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Update 2.10.0


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Patch note:
- updated the Anti Cheat System,
- added new dungeon UG256,
- added Gero Lab. Event,
- added daily PvP points gain limit (only first four events you participate can grant points now),
- added additional reward (zeni and experience) for winning 5th and next events a day,
- from now on, the PvP season will last 3 months instead of 1,
- added Tenshinhan Saga,
- added 2 new daily and 1 weekly clan bosses,
- added Emerald Treasure Chest (obtainable from Rotten Treasure Chest),
- added Emerald Treasure Key - it can be crafted by NPC Bulma,
- increased the amount of excavation on the map by more than twice,
- added new special ability to Android Set - Viridian Shield: "When you activate this ability, you'll Selfexplode, causing damage to nearby enemies and trigger Viridian Shield which will block next 10 attacks. Additionally, you’ve built-in 8% Damage Reduction”,
- added a window with possible loot before opening the loot boxes (chests, pearls, event rewards, etc),
- added new capsules in every city and village on Regular Earth,
- added a fee for using the capsule for players with level 150+ (amount of fee scales with player's level),
- added a new currency to game - Gold Bar, which is worth 1kk (credits to BASTIAN#1311),
- increased the Focus granted from Dhementor Mantle from 10 to 20,
- added a tutorial message for Global Channel after logging in to game,
- from now on, monsters will be teleported back to their original spawn after being lured away (it's been already in game for a while),
- changed the level requirement for Light Belt from 60 to 40 (credits to Raffa Moreira#0365),
- changed the level requirement for Crystal Necklace from 50 to 120 and from now on, it grants 500 HP,
- added logs to Mailbox system,
- optimized camera system; from now on, the entering and quitting the streams should be faster,
- improved game logins; from now on the login time should be much shorter,
- from now on, after unannounced server downtime, the players will be able to re-enter the dungeon if they were inside while the crash happened (credits to Johnn#4379),
- from now on, Future Orbs from Daily Drones at NPC Emradel will go to Mailbox if player does not have enough capacity,
- removed summons of Androids C17 and C18,
- added shortcut between rooms in the middle of the hunting areas of C17 & C18 Prototypes (Future Earth included; credits to Clrack#9736),
- changed level requirement for Newcomer Event from 1 to 3,
- removed the information about Strange Monster in tablet,
- added info about the loot from Clan Boss after clicking its icon in Clan window,
- from now on, after clicking on icon with item in Clan Boss window, it will redirect player to Rotspedia with this item,
- added logs with loot after killing Clan Bosses (credits to Tryharder#8278),
- added logs with loot from excavation (credits to Skyflare#8110),
- removed the level requirement for Grim Feather
- added hotkeys for lock/unlock the item on Shift + RMB (credits to Johnn#4379),
- added info about hotkeys on items' tooltips (credits to Johnn#4379),
- changed the visual effect of Ki Wall, so it's more visible (it's been already in game for a while; credits to Netto#9100),
- added Team Channel which will be automatically opened after joining/creating the team,
- updated Curse Diamond prices in Premium Shop,
- optimized Server Save.

Balance Changes

Upgrade: changed its type to attacking, so now Bulma can Jump into her robot during healing,

Air Strike: It deals 30% more damage to monsters which haven’t been damaged by other players. (credits to Nehkrun#8091 and Johnn#4379)

Will of Fight: When fully stacked, it grants you and nearby teammates a 30% Tenacity bonus.

Magic Materialization: It deals 30% more damage to monsters which haven’t been damaged by other players. (credits to Nehkrun#8091 and Johnn#4379)

Chocolate Beam: From now on, the technique will deal damage.

Full Control: duration decreased from 5s → 4.5s

Super Explosive Wave: invisibility duration in PvP increased from 0.5s → 0.8s

Bug fixes:
- fixed an issue, where Suke San (Saga) was constantly invisible,
- fixed a bug, where sometimes Exp Boost did not regenerate properly on Bulma after changing into another class using Medical Machine,
- fixed an issue, where players sometimes lost their PvP points after leaving the clan,
- fixed a bug, where Commander could "unstun" the Biotic Pudge 3.0 on dungeon UG128,
- fixed a bug, where players could have halo on Earth,
- fixed an issue, where it was possible to close Global Channel,
- fixed a bug with Training Dummies, where the damage dealt was not showing up,
- fixed a bug, where players lost their Twitch Rewards after claiming them just before the Events in game,
- fixed some visual bugs in tablet,
- fixed an issue, where it was not possible to use pick on the tile blocked by Kinto's shadow,
- fixed issues with Telekinesis and immune, where cured player couldn't use any techniques.

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