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Update 1.1

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Hello dear players!

Due to the fact that you have been waiting for a long time for changes in the Return of the Saiyans world, we decided to prepare some news about what we are currently working on.

While preparing this information, we were surprised by amount of changes we want to add and improve.

First of all we will tell you what you can expect in the incoming update and at the same time we will answer frequently asked questions about the patch.

New quests and other activities.
(We'll add a lot of activities so you are not bored on the server)

1. Daily Tasks
No more boredom, daily tasks for everyone!

2. CC BioTech Lab.
Are you ready to help scientists to study life of creatures living on our planet? Visit the laboratory and expand your knowledge about various creatures.

3. Hunter Squad
Do you want to enlist in the army and serve them like a true patriot? Join Hunter Squad and complete a lot of missions. Who knows, maybe you will become a sergeant?

4. Events.
Do you want to show other players how good you are in PVP and PVE fights? Sign up for a special event!


5. Pure Heart.
Do you have a pure heart? One turtle would like to test it.

Items changes
(New bonuses - new opportunities)

6. Bonuses.
No more useless items - now even the worst armor can be useful. What about Thief Armor + 1000 HP. Great, right? A Thief Armor + 1000 HP and + 10% Attack Speed? Excellent! OK. What about Thief Armor + 1000 HP + 10 Attack Speed + 10% Movement Speed? Sounds even better, doesn't it? Impossible becomes possible.

Some balances
(Vegeta hates us for this)

7. Vocations balance
Vegeta here, Vegeta there. Vegeta everywhere. It's done. Buffs and new techniques for other vocations.


8. Monsters.
Oh, it won't be so easy. High level monsters will be harder to beat, now.

New systems
(Some facilities ... We guess)

9. Conversation with the NPC
A brand new dialogue window. The conversation with NPC will not be as boring and monotonous as before.


10. Bosses
Brand new boss system. It's gonna be awesome, nothing more to add.

11. Party Search System
You don't want to hunt all alone? No worries, we're here to help. The system built into the game client will help you find new party friends.


12. Market
Sell armor, sell legs, buy helmet, etc. Are you tired of this kind of trade? It doesn't have to be like this! The market is ready. You would love trading online!

13. Shop
SMS Shop is here. Game developers have to keep the server somehow and earn something, right? : D


Training changes
(Oh God, how many clicks or walk over and over again)

14. No time for training?
We shorten the maximum training time, but we increased efficiency! You don't have to break the mouse in the gyms anymore.

15. Time Chamber changes.
Oh, we've changed a lot. End of 'follow' mode. End of boredom. Time Chamber will be completely different. It's gonna be great!

A few things that will make the game more pleasant.
(At least we think so)

16. Quest Pouch
We understand some items sometimes get lost. They get lost! It's not your fault. We will make sure that it won't happen anymore.

17. Level Up!
Such a great achievement deserves some special effect, right? New level advance animation!


18. NPC with head in the clouds.
If the NPC has got a mission for you, a cloud with the right icon will appear near his head.

19. My character walks very weird...
You're walking but your hands and legs do not move? We have changed it, thanks to which your characters will walk smoothly.

20. Tooltips
What does this item give me? Is it good? How to check it? All you have to do is move your mouse over the item and you will find out.

21. Provocation.
- Hey Piccolo, use provoke!
- I did!
- Yeah, right....
No more doubts. We add a graphic effect to creatures that are under the effect of provocation.

22. WASD
You don't like to walk using the arrow keys? Well, you don't have to.

Bugs and changes.
(Okay ... we could have done some mistakes)

23. Lights off.
Now everyone will know when is the night and when is the day. No more lighthacks.

24. Excavation in fire?
Yeah ... It was weird. We fixed it.

25. Lots of technical changes, so there will be no lags nor other server problems.

26. Browse Field.
You will be able to search the souls of your enemies without having to throw them around the screen.

27. What is this skill about? Is it worth training?
The end of wondering how the skills work. We have improved the descriptions and there will be no more doubts as to what you are training.

28. Battle window.
We've fixed the bugs in the Battle Window. In addition, you will be able to set the order of displaying your opponents. It means, it's easier to eliminate opponents now, just as you like.

29. A whole bucket of water for one plant is probably a huge waste of water.
Yes. It's a waste. That is why you will be able to water 10 plants with one bucket. Well, unless you want to drink it – the whole bucket of water is nothing for a great warrior!

30. Big Fish.
We decided to add a giant fish on the map, which everyone can taste. And you know, if warrior is full he can fights longer.


31. Go go 360!
No ... Come on. I am not gonna spin to win... From now on the maximum level you will be able to get is 360. It causes some other changes but we will tell about it later.

That's it for now. There are lots of smaller changes which we didn't mention above but I am sure you will find out in game. I hope you like the changes. Please don't ask for a date of release the patch because we really don't know that. We'll try to add it as soon as possible but you know... We just hope it will be live in this year :)

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