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  1. - fixed an issue where players hotkeys didn't save and the hotkeys were removed after the relog, - some more changes to the techniques (more details below), - changed the text color on default chat to yellow. Techniques changes: Goku techniques: "Shock Wave" - increased base DMG and DMG based on Focus skill, "Instant Punch" - range increased from 4 SQM to 6 SQM, "Taiyoken" - from now on deals DMG to surrounding enemies; Ki cost increased from 7% to 9%; no longer terrifies monsters and slow enmies; dazzle time for monsters reduced from 2,5 sec to 1,5 sec; added 2 sec dazzle time to players; "Genki Dama" - range increased from 7 SQM to 8 SQM; Ki cost reduced from 25% to 18%, "Double Kamehameha" - increased base DMG, Vegeta techniques: "Finger Beam" - range increased from 4 SQM to 8 SQM, "Final Impact" - range increased from 5 SQM to 6 SQM; from now on every 2% of target missing health gives Vegeta extra 1.5% more DMG from this technique. We're all the time listening to your suggestions about the class balance and as you probably noticed we've recently made many changes which should bring some more balance in Return of the Saiyans world. Let us know how you feel about the current changes and what changes in terms of balance should we bring next. Please do not mention Dende, he'll be fully reworked in the near future.
  2. - removed unnecessary tabs from the chat, - improved loading of saved tabs in chat, - ground floor is always visible on minimap if we are on upper floors (it will make using Kinto easier), - added new team indicators above players' heads in Team Fight Event, - you can no longer fix antennas while being on Kinto, - items listed on market are correctly assigned to players now, even if they are offline, - techniques balance and changes for some characters (more details below), - training Agility and Defense will be faster now, - increased the regeneration in Gravity Room by 100%, - added "slow" condition on characters in Gravity Room and Time Chamber, - improved usage of Senzu Beans after Team Fight Event is ended, - fixed Pvp Mode after Team Fight Event is ended. Techniques changes: Goku techniques: "Ten Times Kamehameha" - Ki cost reduced from 35% to 28% Vegeta techniques: "Final Explosion" - Ki cost reduced from 35% to 28% Gohan techniques: "Blaster Meteor" - CD increased from 3 sec to 3,5 sec "Super Masenko" - CD reduced from 5 sec to 4,5 sec, Ki cost reduced from 20% to 15% "Super Explosive Wave" - Ki cost increased from 35% to 40% Piccolo techniques: "Risking it all for friend" - From now on by using this technique on himself Piccolo gets 50% less damage from all sources for 3 seconds; Using it on ally grants Piccolo 50% damage reduction from all sources either. "Eye Flash" - from now on deals DMG to surrounding enemies; "Dazzle" for player increased from 2 sec to 3 sec; "Dazzle" for monsters increased from 1 sec to 2,5 sec; Ki cost increased from 4% to 8% "Bukirimaha" - Ki cost reduced from 14% to 8% "Forceful Explosion" - Ki cost increased from 7% to 13% "Chōbakuretsumaha" - Ki cost reduced from 35% to 22% Buu techniques: "Dimensional Portal Cannon" - Ki cost reduced from 14% to 10% "Planet Burst" - Ki cost reduced from 35% to 20%
  3. Patch notes: - fixed doubled offers on market. - from now supporting characters will hide when you're on Kinto. - daily tasks should not reset on server restarts or crashes. - players will be kicked out from the party after "Monster Zone" and "Team Fight" event ends. - We've changed few techniques for all of characters mostly to balance early stage of the game (all changes are posted below). - changed name of the channel "Server log" to "Logs" - added new chat channels: "Portuguese", "Polish", "Spanish", "English" - technique "Trick Buster" does not cause server crashes anymore. - fixed a time counter for a Team Fight Event - from now on, event will end when there will be no more time left. - added tooltips with names of the destinations to Capsule window. - from now default FPS in game is set to 200. - fixed visibility of scrollbar for chat window. We've noticed that some new bugs appear that scrollbar will not get to the end of the bar. We'll fix it as soon as possible. - added new hotkeys for changing floor level on kinto. Changes to the techniques: Goku: Kamehameha - increased base DMG for early game stage only. Kienzan - decreased base DMG for early game stage only and changed CD to 3sec from 2,5s. Instant Punch - increased base DMG. Vegeta: Kienzan - decreased base DMG for early game stage only and changed CD to 3sec from 2,5s. Finger Beam - increased base DMG. Gohan: Masenko - available from level 15 instead of 35, cost 5% ki instead of 7% and decreased base DMG for early game stage only. Trunks: Sword Furie - increased DMG based on Weapon Fighting skill. Multiple Sword Slashes - increased DMG base DMG and DMG based on Weapon Fighting skill. Vision Smash - increased DMG base DMG and DMG based on Weapon Fighting skill. Piccolo: Rapid Fire - available from level 5 instead of 10. Demon Blast - available from level 10 instead of 5 and increased base DMG. Mystic Attack - increased DMG base DMG and DMG based on Fist Fighting skill. Destructive Wind - increased base DMG. Bukirimaha - increased base DMG. Buu: Vanishing Beam - increased base DMG. Assault Rain - increased base DMG. Revenge Death - does not stop the character while casting the technique anymore. Dende: Finger Beam - decreased base DMG for early game only.
  4. Xukio

    fatal error

    Hello, Please delete C:\rots, and try to reinstall game.
  5. Xukio

    Hey Great Warriors!

    We'd like to improve quests, tasks and missions on our server! In that case we added visual update of chat windows with NPCs and more. To be honest, we want to get away from classic windows which don't look very interesting. We would like to present you a unique and pleasing style - our own style. We hope you will love it. Feel free to give us your opinion and feedback about that. Patch notes: - added new window for daily tasks, - fixed bug with tablet, - removed forced chat with npc Recruiter; players receive tablet after the first log in; tablet tutorial appears as soon as we reach level 2, - added new window to manage Puar, - fixed Shenlong bug - they do not bug a map now, even if lots of them are respawned next to each other, - Puar dissappears if its owner enter the gym and players cannot summon it there, - fixed one mission in "Hunters Challenge" - changed "Demon Horns" to "Balog Horns", - changed name of "English Chat" to "English", - added new Capsule window. Kind Regards, RotS Team.
  6. - fixed "LF Party" text for Team Search window, - fixed NPC "Friendly Monkey". From now, you can talk with that NPC. - Dragon Balls have no weight from now. - KI & HP Regen bonuses should work properly from now, - DMG from "Fissure" monsters are reduced by 50%, - added several changes on the map.
  7. Xukio

    Hello Dear Players!

    The game will launch an official server soon! We'll annouce more details just before the server start! We know you've been waiting for so long for the server. But we've been waiting way longer, trust us! At the moment, the work is going smoothly and we can announce that keys are no longer required for registration in a Closed Beta! Yes, that's right! Everyone can join our server, play and check the game and find out what we've prepared for you! Despite the fact that we will launch the official server soon, where exp rate, loot, etc will not be increased as it is now, we'd like you to enter our world and to test the game in the current condition. It will help us a lot in finding bugs and we'll also be able to test our server stability and overload. And you will be able to play our game and gain knowledge about the server. Kind Regards, RotS Team.
  8. From now on Closed Beta Keys will be no longer required to register to Return of the Saiyans world. - fixed bonus system, - fixed monsters respawn bug, - from now attack speed should be calculated correctly, - added new quest system where player can choose specified bonus to an item in chest, - we've unlocked 12 first sagas for newcomers, - fixed a bug where random creatures were affected by rage effect, - we've brought some changes to Piccolo "Bukirimaha" technique. From now Piccolo can move while casting it, - fixed "Rapid Fire" technique, - fixed a bug where technique channeling could reset CD of all techniques on skill bar.
  9. - added green icons to skills for all characters - you will see what's best to skill in each class of characters, - fixed bug with chocolate beam - it caused server crashes while stepping on chocolate, - if you select yellow hand pvp mode, our supporter will attack only players with pvp flame (pk), - during the transformation there should no longer appear a visual bug in which the character was running in the sky, - you cannot use "Revert" before the transormation is finished, - from now on, while leveling up we will always receive the maximum health no matter what HP bonuses we have, - fixed bonuses of CC Biotech Lab items.
  10. - supporting characters should no longer deal damage to nearby allies when the owner "Attack only monsters" PVP Mode is activated, - fixed "rage" effect on monsters, - fixed a bug where "fast target" hotkey were targetting the closest supporting characters, - fixed a bug where players would not be able to fly above the water with kinto, - deleted a title bar from minimap to make some more space on GUI for players which are playing on lower resolutions, - fixed description for roll and military canned food, - teleport device should not block our techniques and useable items anymore.
  11. - it is no longer possible to use technique "Prvoke" on Supports, - creatures like Puar or Deer cannot be spawned as ragged now, - fixed description of food regeneration (now it should properly display the percentage) - fixed tooltip description of fish, - fixed bug in Umigame dialogue after finishing The Pure Heart Quest, - added distance limit while counting tasks and daily while being in party, - invited players by command !invite can now move objects in houses, - fixed map click to the places which our character cannot see, - fixed displaying the skill bar for 0% progress, - the cursor does not get bugged when moving items between slots on spellbar.
  12. - fixed Master Roshi dialogues after completing Pure Heart Quest, - fixed descriptions for several items, - from now zoom and aspect ratio will be saved in the client, - fixed HP and Ki bar bug for GUI, - from now minimap will be updated with every single server update (client might load a bit longer for the first run after the patch), - capsules are now available from level 30.
  13. CC BioTech Lab: - fixed a bug, where kills were counted to all the players in game, - fixed a bug, where tasks were overwritten to other players, - added tooltips to BioTech Lab Shop so you can check description of all the items, - from now, tasks are also counted to players with activated shared experience, - progress of the tasks should now be properly counted even after the server crash. Other fixes: - fixed technique "Gummy Embrance" which was causing server crashes, - fixed NPC Dabura - he should not dissappear from the map anymore, - fixed a graphical bug which caused places with saga items were not displayed properly, - fixed a bug which caused players under 50 level to deal 1 dmg using Ki Blast.
  14. Xukio

    Update 1.2.0

    Klucze zostały dzisiaj rozdane w odpowiednim temacie
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