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  1. Xukio

    Team Fight Event

    Due to the fact, that the current state of the Team Fight Event doesn't satisfy players, neither us, we decided to disable the Gem rewards for July. We have already started reworking Team Fight Event and as soon as all the changes are done we will enable Gem rewards back again.
  2. Xukio

    Erro Crashed

    Hello 1. Delete current folder with all game files and c:\rots. 2. Download the newest client again via WWW. 3. Extract the game to NEW folder. 4. Add the game as an exception in windows defender. 5. Open the game via OpenGL or DirectX file as administrator (DO NOT OPEN IT VIA UPDATEMANAGER)
  3. Xukio

    Improvements & more

    Hello dear players, Recently, we've been working on improving our client updater so we won't bother you with the annoying hosting links anymore. We hope this change will bring some convenience if it comes to the players experience with downloading the game. - improved client updater and added an option to select the location of download, - some fixes to loading minimap; from now on the minimap loads when the client is launched instead of load it just before the client launches (as a result, you won't need to wait for so long for the client to be launched just after update or after removing c:/rots) - improved the algorithm of giving back experience after unfair death (several deaths on one character), - fixed client crashes which made some players unable to play, - fixed the script of transfering the jewellery (all the equipped jewellery will be successfully transfered to depots). Due to the recent client crashes, every player who experienced the issue, received additional 7 days of premium account. What more, at the incoming weekend there will appear one more, interesting feature which will make your game more enjoyable. Stay tuned! Best Regards, RotS Team.
  4. Xukio

    Update 1.5.4

    Hello Dear Players! In today's update there are tons of fixes, improves and new things in the game. Make sure to read it all before you hop into Return of the Saiyans world. Changelog: - locked items in the inventory now have the appropriate graphic design, - slightly fixed Map Click (it does not satisfy us in 100% so there will be some more fixes to Map Click in the future), - added information about player's warnings in the selecting character window. The window remains the same if there are no warnings at all, - added number separators in Market, Cash Machines and exp/h bar tooltip, - fixed calculation of exp/h. It should show correct amount of experience per hour now, - added tooltip to the energy bar (the purple bar next to our avatar located on the left top corner of the screen). It shows how much less xp we lose after death, - fixed Defense training window, - undid the changes related to Zanzoken activated by Double Right Click. The Zanzoken is currently assigned to Mouse Button 3 (Mouse Scroll) but the hotkey can be changed in the options menu, - added an option to enable additional HP and KI bars, which may be customized by player (opacity, size and location of the bars), - added Poisonous Rat Quest for beginners, - improved the sending packages method. It should fix the bug with logging in in the crowded places and stuff, - fixed "Risking it all for a friend" technique. From now on, Piccolo cannot use it on players who are on Kinto, - fixed Uranai Baba zeni bug. She won't need that one extra zeni anymore, - fixed Rapidness Implant. From now on players will be able to train up to 101 attack speed skill if they used the implant previously, - changed the prices of the following keys sold by Bulma: ~ Bronze Treasure key - 1 000 -> 190 zeni ~ Silver Treasure key - 5 000 -> 530 zeni ~ Golden Treasure key - 20 000 -> 5 000 zeni, - added a possibility to get item with 2 bonuses from chests, - changed the chances for each Tiers. The more valuable chest the higher chances the item will have higher Tier, - fixed flickering Green Flame bug, - changed the damage from techniques of Crit Chance bonus from 130% to 150%, - added chat logs (available for administration only). From now on, all the reports related with insulting, racism, etc in game will be checked carefully, - added a new system, which will save and monitor the average ping on the server at specified intervals, which will allow us to check if there were any lag spikes and possibly help in the future compensation after unfair deaths, - added "Hot This Week" feature to our premium shop which will allow new players to check the most often purchased premium items, - from now on, every player who lost premium account will lose his house in game, - from now on, only one house can be assigned to one account, - fixed a bug with returning Dragon Balls after summoning Shenlong, - from now on, Dende's basic attacks applies stunning stacks on his passive "Weak Point" of "Finger Blast" technique, - from now on, Dende's basic attacks can apply the following bonuses in 50% effectiveness: Life Drain, % Life Drain, KI Drain, % Ki Drain, DMG, % DMG and 100% effectivness for Critical Chance, - created brand new streaming system which will be available after releasing Universum II (more info soon), - disabled a possibility to exchange zeni while being on Kinto to prevent server flooding, - enabled possibility to use "Heal", "Regeneration" and "Light" while being on Kinto, - stabilized Dende's basic attacks, - it is no longer possible to use "Shunkanido" while being stunned, - fixed a bug where offers were removed from the market after the quantity of some items changed in a certain offer, - added level requirements for Jewellery, - changed the frequency of helpdesk info pop up window. From now on, it will appear only once, 5 minutes after logging in, instead of every 15 minutes, - some other minor fixes. Make sure to download the newest client from our website. Downloading the client via ROTS Update Manager is not working properly for now. + As always, feel free to share your opinion about the patch. We hope you like the changes. Have fun!
  5. Xukio


    Hello! We would like to inform everyone that after next update players who own houses and their premium account expired will lose them. The patch will take place in a few days and information about the houses will be annouced one more time a day before. Have a nice game! Best Regards, RotS Team.
  6. Xukio

    Update 1.5.3

    Patch note: - fixed Golden Kiri's technique which caused server cras, - added level requirement for Harmony Village Quest, - from now on, plant from passive effect "Weak Point" stays 30 seconds on the ground, - fixed "Fly Down" technique - it should work properly for characters with flames, - Majin's technique "Gummy Embrance" should have 11 sqm range now, - fixed technique "Gekiretsu Madan", it will no longer attack players in protection zones, - added visual effect after receving rewards (xp or item) from quests and Sagas.
  7. Xukio


    Try to instal visual c++ 2015 and run this command ( bcdedit.exe /set increaseuserVA 2800 ) at CMD as administrator and restart pc and repair visualc++ 2015
  8. Try to instal visual c++ 2015 and run this command ( bcdedit.exe /set increaseuserVA 2800 ) at CMD as administrator and restart pc and repair visualc++ 2015
  9. Xukio

    fatal error

    Try to instal visual c++ 2015 and run this command ( bcdedit.exe /set increaseuserVA 2800 ) at CMD as administrator and restart pc and repair visualc++ 2015
  10. Xukio

    Update 1.5.2

    Patch note: - fixed sorting option in market - it should work properly now, - fixed Dende's technique "Magic Materialization" - from now on using this technique should not apply the cooldown of Dende's passive, - passive effects of techniques: Bukirimaha and Evil Ghost do not affect monsters anymore, - fixed NPC Captain Miller - from now on he talks with players, - the plant from Harmony Village Quest cannot be destroyed by players anymore, - fixed a bug, which was causing the visual bugs in client graphics (related to Hunter Squad).
  11. Xukio

    Update 1.5.1

    Patch note: - fixed King Kai blessings - from now on players can purchase blessing from him, - fixed server crash which was caused by selling items, - fixed server crash which was caused by Premium Shop, - fixed sell offers in market - it is possible to sell items back again, - added notifications near stairs in 12 Saga, - added a possibility to leave Pirate Cave before facing General Blue, - added stun after walking into the strange holes in Pirate Cave, - added a possibility to sell shovels in Market, - Dende's passive "Benevolence" does not heal souls anymore.
  12. Xukio

    Update 1.5.0

    Hello Dear Players! The patch you've been waiting for so long is finally done! On the beginning we'll present you all the new things on the server and the things we talked about in the past. Secondly, you will find information about some fixes and our future plans for next weeks. The news is quite long, so get a cup of coffee, sit comfortable and enjoy the reading! What's new! SAGAS Yeah! That's right! After few months we release a portion of sagas. But just to make sure so you are not disappointed - the new sagas will be mainly dedicated for low level players. Of course we keep working on next sagas so don't worry! They will be released as soon as possible. You may ask why we don't add all sagas at once? The answer is simple - we want to avoid bugs, we want to test everything carefully and make sure you don't have any bugs while doing the sagas. That's why we need to add them by parts. NEW QUESTS Ninja's mysteries - miniseries of quests which can be found in RotS world. We don't want to reveal too many details, because all the fun is to discover them, isn't it? Good luck! IN-GAME WIKI ROTSpedia - this is the name of our internal Wiki and it can be found in the tablet. You will be able to find there all the basic information about items, monsters, etc. Feel free to write some ideas what we can add to the ROTSpedia in the future! Any comments are welcome! CHARACTERS BALANCE Dende - we're changing our healer just a bit! We want to make the gameplay of our little green support more attractive. However, we cannot change him so fast. Step by step we will be working on Dende. Keep that in mind, we will observe Dende and his situation all the time! Changes: Magic Materialization - Make them suffer (passive) [CD: 12s] Dende hits his enemies, making them weaker for 4s. Weaker enemies will get 50% more damage from the first technique they get. Finger Blast - Weak point (passive) PVP [CD: 15s] Dende marks his opponent who, after taking damage from any 5 basic attacks, is stunned for 2s. PVE [CD: 3m] Dende marks his opponent for 15 seconds. If the marked enemy dies during that time it leaves a mystic blossom on the ground. If any player uses the flower his DMG will increase for 2 minutes by 5% + (1% every 3000 Dende's Ki) + 50 DMG Vegeta - new technique - Galic Gun! As we already mentioned, we're adding brand new aoe technique for our Saiyan Prince. This technique is very similar to Kamehameha but it also deals damage to the enemies around Vegeta and it has stylish and characteristic for Vegeta purple colour. PVP and PVE BLESSINGS From now on, you will be able to purchase blessings which will reduce your experience loss by 50% in both PvP and PvE fights. The blessing will also prevent your backpack to be lost after unsuccessful battle! In addition, you will be able to check if you own blessings near your character's avatar. Here's the list of NPCs who sell the blessings: Grand Elder - he can offer you a blessing which will reduce your xp loss in PvP battles. King Kai - he can offer you a blessing which will reduce your xp loss in PvE battles. Kami - he can offer you a blessing which will prevent your backpack to be dropped after dying. DRAGON BALLS From now on, players will get a visual information in game which will show if there's any Dragon Ball on the ground. The system will be improved in the future. Give us some ideas about the system and of course share your opinions. Maybe you've got your own idea how it should work? LOCK ITEM We add an option to lock items so they are not sold by accident in the trades. We also add a notification for players while trying to sell item with tier 3 bonus or higher. We want to avoid your accidental sale of items which may be expensive for you. NEW HUNTING AREAS Here's the list of brand new monsters added in this patch: - Green Kiri, - Golden Kiri, - Pirate Ghost, - Electric Eel, - Rusty Robot. We also added some new hunting areas for our existing monsters: - Devils, - Imperialists, - Volcanic Oozarus (two new hunting spots), - Crystal Spiders. MINOR NEWS AND CHANGES We added and changed some things which should improve your hunting time: - reduced the weight of some items (we are sure they were way too heavy for your backpacks), - loot adjustment for some medium and high level monsters (list at the end of the patch note), - increased the amount of players on your Vip List. - Supporting characters won't be seen on the Battle list anymore, - fixed the option "floor shadowing" so it doesn't affect outfit graphics in UI, - from now on Zanzoken can be used only by ONLY by quick clicking RMB twice, - added new command which will allow to warn players. If player gets 2 warnings, he will get a banishment for the sum of days of previously given warnings, - added new feature - "On Sale" section to the premium shop. BUG FIXES: - fixed bug while logging in in depot or other crowded places, - fixed a bug, where it was possible to apply an endless stun on another character, - fixed DMG calculation system in techniques tooltips, Some fixes to Piccolo's technique - Mystic Attack: - fixed a bug where Mystic Attack went on cooldown even if the technique wasn't used, - fixed a bug where Piccolo couldn't use the technique on the ally to increase his power, - fixed a bug where Piccolo couldn't use Mystic Attack on the enemy next to him, if there was an object behind the enemy, - fixed a bug where Mystic Attack could push an enemy through objects. SOME MORE, SMALLER BUG FIXES: - removed protection zone from Tenka-ichi Budōkai, - set the limit for bonus - melee range - to 1 SQM, - fixed a bug where Dende could heal his allies from unlimited amount of SQM using techniques: Heal, Recover, Group Recovery, Massive Healing, Absolute Recover. Now, the limit is 11 SQM. - fixed a bug with gems amount in the game SHOP - it was different than in the Website SHOP, - fixed a bug where CD Reduction bonus was applying to Senzu Beans, - fixed a bug where player couldn't move when he logged in on the Defense Training machine, - fixed a bug with "Hide team members" option in battle window, - fixed a bug where players couldn't take Daily Tasks in Hunter Squad if they didn't meet level requirements for the next normal mission, - fixed a bug with More/less DMG Bonus for Daily Tasks in Hunter Squad, - fixed a bug where command !serverinfo showed exp rate multiplied by 10. - fixed a bug where Ironside Implant was reducing Life Drain Bonus, - fixed a bug with "Benevolence" passive Technique, where it was healing teammates without any distance limit, - fixed a bug where player couldn't progress in a skill when he had an item which were increasing his skill above value of 99 which is a limit, - fixed a bug where player could lose his backpack and experience after dying in the arena, - fixed mission 50 in Hunter Squad (players would get access to the Golden Oozaru hunting area), - fixed stun system, so players are not able to use Zaznoken while stunned anymore, - fixed special techniques (Buyon bug) so they do not affect damage from normal techniques, - fixed a visual bug where melee range Tier 5 changed into Tier 1 after relogging, - fixed a bug where Piccolo could use "Risking it all for a friend" technique on a player with flame while being in pz, - fixed a bug where player could kill another player in protection zone, - fixed PZ bug at Dabura and Uranai Baba, - fixed the green flame system, where players with orange flame were able to see the green flame on the players who are attacked even after relogging, - it is no longer possible to use "Fly up/down" technique into PZ while having "in fight" condition, - fixed a bug where character was getting stuck after pressing "Go to capsule/heaven". MONSTERS LOOT BALANCE: Annihilator LOOT: 32% LESS Lord Yao LOOT: 37% LESS Vampire LOOT: 36% LESS Kiri LOOT: 28% LESS Destroyer LOOT: 25% LESS Pterosaur LOOT: 18% LESS Swamp Spider LOOT: 10% LESS Toxic Spider LOOT: 2% MORE Gobisaurus LOOT: 11% MORE Undead Soldier LOOT: 14% MORE Shamosaurus LOOT: 10% MORE Fallen Angel LOOT: 14% MORE Oozaru LOOT: 20% MORE Balog LOOT: 24% MORE Wizard LOOT: 25% MORE Crystal Spider LOOT: 32% MORE Armored Oozaru LOOT: 33% MORE Volcanic Oozaru LOOT: 33% MORE Imperialist LOOT: 32% MORE Devil LOOT: 27% MORE Metal Cooler LOOT: 28% MORE Frozen Oozaru LOOT: 29% MORE Golden Oozaru LOOT: 31% MORE There are also two more changes which were done some time ago and they are already live on our server! The changes weren’t mention anywhere so we list them here, First one is about white mushrooms - we placed lots of them on the map so it will be easier for you to do a Hunter Squad mission related with the shrooms! Second change is the monsters visual update! Monsters listed below received a new look! - Volcanic Oozaru, - Frozen Oozaru, - Kiri, - Murasaki Ninja. And that’s it for now! We hope you enjoyed your reading! We also hope you like all the changes and fixes! As always, feel free to share your opinion about the patch! Thanks for choosing our server! Make sure to download the newest client from our website. Downloading the client via ROTS Update Manager is not working properly for now. Best Regards, RotS Team.
  13. Xukio


    Due to the incoming patch, tomorrow's server save might be longer than usual. We are sorry for any inconvenience.
  14. Hello, please send me private message with your ingame nick.
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