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Update 2.12.2


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Dear players!

Along with today's update, we have implemented further changes to the PvP system based on the feedback from our community. Starting from today, a player who does not have his future energy fully filled will lose experience after dying in PvP. We also increased the time penalty for entering Future Earth to 15 minutes. However, the penalty can be removed by making a payment in Zeni/Gems/Fire Opals, and the amount varies depending on the player's level. For example, for a level 435 player, it will be: 2,000,000 Zeni / 151 Gems / 301 Fire Opals. We hope this change will encourage players to participate in PvP battles once again. Additionally, we have restored the PZ Lock duration to 15 minutes after killing a player, and both ki wall capsules and regular ones will now grant a 2-minute PZ lock instead of 30 seconds.

We are also aware of some issues and disappointment with Janemba Event, and we're already working on some solution to satisfy everyone. The changes will appear in next few days.

P.S. Amethyst Treasure Chest is obtainable from rotten treasure chests, Janemba bosses, Chest Event and Newcomer Event for now. It is likely that more sources will appear soon.

Patch note:

  • from now on, a player who does not have future energy fully filled will lose experience after dying in PvP,
  • increased the penalty for entering Future Earth from 2 to 15 minutes (the penalty can be removed by making a payment),
  • increased PZ Lock duration after killing players from 5 to 15 minutes,
  • increased PZ after using Ki wall from 30 to 120 seconds,
  • decreased the leve range of shared experience from 70% to 50%.

Best Regards,
RotS Team.

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