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  1. Xukio


    Hi again, As you are probably aware we experienced a critical issue. That's why we had to reset the game's economy (items, depot, market transactions, etc) to the state of October 18, 20:30 CET. Everyone affected by this rollback will get a compensation - special item which will grant double loot for a player. It will be able to use for certain amount of time (e.g. 20h). We are really sorry for the inconvenience. Best Regards, RotS Team.
  2. Xukio

    Economy Issue

    Server is back online.
  3. Xukio

    Economy Issue

    Or it isn't... There's one more thing we have to take care off. Please be patient.
  4. Xukio

    Economy Issue

    Server is back online.
  5. Xukio

    Economy Issue

    Server is offline again. We're working on the issue with Shenlong wishes. We'll back as soon as possible.
  6. Xukio

    Economy Issue

    Server is back online. The critical bug has been fixed. Once again - we are really sorry for incoveniencie and as we've already mentioned we'll compensate that by doing Double Loot Event on the next weekend. Unfortunately, due to the today's issues we need to postpone the launch of Test Server on tomorrow (October 20, 19:00 CET).
  7. Xukio

    Economy Issue

    Dear players, We've found a critical issue that affects game's economy in a negative way and we have to shutdown the server for 2 hours. Additionally, we are forced to roll-back the whole economy (items, market transactions, zenis, etc.) to yesterday 20:30~ CET. Characters progress such as level, skills and exp will not be touched. Since the roll-back affects tons of you guys, we'll compensate that with Double Loot event in the next weekend. We're really, really sorry for inconvenience. Best Regards, RotS Team.
  8. Xukio

    Update 1.5.20

    There's nothing special in today's update. We've added 2 small improvements described below. - from now on, there should be "s%" signs in tooltips and various windows, - all pills besides wiseman and scholar got boosted statistics (this change happened in previous patch, we just forgot to mention about it) Quickness Pill Movement Speed +5 -> +40 Duration 30 min -> 60 min Powerstrike Pill Fist, Sword, Focus +3 -> +10 Duration 30 min -> 60 min Ironside Pill Defense +5 -> +30 Duration 30 min -> 60 min Elusion Pill Agility +3 -> +40 Duration 30 min -> 60 min Rapidness Pill Attack Speed +3 -> +20 Duration 30 min -> 60 min
  9. Juz wszystko powinno dzialac
  10. Xukio

    Update 1.5.19

    from now on, NPC Dialogues, tips and tutorials will be translated to Portuguese, Polish, Spanish. We're planing to translate also techniques in near future as it is also important piece of the game, added an opacity overlay, and slightly improved look and the animations of few techniques: "Super Explosive Wave", "Final Explosion" and "Chobakuretsumaha", start of double EXP event weekend.
  11. Xukio

    Update 1.5.19

    Hi everyone! Today we bring 2 changes that we hope will slightly make game more pleasant. One of them is translation of the game - from now on, NPC Dialogues, tips and tutorials will be translated to Portuguese, Polish, Spanish. We're planing to translate also techniques in near future as it is also important piece of the game. Second change is a visual update of effects to techniques such as: "Super Explosive Wave", "Final Explosion" and "Chobakuretsumaha" - they'll have an opacity overlay, and the animations will be looking slightly better and smoother. PS. Do not forget about the Double EXP Weekend! Best Regards, RotS Team.
  12. Xukio

    Test Server

    Hello dear players! Server save on Saturday (17.10) will last a bit longer than usual due to the small patch. It will contain translations of NPCs dialogues into the three languages - Polish, Spanish and Portuguese. We're aware there might be some mistakes in the translations so if you see any, feel free to report them using CTRL + H command in game, forum or via our official discord. Besides the translations, there will be some graphical changes to few techniques - "Super Explosive Wave", "Final Explosion" and "Chobakuretsumaha". The graphics will have an opacity overlay, and the animations will be smoother. In addition, we've got a small surprise for you. We hope you will find a lot of spare time during the weekend because it will be Double XP weekend on the server! Between the server saves of October 17 and October 19, all monsters will give twice XP than usual! It will be a great opportunity to level up your characters! Pack your senzus in the backpacks and prepare for the hunt! Last but not least, we've got one more very important information. On the 19th of October at 19:00 (CET) we'll launch an Test Server! Everyone is welcome, and you will be able to use your current game accounts. There will be lots of things to test out, but the most important ones are: New Group System with War System included Jewellery Upgrade Reworked Team Fight Event The Test Server Client will be available on our website in the download section, few hours before the Test Server starts: https://saiyansreturn.com/download. Bug Bounty Players, who report essential or critical issues - those that affect, for example, the server's economy, its stability or game play, will be rewarded with gems. In addition, we'll choose 3 players, who report the highest amount of bugs, and we'll reward them with (prepared specially for this occasion) modified Royal Tome of Gratitude Kinto skin! Now, it's your time to help us improve the game, players! Best Regards, RotS Team.
  13. Xukio

    Update 1.5.17

    Please try to run game as administrator.
  14. Xukio

    Update 1.5.18

    fixed an issue with black sqms, fixed several bugs while watching streams (disappearing characters, etc.), market Tier options are now by default unticked (thanks to that you'll be able to see all the items which are on market), returned EXP and Blesses for players who've died from Toxic Mimic while it was bugged. We've also made some fixes to Action bar and Minimap which were sometimes getting removed after update, although the fix will apply from the next update. We hope that this update will be the last one which might remove Minimap or techniques from Action bar.
  15. Did you check spam folder?
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