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Teamfight Event - Return of the Saiyans

John Hawk

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Teamfight Event

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Welcome to this brief overview of the Teamfight Event in Return of the Saiyans. In this event, players are divided into blue and red teams, and the objective is to score as many points as possible within the 10-minute time limit.
Special thanks to Matty and Mankini for their feedback and remembering important initial details!


Initial Information

At the start of each Teamfight Event, players receive:

○ image.png.cbaaf7d42cdcebc955b5c8d1d969ade8.png 10 Fire Mushrooms
○ image.png.536cbab9b7053fc91b69d1908cb5bfda.png 1 Senzu Bean
○ image.png.9099b446197b90a361ad20fef910d003.png 1 Half Senzu Bean

It's important to note that for each Teamfight Event, we revert back to level 80 or 150, and our transformations are removed and limited to the maximum level transformation available image.png.44e25ea7f2f5837bf388f7f891956bef.png image.png.1afeb61b509c85c5a6178d78f2194d21.png.

Therefore, there are a few details we need to pay attention to in each Teamfight:

○ Remember to transform at the beginning of every event and eat all the food you get after finishing all possible transformations, so the regeneration percentages can act on the HP/KI of the last transformation.
○ Remember to eat all food item you get.
○ The Ki Barrier (Ki Shield) abilities of Dende and Gohan are also reset at the start of the event, so players will need to activate them again.

Additionally, Return of the Saiyans also provides the Auto-Healing tool, which is essential for a good TFE (Teamfight Event), so remember to activate them at all times!
 image.png.830a0dbcdca61e9c8491ec14fab5e5ee.png image.png.78f3ad71df1701c7e6282ef446512281.png


• Main Objective


In the middle of the battlefield, there will be an objective called Glimmer, which grants a significant amount of points to the team that destroys it. It's crucial to coordinate with your team to secure control of the objective and accumulate valuable points. The Glimmer can ultimately determine the winner or loser of the event.


• Target Focus


During the event fights, it's important to have a target focus strategy. The easiest targets to eliminate are characters with lower chances of survival, such as DPS and Supports. In this event, the priority targets would be Dende, Gohan, Bulma, and Trunks, in that order. Dende is an easy target due to their low defense and health, and being a healer, they can easily save their allies. Gohan is easier to eliminate than Trunks, so focus on targeting Gohan first.


• Abilities and Resistances


It's important to take into account the abilities and resistances of enemy characters. Trunks and Vegeta have passives that provide resistance to incoming damage, as well as abilities that make them immune to crowd control techniques. Therefore, it's best to avoid focusing on these characters unless all other options have been eliminated.


• Cooperation and Communication

Cooperation among team members is crucial for success in the Teamfight Event. Pay attention to your team's focus. If you notice you're alone while your entire team is focusing on someone else, try to assist them by coordinating more massive and powerful attacks. Use the in-game messaging feature to ask for help if they are focusing on the wrong targets, keeping the winning strategy in mind.


• Time and Score

Remember that the event has a 10-minute time limit and a maximum score of 350 points. If any team reaches the maximum score before the time is up, the event will end early. Therefore, focus on accumulating points as quickly as possible, seizing opportunities to eliminate priority targets.


Congratulations! Now you are ready to participate in the Teamfight Event in Return of the Saiyans!
Remember to focus on the right targets, consider the abilities and resistances of enemies, cooperate with your team, and accumulate points for victory.
Have fun and good luck!

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