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Update 2.12.3


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Patch note:

  • from now on, player loses experience after dying in PvP on Future Earth, even if he is fully charged with orbs,
  • from now on, the addition bless from NPC Emradel works on PvP too,
  • removed protection for low levels on Future,
  • from now on, if player dies in PvP on Future, he will teleported to Emradel Base,
  • removed time entry penalty on Future Earth,
  • from now on, players do not receive experience crystals for killing another players on Future Earth,
  • added Military Canned Food and Bottles of Water to the store of Shop Assistant NPC (Premium NPC),
  • added "show all items" option to Shop Assistant NPC (Premium NPC),
  • removed some items from store of Shop Assistant NPC (Premium NPC).

Bug fixes:

  • fixed Crystal Necklace price from 5k to 40k at Shop Assistant NPC (Premium NPC),
  • fixed an issue, where sometimes some items were not sold after clicking "sell all" button,
  • fixed the search box at Shop Assistant NPC (Premium NPC).
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