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  1. Spróbuj, ale nie wiem czy to pomoże: 1. Usuń aktualny folder z plikami gry oraz c:\rots. 2. Pobierz najnowszą wersje klienta ze strony WWW. 3. Wypakuj wszystkie pliki do NOWEGO folderu. 4. Dodaj w windows defenderze gre jako wyjątek. 5. Otwórz grę przez OpenGL lub DirectX jako administrator (NIE OTWIERAJ JEJ PRZEZ UPDATEMANAGER)
  2. Xukio

    Task list

    Hello dear players! First of all, we'd like to point out that the update is nearly done. For sure it will appear on the server soon. For now, we'd like to give you access to our official task list. It will be updated very often together with all the changes in our world. Trello will replace all the current task lists which have been created in the past. We'd like you to visit our board, follow our work and comment them on our forum or discord. Link to the tasks list can be found below. https://trello.com/b/zmcNfLzS/rots-task-list Best Regards, RotS Team.
  3. Hello, Please send me private message.
  4. Xukio

    Mass kicks

    We're aware of the issue that cause kicks from the server. It seems like the provider infrastructure is under heavy load. We have to wait until they fix it. Please be patient. Everyone who've died within last 40 minutes will get his experience back.
  5. Xukio

    Search tool

    There is such tool
  6. W najbliższym czasie z pewnością nie powstanie Universe II
  7. Xukio

    Search tool

    You missed the search tool on the website? Here you go! We've added it on the website! https://saiyansreturn.com/highscores Have fun searching others!
  8. Xukio

    Upcoming update

    Hello dear players! Due to the mechanical damage of Master Roshi's boat, the brilliant constructor Bulma, decided to personally deal with this problem and immediately started to repair the boat. As it may take some time to gather the necessary tools and to order some parts for repair, we cannot say the exact time and date when the boat will be repaired. However, Bulma gives us her word she does her best and she will try to repair it as quick as possible. Secondly, Vegeta said it's finally a time to bring his signature technique to the Return of the Saiyans world. So here we are - Galick Gun will be added as a brand new technique for Vegeta in the next patch. In addition, there will be also some changes in Dende. We heard him several times talking to himself "I am not as weak as you think!". You will see a small part of his growing power in the next patch. Dende will get additional passive bonuses to two techniques he already has. But don't worry! He didn't say his last word yet. All we can say is, we're working already on his brand new technique set and you will be able to experience them in next few patches. We're sure that after all the changes Dende will be more attractive character to play. We also have to admit that the current patch has been done in a wrong way. Let's say we tied our hands and it was impossible to add several small patches. But we don't want to talk about details. Fortunately we found a fix of that issue and we hope the next patches won't be so problematic for us. Best Regards, RotS Team.
  9. It's working, you can get 30% more and also 30% less dmg from each mob.
  10. Bonus działa maksymalnie do 30%, wszystko to co jest powyżej nic nie daje.
  11. Witam, Maksymalny bonus w przedmiotach less jak i more dmg to 30%.
  12. Xukio

    Erro no client

    Hello, Please send me private message.
  13. Xukio


    Please send me private message.
  14. Xukio

    Energia Ki

    Bonusy w itemach nie zwiększają zużycia KI przy technikach. Tak więc techniki pobierają z naszego bazowego % KI. Tak więc noszenie przedmiotów na dodatkowe KI wpływa korzystnie na ilość używanych technik oraz regenerację - food daje % przyrost KI, tak więc mając itemy z bonusem do KI szybciej się nam ono regeneruje.
  15. Witam, Sprawdz swoje prywatne wiadomości.
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