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  1. Xukio

    Update 2.3.2

    increased Zeni reward for Monster Zone Event; in addition, every player from level 221 will receive platinum chest instead golden chest after finishing Monster Zone, fixed Ancient Cape Quest in the tomb near Pilaf Castle, fixed a bug with Mad Scientist (CC Lab) where sometimes player couldn't enter next room, improved operation of the daily missions with drones on Future Earth, added new hunting areas with Wizards on both, Regular and Future Earth. We've also changed Premium Items on sale, so if you're interested in purchasing fancy skin for Puar or Kinto then tak
  2. Xukio

    Update 2.3.1

    fixed and improved functionality of updater; from now on it should download only the missing game files (you could already notice it during yesterday's fixes), fixed spawn time of the following monsters: The Gravedigger, Ghoul, Wraith, Zombie Slaughter, Haunted Zombie; there should be many more of them now, disabled possibility to use Shunkanido on respawn with: The Gravedigger, Ghoul, Wraith, Zombie Slaughter, Haunted Zombie, changed the cost of infernal essences required to enter undeads from 10 to 100, reduced the chance to spawn Fissure, increased Infernal and
  3. Xukio


    Try to delete c:\rots - keep in mind that you will lose your settings
  4. Xukio

    Update 2.3.0

    @edit - from now on terrain next to Dabura and Uranai Baba on the Future Earth will have Non-PvP zone instead of Protection Zone.
  5. Xukio

    Update 2.3.0

    @edit - from now on terrain next to Dabura and Uranai Baba on the Future Earth will have Non-PvP zone instead of Protection Zone.
  6. Xukio

    Update 2.3.0

    Future Earth: - removed experience gates in front of hunting places, - added brand new daily mission, - increased bonuses boost from 35% to 40%. Patch note: - changed the design of the inventory window - jewelry and trinket has been moved to the first tab, - from now on, while having "attack monsters and skulled players" fight mode selected, the player will be able to target and attack players who have got a green flame, - from now on players with purple and black flame will always lose their equipment (except jewellery), which can be damaged on death, - fixed dragon balls r
  7. Xukio

    Update 2.3.0

    Hello dear players! We are aware that Future Earth requires a constant work to meet your expectations, and that's why we keep working to improve it. Along with today's patch, we'll add a new Daily Mission on Future Earth where new players will be able to get items needed for hunts. In each item you will get two maxed T2 and T3 bonuses, where you can choose the T3 bonus by yourself. In addition, we're increasing the bonuses boost from 35% to 40% on FE. Each bonus will be one tier higher. It means T3 will be the equivalent of T4, and T4 will be the equivalent of T5. Thanks to this cha
  8. Xukio

    Mimic Event

    Hello players! We hope you remember about the Mimic Event, don't you? The chests will appear more often than usual till Monday's global save. Keep in mind that it will be possible to get Cursed Chest Fragments too! The higher monster's level, the higher chance to get better Fragment. Don't forget that killing Mimic doesn't mean there will be a Fragment guaranteed. Requirements: Tier 1 Cursed Chest from mimics >= 30 Tier 2 Cursed Chest from mimics > 100 Tier 3 Cursed Chest from mimics > 200 Tier 4 Cursed Chest from mimics >= 400 It will be able to exchange Fragme
  9. Xukio

    Update 2.2.10

    from now on, after dying in PvP on Regular Earth, players will not lose their loot blessing and energy, increased the amount of experience reduced after death from player while having PvP bless from 80% to 90%, changed the cost of PvP bless from 500 zeni per level to 100 zeni per level, balanced the power of Future Single Species so they resemble those on Regular Earth, from now on, Crystalscythe Devils and Fallen Guardians can change their target.
  10. Xukio

    Update 2.2.9

    rebalanced every monster besides Single Species on Future Earth - they should be weaker now, added Newcomer Event into the game, fixed an issue, where tasks kills (including event tasks) were counted for players, who killed monsters while being on different floor.
  11. Xukio

    Update 2.2.9

    Hello players! From today, all the monsters (except Single Species) on Future Earth have been weakened to resemble those on Regular Earth. The 10% bonus experience and loot remains unaffected. We believe this change will encourage players to visit this planet. In addition, we lowered the amount of kills in daily tasks on Future Earth by 50%, so it looks similar as on regular Earth. Of course reward stays the same. PS. Don't forget that Jack The Hunter is visiting us in West Capitol today! Have a small chat with him! For sure, he will offer you some tasks. Jack will stay in W
  12. Xukio

    Odzyskiwanie konta

    Zamykam na życzenie użytkownika.
  13. Xukio

    Update 2.2.8

    Change Log: *Monsters rebalance* Monsters that have rebalanced DMG: - Future Swamp Spider, - Future Toxic Spider, - Future Undead Soldier, - Future Fallen Angel. Monsters that have decreased DMG: - Future Frozen Oozaru, - Future Golden Oozaru.
  14. Xukio

    Update 2.2.7

    Change log: - fixed an issue where Buu Chocolates were not reducing DMG from all sources, - added new houses in West Capitol; they'll be available to purchase from 15th of May. Monsters rebalance Monsters that have increased DMG: - Future Drum, - Future RR Soldier, - Future Giras, - Future Susha, - Future Pterodactyl, - Future Skeleton, - Future Mummy, - Future Skeleton Warrior, - Future Swamp Spider, - Future Toxic Spider, - Future Gobisaurus, - Royal Balog, - Vampire Warden, - Fallen Guardian. Monsters that have decreased DMG: - Future Annihilator, -
  15. Xukio

    Chest Event details

    As you already know from the last post, we are preparing a Chest Event, which you will be able to experience after Tomorrow's Global Save. We would like to share some more details about the event, so you can get ready for it. The first thing you need to know is that you will be able to collect Chests, not Treasure Chests, during the event, which means you will not need any keys to open them so... You can have your cake and eat it too. Rarity of Chests depends on Monster's level, e.g. if you hunt low level monsters, then you should not expect to loot Diamond Chests. Here is the w
  16. Xukio

    Chest Event

    Where is your pleasure, there is your treasure! Warriors! Your demands are met. This weekend will be special.. and not only because the Friday is close, but because it's a Saiyans day. We prepared something special for you guys. Starting on the 8th of May after Global Save the Chest Event will be live. For over 2 days you will have a chance to loot incredible precious chests from every kind of monsters! Obviously, the stronger monster, the better reward. Wear your best equipment, ask your friends to join you and start your next adventure in the world of Return of The Saiy
  17. Xukio

    Update 2.2.6

    Along with today's patch, issues related with daily tasks on Future Earth should no longer appear. We also added new monsters on FE: - Future Drum (90) - Future RR Soldier (100) - Future Giras (115) - Future Golden Kiri (255) - Future Green Kiri (320) There are some changes in monsters' levels, too: - Future Zauropelta (290) -> (300) - Future Gastonia (300) -> (330) - Future Gobisaurus (400) -> (340) - Future Undead Soldier (405) -> (350) - Future Shamosaurus (405) -> (360) - Future Fallen Angel (410) -> (380) - Future Oozaru (430) -> (400) -
  18. Xukio

    Update 2.2.5

    - fixed an issue where players could get Future Earth daily monsters with difference of 100 levels, - from now on, Dende's "Resurrection" technique should work properly on Future Earth players who've died to monsters, - fixed an issue where players couldn't make Rat Quest with high amount of Defense because poison was not dealing any damage to them, - decreased the amount of Rusty Robots on Future and Regular Earth on hunting place entrance.
  19. Xukio

    Update 2.2.4

    fixed an issue, where "All" category in the market were full or partial empty, even though, there were many items that could be displayed in there, added a possibility to get resurrected by Dende after dying in PvE on Future Earth, from now on, shared experience feature will not work if team members are on different floors, Kinto skins should now be displayed properly in the Premium Shop. light for day & night cycle should work properly right now, Gohan We're slightly nerfing Gohan's basic attacks, cuz we want to highlight Trunks specialization in this matte
  20. Xukio

    Update 2.2.3

    - removed PZ behind teleportation device in every CC Lab Boss Room (PZ on the entrance is still there), - added new daily tasks to NPC Emradel on Future Earth, - increased the loot rate by 10% on Future Earth, - lowered level required to use some forcefield doors, - from now on, the first use will activate Puar and Golden Shovel; so if you accidentally buy 2 puars, the second one won't be wasted, - changed the frequency of server save from 15 minutes to 2 hours, - added a possibility to purchase Zeni Exchanger at NPC Rubio (after finishing "Lost Necklace" quest) and also in our Pre
  21. Xukio

    Update 2.2.3

    Hello dear players! Recently, we've been receiving a lot of messages that loot on Future Earth isn't as good as it should be. Along with today's patch, to 10% bonus experience we're adding 10% bonus loot on FE. In addition, we lowered the required level of using many forcefield doors by 50. From now on, the difference between the door's level requirements and the mob level is minimum 150. Of course that's not all! There are two new daily tasks on Future Earth, and we're sure there will appear one more in a short future. Just ask NPC Emradel for a mission. He is located in the base on Futu
  22. Musisz pobrać klienta ze strony.
  23. Xukio

    Update 2.2.2

    Gohan's invisibility from "Super Explosive Wave" technique passive should work as intended when used against monsters, game client shouldn't crash while opening streams (let us know if you'll encounter any other crashes in the game as it will help us fixing them), from now on, monsters from Future Earth shouldn't appear in Daily Tasks on Regular Earth, Perfect Cell's Wings "Destructive Gale" ability doesn't give a cooldown for user's techniques anymore, fixed a bug where "Saiyans Pride" - Vegeta's passive wouldn't trigger properly, "Zanzoken" technique should work
  24. Xukio

    Update 2.2.2

    Hello everyone! Make sure to get yourself some spare time at the weekend because Mimic Event is approaching to the Return of the Sayians world! It will start on Saturday, 17th of April at 11:00 am CET (Global Save) and will end 2 days later on Monday. You will have 48 hours to kick some of these evil chests and loot items with rare bonuses! We're also bringing some more fixes and changes into the game, and here's the whole list: Gohan's invisibility from "Super Explosive Wave" technique passive should work as intended when used against monsters, game client should
  25. Xukio

    Update 2.2.1

    from now on information about completing daily task shouldn't appear more than once, fixed a bug where player could go through roof on Imperialist Tower respawn on Future Earth without meeting level requirement, using "Shunkanido" technique on player who is in the Protection Zone will teleport a player to the nearest available SQM instead of inside a player, Dende's technique - "Limit Reduction" got back its ability to reduce CD of passives on Finger Blast and Magic Materialization, players will no longer get muted on every channel after posting a message on Trade chann
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