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We heared that you guys are looking for new adventures! That's why we started looking for inspiration in the most distant cities. In one of them, there lives our old friend - Jack, The Hunter.

Jack is a born hunter, like his father and grandfather, as well as every man in his family before them. Gladly for us, he agreed to visit our West Capitol this weekend (between 22-24.05) to give you some new challenges! Jack will have a quick look at you and compare to himself! If he decides that you are strong enough, he will assign you equally strong monsters that you will have to hunt.

Every hunter needs time to hunt their prey - that's why you'll be able to choose the amount of monsters you would like to hunt. Of course the more blood you spill, the more rewards will come.

Jack spares no effort, so if you help him, you will be able to receive amazing rewards such as chests, pearls and items from the hunter's tents! Additionally most dedicated hunters will have an opportunity to get his family pet - Sapphire Owl, although it will be really rare and unique reward!

Jack - The Hunter.png

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