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  1. Oi! Obrigado por reportar! A equipe já está ciente deste problema e está trabalhando para consertá-lo o mais breve possível! Para mais reports sobre bugs e afins, você pode: Realizá-los diretamente para alguém da Staff via mensagem privada no Discord oficial do jogo. Link do convite: https://discord.com/invite/mnyxBm9 Realizá-los diretamente dentro do jogo usando a ferramenta Helpdesk. O atalho para acessá-la é CTRL + H. Obrigado pela atenção. Boa noite!
  2. Hi! Thanks for your idea! I love the concept fan to fan, that's why I do like the idea of a way to calculate our combat power based on items+transforms+skills with scouter, also displaying which attributes player is using at moment. The range of it could be 6x6 or 7x7. Not possible to use while on Kinto. Scouter could be a Quest Item or Wearable, 'Cause since Future Earth release, more and more wearable items got some unique actions, such as Diamond Core Set, Cell Wings, the newest ones from Robotic Island... I can't assure you that it goes to be implemented, but, in my opinion, it's a good idea and Staff are always open and looking for the good ones.
  3. Hi, I believe that this error is about connection. Server was offline or you lose connection. Sorry for late, late, laaaate response.
  4. Oi, @zangetsuo! A missão da Kinto (Pure Heart Quest) agora é para level 30, talvez seja por isso que você não esteja conseguindo realizá-la. Se estiver level 30+ e ainda assim não tiver conseguido completar, me avisa! Aguardo seu retorno. Bom jogo.
  5. Oi, @zangetsuo! Você precisará fazer esse passo a passo para a correção do minimap: 1º: Fechar o jogo. 2º: Ir em C:\rots 3º: Apagar os arquivos que terminam com a extensão .otmm (base.otmm, minimap.otmm) 4º: Abrir o jogo novamente.
  6. Hi! I do agree with you that it would be awesome, but... Gohan still an AOE dmg dealer when it does damage to more than a single target. You said that before it was more than the current range? Well, if so, looks like he got adjust to balance with others vocations... It has same range as Super Massive Wave... Would be awesome as well if Super Massive Wave had a range increase same way, right? Sadly, it cannot happen because would make it very OP over other vocations, same case as Meteor Blaster... I do would like to have a Magic Materalization with 7x7 range, but it would be unfair It's just my opinion, right?
  7. Hi! Have you ever heard about Shen Long? Well, on your journey playing ROTS, you may find or even call him several times. "How do I do that, Mr. John?" Keep calm, I'll tell you. First of all, you'll need to reunite all the Dragon Balls. ____________________________________________________________________________________ Once you reunited, you'll need to have in mind that Shen Long can only be summoned on a Non Protected Zone Area. To summon him it's quite easy, just a mouse right click over any of your Dragon Balls and wait few seconds... ____________________________________________________________________________________ After summoned, Shen Long will ask which wish you're looking for and show some options: ____________________________________________________________________________________ 1º: "I want to change my character." You'll be able to choose any character to change. Your level will still, but your skills will get adapted to the character you choose, in other words, you cannot be a Dende with 99 of defense after played and trained on Majin Buu, as Dende is a support class, and Buu a tank ones. ____________________________________________________________________________________ 2º: "I want to unlock my potential." You'll unlock your level 350 transform. ____________________________________________________________________________________ 3º: "I want power." You'll be able to grant a buff to some of your techniques. ____________________________________________________________________________________ 4º:"I'd like to exceed my training limits." You'll be able to break the skill limit, which is 99, being able to reach 105. ____________________________________________________________________________________ "Next" window 1º: You receive a random item with very good bonuses. (Of course, you may need lucky on this...) 2º: You'll be able to choose between Shen Long's Kinto, Healing skin or Shen Long as Puar form. 3º: "I have no wishes at all. It was just a dream of calling out you." (Be careful on this kind of option, because you might be able to call Him again just after 8 hours.) If you choose not to make your wish on that time, Dragon Balls will remain with you, don't worry. ____________________________________________________________________________________ After choosing the Wish you want too, you may find a confirmation window, there you can either Cancel or Confirm your choice. You may notice that there's 2 options that leads you on Cancel. 1º: "Yes, I'm sure!" Confirming your choice. 2º:"No. Let's talk about those other whises." Moves you to your first view of wishes. 3º:"No, maybe next time. Bye!" Literally says "good bye" to Shen Long. Your Dragon Balls will return to your bag. If you have any more doubts, feel free to ask'em. I hope this help someone <3. John Hawk.
  8. CMD command line: bcdedit.exe /set increaseuserVA 2800
  9. Perhaps some problem between your connection proxy and EU link... But I'm glad US worked for you. =D Good game, mate!
  10. Hi! Have you tried once again? I just tested it and worked fine... If you still getting error, you can try, alternatively, download the game by US. Best Regards
  11. Step by step made by @Xukio, also available to see in Game Official Discord Server. ROTS Discord's invite: https://discord.com/invite/mnyxBm9 Here is the mentioned link to follow instructions: https://www.microsoft.com/en-US/download/details.aspx?id=48145
  12. Hi! You meant an official site made in PT/BR or you just want to see the contents in-game on that language? If you wish to see contents in different languages than English, or perhaps, if you want to see spoilers and this kind of stuffs, I highly recommend you to look foward Fansites. You can find all of them on Guide section, here on Forum. PS.: Remember that, in-game, you'll find out a way to choose the language you want to interact with.
  13. Community has done and, keeps doing its job, creating some good stuff about the game, such as: Quests tutorial About what is "Excavation System" Bosses locations Items Lasts / Current Event Etc... (See by yourself :P) Get yourself a good fresh start on game by taking a look on RotS's fansites: ENG - https://saiyansbook.com/ ENG - https://saiyansreturn.info/ BR - https://www.fanrots.com.br/ PL - https://www.saiyanspolska.pl/ Choose the one that better suits you!
  14. Hi, everyone! I would like to ask about this topic that it's suspended -> https://trello.com/c/rTmOTToT/54-cd-bar-dendes-passives Is there any regards of reviving this functionality, even if it's just for UX? Btw. I do agree that it needs to be used wisely, but once you face some hard scenarios, that becomes quite impossible to predict if it's close to reset, only remaining Limit Reduction to be used... Best regards, John
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