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Update 2.12.0


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Hello players!

The portals of the mighty and powerful Demon Janemba will be an integral part of Future Earth, but the exact timing of their openings and some more details will be revealed by Future Uranai Baba herself. Remember that any assistance will be valuable, and for your first encounter with one of the portals, you will be rewarded!


Along with the new event on Future Earth, some changes are coming to the open PvP system. We have always believed that rewarding players is better than punishing them, because death and lose in battle are punishment big enough. From now on, when players die in PvP on Future Earth, they will not lose experience, and their killers, if they have the same level or lower, will be rewarded with experience crystal. You will receive crystals for every player as long as both you and your victim are fully charged with Future Energy. It is worth to mention that you can only gain experience from the same player once per global save. The killed player will also receive a 120-seconds ban from entering Future Earth and will go to Heaven after dying. It will be no longer possible to resurrect the killed player. The ban exception is for the people killed by a player with a level 30% higher than theirs. We have also adjusted the loss of Future Energy; now, the victim will lose 100% of their maximum energy, and the aggressor will receive 50% of the orbs from the lost energy, all under the fair play condition - the killer cannot have a level difference greater than 30% compared to the victim. Of course, we will be waiting for your comments and suggestions that can significantly impact the changes in the introduced system.

We are aware that you guys love Experience Crystals and as we announced before, we're bringing them back to mini actions! This time, we balanced it in a right way:

From -35 to 0 level difference: 1 experience crystal
1 to 44 level difference: 2 experience crystals (if the fissure is attacked by more than one player, each of them will receive one crystal)
45 to 100 level difference: 3 experience crystals (if the fissure is attacked by more than one player, each of them will receive two crystals)
101+: 4 experience crystals (if the fissure is attacked by more than one player, each of them will receive three crystals)

From -35 to 0 level difference: 1 experience crystal
-14 to 10 level difference: 2 experience crystals
11 to 100 level difference: 3 experience crystals
101+: 4 experience crystals

-35 to -25 level difference: 1 experience crystal
-24 to -15 level difference: 2 experience crystals
-14 to -5 level difference: 3 experience crystals
-4 to 10 level difference: 4 experience crystals
11+ level difference: 5 experience crystals

Keep in mind, that from one mini action only 4 players will receive exp crystals depending on damage dealt.

Recently, we've been receiving a lot of complaints regarding team balance during PvP Events. We decided to fix it a bit and now, the teams will contain maximum 6 players (previously it was 8 ) and the players will be matched better than before. In addition, the new matchmaking algorithm will base on characters, not classes, so hopefully there won't be matches 2 Gokus vs 2 Vegetas or 2 Buus vs 2 Piccolos. Unfortunately, with such changes, more players may be rejected during sign ups, but every such player will be fully compensated with PvP points and chests. What's more, after today's update many more chests will be guaranteed from Gero Lab Event.

Patch note:

  • added Super Janemba Event, which will take place every 2 days at random hours,
  • added a home assistant NPC to Premium Shop, who you can trade with,
  • from now on, players will be invulnerable for 2s during Server Save,
  • from now on, the maximum difference between levels to get exp shared will be 70% (now it's 30%),
  • increased the duration of Ki Wall Capsule from 5s to 15s,
  • changed Ki Wall Capsule graphics,
  • increased the cast range of Ki Wall and Ki Wall Capsule,
  • added Amethyst, Emerald Pearl and Amethyst Treasure Chest to game,
  • seperated resp of Shamosaurus and Gobisaurus on the Penguin Village,
  • significantly improved the algorithm for PvP Events,
  • from now on, the maximum number of players in one Team on PvP Events will be 6,
  • significantly increased the number of reward chests on Gero Lab Event,
  • reduced HP of monsters on Gero Lab Event,
  • from now on, Gohan and Dende will always have their ki barriers activated on PvP Events,
  • from now on, if we use the boat on Future Earth while being on Kinto, it will be automatically dismissed,
  • from now on, using Ki Wall Capsule/Cumulated Ki will give the same PZ Lock as in PvE (30 sec),
  • added Experience Crystals as rewards from Monster Zone Event,
  • from now on, the following NPCs: Uranai Baba, Mister Popo, Kami, King Kai and Grand Elder will take money from our bank for their services if we don't have cash with us,
  • from now on, players will receive exp crystals for killing another players with same or higher levels,
  • from now on, player will not lose experience after dying in PvP on Future Earth,
  • from now on, after dying in PvP on Future Earth, player will be teleported to Heaven and he won't be able to enter Future Earth for next 120 seconds,
  • from now on, after dying in PvP on Future Earth, player will lose 100% of his orbs and 75% of this amount will be dropped on the ground,
  • from now on, after killing someone on Future players will receive 5 minutes PZ Lock instead of 15,
  • changed price of Crystal Necklace from 5k to 40k, so it matches rest of Crystal Jewellery,
  • from now on, it is no longer possible to move barrels other than explosive ones on Dungeon,
  • added back experience crystals to Mini Actions,
  • from now on, it is possible to stack Experience Crystals,
  • added mini boss for Royal Balog and Future Susha,
  • modified the following monsters' techniques: Nature Rain (Savager), Fire Assault (Dark Lord) and Spark Rain (Biotic Spark 3.0); from now on the missiles will explode on random spots but players will have more time to react so it will be easier to dodge them,
  • from now on Fiery Heart, Enchanted Sapphire Horn and Savager Tail will work in PvP; adjusted their description.

Balance Changes:
Finger Beam: reduced cast range from 8 to 6 sqm,

Full Controll: reduced movement speed from 80% to 40%,

Gekiretsu Madan: increased range from 5 to 6 sqm,
Super Explosive Wave: increased duration of invisible in PVP from 0.8s to 1s,
Tenma Defense: increased barrier from 12% to 14%.

Bug Fixes:

  • fixed an issue, where players received 3 boss points instead of 9 points for killing boss during Boss Event,
  • fixed an issue, where Bulma was not able to use Ki Wall Capsule,
  • fixed an issue, where sometimes it didn't show the full list of loot after killing a Clan Boss,
  • fixed a bug, which caused the last Server Crash,
  • fixed a visual bug, where sometimes players have seen blessings from Regular Earth while being on Future Earth,
  • fixed a bug, where it was possible to resurrect players after they died in PvP on Future,
  • fixed a bug, where players received dmg while being on Kinto left some blood behind and it was not possible to walk through door,
  • fixed an issue that prevented players from opening Clan Window if there was ";" written in the Clan's description,
  • fixed an issue, where it was possible to get on Kinto while being underground or in caves,
  • fixed an issue, where it was possible to cast techniques through Ki Wall Capsule,
  • from now on, the stairs on Kiri respawn and their future version lead to the right spot,
  • fixed an issue, where sometimes players did not receive rewards if they were not teleported to PvP Event.

P.s Passive/Active effect of Janemba's Set will be added in a short future, as it requires so more work, because we want to make it very special and unique.

Best Regards,
RotS Team.

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