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  1. Warriors! This Friday we prepared something new for you! The name of the upcoming event is Pearl Event. The first thing you need to know is that you will be able to collect Pearls this week! Rarity of pearls depends on Monster's level, e.g. if you hunt low level monsters, then you should not expect to loot Red or Golden pearls. Here is the whole list with Monster's level ranges and loot: Lv. 1-29 Monsters Black Pearl Lv. 30 - 89 Monsters Black Pearl Blue Pearl Lv. 90-149 Monsters Blue Pearl Purple Pearl Lv. 150-400 Monsters Purple Pearl Red Pearl
  2. Three times in a week? No problem Warriors! Some of you asked for even more cosmetic items! To meet your expectations, along with tomorrow's Global save we are updating Furniture Tab! At the beginning, we will add 23 beautiful and valuable items. There will be such rarities as the blue or green dragon statuettes, or the Mimic Chests among them! But fear not! This is just the tip of the iceberg. The number of these items will actively increase in the future. It's great news, isn't it?! See you tomorrow!
  3. Dear players! I am pleased to announce a contest for pictures that reflect the beauty and charm of Return of the Saiyans in a best possible way! The contest rules are super simple! From all submitted photos we will choose 12 which will be placed on Account Maker to promote our lovely game! Our jurors will be... Xukio & Wizi! The undisputed duo who have been creating this wonderful server since the beginning. Obviously, there are some restrictions: Screenshots must be in 1920x1080 resolution On the screenshot all nicknames and Health Bars should be hidden (Ct
  4. Everyone on Earth has a treasure that awaits him. Adventurers, not every treasure is silver or gold, that's why along with the following Weekend we decided to twist a little bit our Mimic Event After defeating a Mimic Chest, players who participated in the battle will have a chance to receive a cursed chest fragment. These fragments will be super useful! They look cool, but besides that, players will be able to exchange them for nice rewards such as Treasure keys or various cosmetical items! The event kicks off this Friday (June 4th) and runs through to Monday's server sa
  5. We heared that you guys are looking for new adventures! That's why we started looking for inspiration in the most distant cities. In one of them, there lives our old friend - Jack, The Hunter. Jack is a born hunter, like his father and grandfather, as well as every man in his family before them. Gladly for us, he agreed to visit our West Capitol this weekend (between 22-24.05) to give you some new challenges! Jack will have a quick look at you and compare to himself! If he decides that you are strong enough, he will assign you equally strong monsters that you will have to hunt. Every
  6. Iustitia

    Market filters

    Hi @Malwin Actually we will improve Market system in the Future, unfortunately I am unable to provide you any ETA as there are more important jobs to finish. For sure in the near future we're planning to implement a filter that will allow to search up to 3 different bonuses on a single item. Great idea, but let's say at the moment this is "on hold" Cheers~
  7. Hi @Sir Hustler I strongly agree this is a job for the whole community! It would be awesome to engage 5 or 10 people to work on creating various guides for different quests. If you would have any questions or you will needed help with above matter I am more then happy to assist By the way - I moved your topic to General Discussion, because this topic is not a guide itself.
  8. HP Bonus - Health Points Bonus. Bonus will increase your total Health Points by X value. Example: If you have 1000 HP and you wear a T5 item with 500 HP Bonus, you will have 1500 HP. If you unwear this item, you will have 1000 HP again. HP Bonus (%) - Health (percentage) Points Bonus. Bonus will increase your total Health Points by X percent. Example: If you have 1000 HP and you wear a T5 item with 4% bonus, you will have 1040 HP. If you unwear this item, you will have 1000 HP again. KI Bonus - KI (aka mana) points Bonus. Bonus will increase your total KI by X value. Example: I
  9. Iustitia

    Dragon Balls

    Hi @Malwin Bug with Dragon Balls is known and it will be fixed soon. It has high priority. Regarding visual effect for hole after Dragon Ball - the idea is superb but at the moment there are more important things to add (e.g. fixing Dragon Ball bug). It doesn't mean that it will be not added in the future Btw. it's Iustitia not Lustitia
  10. Iustitia

    Dragon Balls

    Well easier way to find Dragon Ball while it is under a tree is to look after them during night! Dragon Ball spheres are glowing in the dark, so it's a lot easier to find them during night.
  11. Iustitia

    Dragon Balls

    Hi Malwin! I love your idea about hole on the ground! I am not sure if it's necessary to implement since it is only visual thing, but I will talk with people responsible for such systems. Regarding "Dragon balls should not appear inside buindings / inside tunnels ect." - I totally disagree. Dragon Balls needs to appear in various places! Even such places like tunnels. RoTS map are not that big to remove this option, but its only my personal opinion.
  12. Hi Verde Natural, In my opinion this technique doesn't require visual effect. It should be a spell that needs to be used more wisely then other techniques. What is the fun of the game, if you can just use this spell constantly without thinking? The game would be a little bit easier, and I personally do not feel it will be a good change. Regarding Future Earth - monsters there are twice stronger than on Regular Earth! Also there are no items with Less Damage from such monsters, so people here needs to be also two times more cautious - if they won't, they will most probably die.
  13. Hi there, as far as I know Balog's do not drop such armor. You have chance to get either black shirt or demon armor and both of them do not give such in-build statistic like 5% + health points. Regarding changing this system - its not something easy. We implemented bonuses this way, and it will be nearly impossible to change the way they work without harming players or the system itself (since the economic are on stable level now). The excavation system are additional system that help players to get some extra cash, or if they want they can try their "luck" and hard work (collecting mat
  14. Hi there, what you mean by "my screen is blurry"? Could you please clarify? Additionally, how many inches your monitor have? For example if you are playing on TV the screen itself or pixels could be a little bit different.
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