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  2. Xukio

    Team Fight Event

    Due to the fact, that the current state of the Team Fight Event doesn't satisfy players, neither us, we decided to disable the Gem rewards for July. We have already started reworking Team Fight Event and as soon as all the changes are done we will enable Gem rewards back again.
  3. Gerson

    Team Fight

    Pois é, mas acredito que se pudesse ser a qualquer hora e tivesse uma fila de espera até formar a equipe demoraria menos do que o atual sistema, que por muitas vezes demoram mais de 6 horas e na hora do evento ainda falha. Concordo também com sua ideia da arena, seria muito útil pra treinar o PVP.
  4. Tempura

    Team Fight

    @Gerson, na Home do site, se você rolar a barra até a parte inferior da página, irá encontrar contadores que mostram o quanto falta pro evento de Team Fight, como mostrado no print abaixo. Assim você pode se programar melhor pra conseguir entrar no evento. Quanto ao intervalo demorado entre um evento e outro, concordo que é bastante tempo. Porém, muitas vezes que eu vou, o evento tá vazio. Fico então me perguntando se falta jogadores suficientes para que possamos ter eventos PvP mais frequentes. Talvez seja legal uma arena pra PvP onde os jogadores possam simplesmente entrar quando quiserem e atacar uns aos outros sem pegar PK, nem perder bag/exp quando morrem. Eu sempre quero testar minhas habilidades e meu melee contra os meus amigos que jogam comigo, e deixar que testem os deles em mim, mas nunca fazemos pra não pegar PK. Fica aí a sugestão.
  5. Gerson

    Team Fight

    Acho que muitos irão concordar comigo, pois acredito que o sistema de team fight poderia ser melhorado. Tipo ter uma fila pra entrar em qualquer hora ou algo do tipo como os outros rpgs, as vezes ficamos esperando um bom tempo pelo evento e ele nem acontece. Isso é muito frustrante e desestimula boa parte dos jogadores. Os intervalos entre o evento são bem demorados também e isso faz perder a graça, achei o sistema muito bem feito mas ao meu ver está pouco explorado.
  6. Hi, Only the "space" key is used, the others are fine. Zanzoken still doesnt work
  7. Earlier
  8. Hi Tempura! I understand, the Shenlong wishes might be a bit confusing, let me explain them a bit more clearly ^^ 1) If you want to change the vocation the skill TIME will be transfered to the new vocation. Some examples: Let's say you are Piccolo and u've been training your defense skill for 5 hours. You achieved 77 defense. For example Gohan who has been training Defense skill also for 5 hours achieved only 25 Defense skill. So if you are Piccolo and you change your vocation via Shenlong wish into Gohan you will end up with 25 Defense Skill. On the other Hand, if you are Gohan and you've been training agility for 5 hours, you will get only 27 skill of it. But if you change your vocation into Piccolo, you will end up with 80 Agility Skill. Movement Speed, Focus and Fishing are the same for all the vocations. So if you have 80 movement speed as Gohan, you will end up with 80 movement speed in any other vocation. 2) Second wish is related with other techniques. So after choosing this one, you will be able to improve one of your techniques. Every vocation has got two techniques available for upgrade. You can read on some of them "Works after choosing as wish from Shenlong" - and then after unlocking it you will be able to use the techniques with improved effect. 3) If you choose this wish you will be able to get last transformation after getting 350 level : ) Hope it helped you a bit! If you've got some more questions, feel free to ask them ^^
  9. Thanks @Scoy and @Jocke, you guys keep this community tidy! Much Tentsuyu sauce on your shrimps!
  10. To Admins : "I'd like to unlock my potential" add LVL REQ : 350. Will fix all problem .
  11. Hello, Small disclaimer, I am only like 85% sure about this so please double-check the dialogue when you summon him - it was a long time since I did this myself so my memory might not serve me correctly here... Point is that Shen Long will always ask something along the lines of "oh, are you sure you want to ...?", take advantage of this to make sure your choice is what you actually wished (haha) for. 1.) As far as I know there is no punishment but you get skills for your new class based on how many training points you had in your previous one. So for example if you are a tank with 80 defense and change into a damage dealer then you will not gain 80 defense. You will gain the same level of defense as if you would have trained defense for as long as you had on your tank. I know it's a bit of a tongue-twister but hopefully you get what i'm trying to say. Fist and Sword fighting does not translate at all. So if you have 90 sword and 25 fist on Trunks and swap into Goku then you will still have those same exact skills. 2.) Here each class gets the option to upgrade one of two spells, as Scoy said you can look through your tab and look for grey text on your spells - those are the upgrade able ones. 3.) This is your level 350 transform upgrade and does literally nothing for you up until that point - my advice is to ignore this option until... 350. Ps. I also noticed that there is no complete guide for collecting and using dragon balls - Me and Stg Pain might create this guide soon though
  12. Hi Tempura, I feel sugar and spice everything nice, how ya doin'? 😎 1. Unfortunately I do not know, but maybe @Jocke are you able to advise? ^^ 2. If i remember correctly every class have 2 spells with possibilites to be upgraded by Shen Long wish. For example, I as a Dende have possibility to improve by Benevolence passive (regenerates your and your allies Ki points by 2% every 2 seconds) with this effect: "Regenerates the closest ally HP by 55% and KI points by 100% if he lost more than 70% of hitpoints.". If you want to check which spell you can upgrade.. You just need to look at every your spell, and check which one are upgradable 3. I know that in order to achieve your last transformation you need to ask Shen Long to additional power.. It seems like this is the correct option. With Best Regards, Arthur~
  13. I'm also guilty of this.. Haha, it's funny how most of people are tricked by those . But you have to say.. those decorations looks amazing though ^^
  14. These Dragon Balls are related to Sagas so you will be able to pick them up in the further Sagas ^^
  15. Howdy Y'all!? 🤠 I hope everyone is safe and sound, hunting and having fun. As I advance through the game, the time to invoke that great sacred Shenron (Shen Long or Shenlong) is coming! Thus, I was hoping someone could help me understand what each wish does. If there is already a tutorial, please forgive me. I swear I searched. Could you provide a link? Thanks! If there is no tutorial, please consider making one, if not too much trouble. It would truly help because wishing is a big achievement, and we do not want to mess it up. Thanks for understanding. So, here are some questions: 1. I know the option "I would like to change my vocation" affects our skills by proportionally shifting a character's build into another character's build. But does it penalize the skills as well? 2. What does the option "I'd like to be forcefulness" do? Is it related to my abilities that depend on wish? If so, do I need to invoke Shenron once for each ability that can be improved? 3. The "I'd like to unlock my potential" option seems to be related to buffs. What do they do? Once I choose this wish, does it show anywhere in my character Inventory (like implants) or on the Stats? Are there options? If so, what are the options? Can I have more then one, option or only one option? I know we are not supposed to know every secret of the game; exploring alternatives and discovering mysteries is part of the role play fun. But in this case, it is such a big achievement, I just want to know what it does so I don't waste it. Thanks again and GO GO CATCH ALL DRAGON BALLS! - Tempura
  16. I'm also guilty of this...
  17. You are not retarded but yes, this is not a "real" dragon ball, it is only there for decoration purposes. There are many like this around the map, I can think of 3 more just now
  18. i've been trying to pick up this dragon ball but it does not work no matter what i do, could it be that im retarded and it is a ornament of the map or it is an issue with the dragonball spawn?
  19. Hi! There are Cash Mashines all around the cities. Deposit your zenis there if you want to make any transaction via the market.
  20. Even when i have money in the marketplace says my balance it's 0. I need to do something to chance this??
  21. Hello @Jocke your guide is amazing! Especially I love your miniatures 😁 Pretty well explained, I am a 100% sure that many people will found it useful. Good job mate!
  22. Good job @Olwe keep it up
  23. @Olwe Good job, keep shredding those bosses And i loved how you explained to all of us how was the experience and strategy to get the life of that boss!
  24. @Olwe Congratz and keep it up! By the way, I believe it's cool that the bosses are a bit challenging, isn't it? You don't just go there and kill, you need to think and use your fingers well to defeat the bosses which is great in my opinion ^^
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