fire go out.... get ready for a hell of a party!
  17. Você é o melhor... Muito obrigado.
  18. John Hawk

    Grim Reaper

    Bom dia, @adriano Raposo! Sim, basta colocá-los no chat local. Comando dos tipo !invite, !roomowner, você pode colocar sem escrever o nome do personagem em seguida, pois aparecerá uma janelinha pra você colocar os nomes lá. Se quiser colocar mais de um nome dentro dessa janelinha, como na de "invite" por exemplo, você deverá dar um "Enter" depois de cada nome, pra ele quebrar a linha e colocar um nome sobre o outro.
  19. Bom dia, aonde eu escrevo esses comandos? É no chat? Ex: vou no chat !Convite (e escrevo o nome do char que eu quero colocar?)
  20. Hello players! The Halloween house decoration contest has finished! Thank you all for joining the event! Here's the list of the winners: 1st place - @Jocke#4778 2nd place - @Cel#9314 3rd place - @katthatt#1590 4th place - @Smart#6689 5th place - @Picareturns#5396 To receive your rewards please contact me (Xukio) or Wizi via private message on discord.
  21. Ótimo amigo, parece que é só vc on-line... Muito obrigado pela força e dúvidas tiradas...
  22. @adriano Raposo Olá, sou eu novamente! heheh - Já deve estar enjoando de mim. De acordo com os Termos de Serviço do Usuário, esse tipo de ação é proibida em Return of The Saiyans! Você pode ler mais sobre isso em: https://saiyansreturn.com/terms-of-service
  23. Talvez tenha sido algum item de quest... Aparentemente, agora eles vêm com essa opção de escolha, o que é maravilhoso! Antigamente, vinham aleatórios. Haha
  24. Bom dia, existe algum programa que possa abrir dupla conta num msm Pc? Quero upar 2 contas ao msm tempo! Alguém sabe de algum macete legal? Que não leve ban ou hunted?
  25. Eu perguntei, pq teve um que eu consegui escolher o atributo. Só não lembro qual foi... Aí não consegui mais depois por isso perguntei, mais obrigado pela ajuda! Está me ajudando bastante!
  26. Oi, @adriano Raposo! Cara, infelizmente, apenas alguns itens possuem esse sistema especial de escolha de atributos. Alguns deles: Diamond Core Items, Golden Items, Ancient Helmet, Cyber Items... O restante dos itens adquiridos realmente possuem uma escolha aleatória de atributos, vindo alguns já revelados e outros velados, precisando usar os reveals Tier 3, 4 ou 5. Se a dúvida persistir, por favor, pergunte. Abraços, John.
  27. Bom dia, alguém pode ajudar? Eu ganhei no evento uma arma, só que veio sem nenhum atributo! como eu faço pra colocar os atributos que eu quero? Pq quando vem assim eu uso o atributo T1.3, T1.4 T1.5 só que vem aleatório!
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