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Update 2.11.0


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Patch note:
- added Daily Monster Task in CC Lab,
- added Android Task at NPC Beowulf,
- added Strange Crystal Shop and Fire Opal Shop at NPC Lab. Warehouseman along with brand new, unique items and modified the UI of his shop,
- added Emerald Treasure Chest to Dr Brief's shop,
- added Experience Crystals to Clan Bosses and excavations loot,
- from now on, completing the missions from Emradel/Kami during Cell Games will grant Experience Crystals,
- from now on, digging an excavation will give twice less Fire Opals,
- from now on, using the Shield of Blessing (premium shop) will return experience lost from the latest death,
- added Emerald Treasure Chest to loot for winning Daily Monster Task on Future Earth,
- removed some mountains on South West, so free account players can get to Hidden Kiri Respawn - Zeni Exchanger Quest (credits to @Gorila),
- from now on, NPC Warehouseman's will also buy the following items: skill implant, haunted ghost, zombie brain, zombie arm, slaughter cleaver, wraith mantle, ghoul arm, zombie eye, broken shovel, zombie leg (credits to @P8M),
- from now on, the amount of Boss Points (3-9) earned during Boss Event will be based on player's progression in CC Lab; previously it was 1 Boss Point for everyone,
- increased the amount of Strange Crystals dropped from Strange Bosses,
- increased the price of Robotic Island Pass from 1 to 3 Strange Crystals.

Balance Changes:
- fury: from now on, it works on melee attacks back again.

Bug fixes:
- changed the name from ghoul eye into zombie eye on market and at NPC Xorel,
- fixed the name of Dragon Earring 3 into Dragon Earring +3 on market,
- fixed a visual bug, where food cooldown was not visible on Infernal and Helish Mushrooms,
- fixed an issue with excavations, where sometimes they spawned on other floor than +0,
- fixed an issue with excavations, where sometimes it was not possible to dig them,
- fixed an issue, where the double confirmation did not pop up while selling items like Cyber or Bio in shops,
- fixed some map bugs on Gero Lab Event, where sometimes players were stuck.

In addition, as we mentioned few days ago we increase the Premium Gem prices by 20%. New prices apply from now.

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