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  1. A council of Dragons decided to grant Warriors with more generous rewards for the cruel clashes on Team Fight Event. Goldi, the wealthy piggy guarded by Kiri Clan exchanges goods acquired in mysterious way for Zenis. Goldi.mp4
  2. Iustitia

    Gohan solo

    Cze艣膰 @Jedi Mind Niefortunnie, ale Gohanem gra艂em najmniejsz膮 ilo艣膰 czasu wi臋c za du偶o Ci tutaj nie podpowiem Natomiast je偶eli chodzi o popularno艣膰, to jest on najpopularniejszym DPS'em (wygrywa z Trunksem je偶eli chodzi o ilo艣膰 high-levelowych postaci). Polecam Ci podpyta膰 graczy na naszym oficjalnym Discordzie: ROTS (click!)
  3. Warriors, are you brave enough to save the world from humanoid creations?!
  4. Mini Bosses 1. Introduction What are Mini Bosses? - In your adventure while playing Return of The Saiyans, you have the opportunity to spawn Mini Boss. This means that some of the monsters have a chance to summon a Boss (of course, this chance increases during the Boss Event). How do I resurrect one of these mini bosses? - By killing one of the monsters that has a Mini Boss, we have the chance to respawn its Boss. Below is a list of all the monsters with their level and Mini Boss. 2. List of Mini Bosses Level Monster name Boss name 2 Wolf Alpha Wolf 4 Desert Crab King Crab 5 Dark Wolf Alpha Wolf 10 Bluish Crab King Crab 15 Litoral Crab King Crab 20 Sea Crab King Crab 23 Slight Skeleton Bone Lord 25 Bear Thief Bear Boss 30 Pirate Robot Robo Knight 35 Tyranosaur Elder Tyranosaur 35 Drum Drum Leader 40 Red Ribbon Soldier Red Ribbon Officer 40 Saibaman Biotic Soldier 45 Bioman Biotic Soldier 45 Giras Giras Chief 50 Susha Elite Susha 55 Namekian Elder Namekian Warrior 60 Pterodactyl Vicious Ptero 70 Skeleton Bone Lord 75 Mummy Ancient Mummy 80 Skeleton Warrior Bone Lord 85 Namekian Warrior Elder Namekian Warrior 90 Annihilator Robo Knight 100 Future RR Soldier Red Ribbon Officer 100 Lord Yao Emperor Yao 110 Vampire Bloodsipper 110 The Gravedigger Decay Hunter 120 Kiri Elite Kiri 125 Future Susha Elite Susha 130 Destroyer Robo Knight 140 Pterosaur Vicious Ptero 145 Future Skeleton Bone Lord 145 Future Pterodacty Vicious Ptero 150 Future Mummy Ancient Mummy 155 Future Skeleton Warrior Bone Lord 170 Swamp Spider Venom 175 Future Annihilator Robo Knight 180 Future Lord Yao Emperor Yao 180 Future Vampire Bloodsipper 180 Toxic Spider Venom 190 Frozen Skeleton Frozen King 200 Future Kiri Elite Kiri 200 Frozen Skeleton Warrior Frozen King 205 Future Destroyer Robo Knight 210 Crystal Robot Robo Knight 210 Future Pterosaur Vicious Ptero 220 Wraith Phantom 230 Future Swamp Spider Venom 235 Gobisaurus Diplodocus 240 Undead Soldier Ancient Soldier 245 Future Frozen Skeleton Frozen King 245 Shamosaurus Diplodocus 245 Future Toxic Spider Venom 250 Fallen Angel Fallen Queen 260 Future Frozen Skeleton Warrior Frozen King 260 Oozaru Dark Oozaru 270 Balog Vangeful Balog 280 Wizard Warlock 285 Future Crystal Robot Robo Knight 285 Rusty Robot Mossy Droid 290 Crystal Spider Ruby Spider 300 Armored Oozaru Dark Oozaru 315 Volcanic Oozaru Dark Oozaru 330 Imperialist Warlock 340 Future Gobisaurus Diplodocus 350 Future Undead Soldier Ancient Soldier 350 Devil Black Devil 360 Future Shamosaurus Diplodocus 370 Metal Cooler King Cold 380 Future Fallen Angel Fallen Queen 390 Frozen Oozaru Dark Oozaru 400 Golden Oozaru Dark Oozaru 400 Future Oozaru Dark Oozaru 420 Future Balog Vangeful Balog 430 Future Wizard Warlock 430 Aristo Vampire Bloodsipper 440 Future Rusty Robot Mossy Droid 450 Vampire Warden Bloodsipper 450 Haunted Zombie Cursed Flesheater 460 Future Crystal Spider Ruby Spider 460 Future Armored Oozaru Dark Oozaru 465 Future Imperialist Warlock 465 Future Volcanic Oozaru Dark Oozaru 470 Future Devil Black Devil 470 Future Metal Cooler King Cold 470 Goldenscythe Devil Desolated Devil 475 Future Frozen Oozaru Dark Oozaru 475 Future Golden Oozaru Dark Oozaru 480 Crystalscythe Devil Desolated Devil 520 Future Aristo Vampire Bloodsipper 540 Future Vampire Warden Bloodsipper 560 Future Goldenscythe Devil Desolated Devil 570 Future Crystalscythe Devil Desolated Devil 3. Other Are there any types of Mini Bosses? - Yes, we still have the Boss system. You can read more about it in this guide: Detailed Guide Regarding Boss System - Guides - Return of the Saiyans (saiyansreturn.com) 4. Change log: v. 1.0 - Created and spellchecked guide. - 20.02.2022 v. 1.1 - Updated the list, now it's up to date - 22.02.2022
  5. Love is on the RotS! Happy Valentine's day, players! Celebrate it in our game, enjoying the event we prepared for you! New items, new activities, new skins and brand new Heartbreaking Dungeon, which will be opened few days after event's start! Heartbreaking Dungeon will be introduced at a later date, some time after its launch. Check it out for yourself and create new memories together with RotS!
  6. Saiyans, we started work on Dungeons!
  7. Hi @Papi Detonao, As for the bonuses, I always recommend players to check for themselves what bonuses suit them best to find their own style Regarding the priority of skils to train - you should train those skils which are marked green. Best Regards, Iustitia RoTS Community Manager
  8. Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Bulma! There is a legend that Elon was not the first to invent the flamethrower at all. Warriors! Bulma is our newest character. Prepare some snacks, a cold drink because you are about to get an amazing opportunity to test her very soon b0f1f1a62c9db18a4137ec794c4dc727.mp4
  9. Transcription of voice memo number 381. It's done, finally after 2 years of testing it's done! All thanks to the notes left by Mad Scientist on Robotic Island! The Mecha suit is the pinnacle of my technological abilities, with this I'll definitely be able to help Goku and Vegeta!
  10. Boss System 1. Introduction What is the Boss System? - The Boss System is a system, that allows players to spend their hard earned boss points on a fight with previously defeated boss. What are the Boss points? - Boss points are a unique reward for completing Daily Tasks. For every Daily Task you get 1 boss point. More info about Daily Tasks can be found here ->CLICK<- After collecting Boss Points, you will be able to take a mission to defeat one of the previously defeated bosses and try your luck to loot epic items. Remember - stronger boss means higher chance for more epic items! Do I need a premium account to participate in a Boss fight? - No, Bosses are for everyone! You can fight them without Premium account. Is it worth using Boss points? - Of course! Along with your adventure in Return of The Saiyans, you will successively earn Boss Points for completing Daily Tasks. Use them regularly to get better equipment. Remember - items from Bosses already have their bonuses revealed! Does a Boss from each room cost the same amount of Boss points? - No, Bosses from each subsequent room will cost more Boss Points! It looks as follows: -> Entering the Boss from the first room costs 3 Boss points -> Entry to the Boss from the second room costs 5 Boss points -> Entry to the Boss from the third room costs 7 Boss points -> Entry to the Boss from the fourth room costs 9 Boss points 2. Process step How do I pick up a Boss fight? - It's super easy! All you have to do is go to the computer near NPC Professor Tusk (it's in West Capitol) and right-click on it. Then, a window will open with available bosses to fight. Keep in mind, that you can only choose to fight a Boss, which you already defeated before! If you haven't fought one, it will say "Locked". - it means that you need to complete CC Lab. Task related with this boss, first. When you click on the Boss icon, you will be presented with a window of potential loot to be dropped. Use the slider to decide how many times in a row you want to fight a Boss (You can check the price by hovering over the Boss icon). After clicking "confirm" you will be automatically transported to the platform where you can go to the Boss room. All you have to do is step down and go on the platform again. After that you will be left in a room alone with the Boss. Of course you can escape from the room by walking on the platform - this will not consume your Boss points. Remember, you can only fight alone. Your team member will not be transported with you, and if you die without a Divine Blessing your backpack will be teleported out of the room. After defeating a Boss, you can open his soul and get items from it! 3. Are there any other types of Bosses? Sure they are! Some monsters in the world of Return of The Saiyans are so vile that they've earned their own Boss - such as Devils, Lord Yaos or even Sushas! During your adventure, you've got a chance to meet these powerful monsters, however, the chances are not so high, especially when you compare them to the Boss System. 4. Change log: v. 1.0 - Created and spellchecked guide. Will publish after final check of guide regarding new Daily System. v. 1.1 - Information about access "prices" has been added. v. 1.2 - Checked all the typos and published the guide - 09.09.2021
  11. System! Remove restrictions from Daily! Here is your rewa.. System crashed, do you want to take another T-task?
  12. Hi @Lyricall, You can train up to level 99. You can also choose a request from Shen Long to increase the limit from 99 to 105
  13. Hi @vinidoido, Thanks for your suggestion. Players are able to play without Premium account. Additionally players are able to visit every place in our world of Return of The Saiyans without Kinto, the thing is that you need to travel more, which takes time since flying is quicker. Same goes for Puar. You don't have to have Puar if you don't want to. You can pick up items from monsters or you can play with someone who have Puar (in that case loot from monsters will automatically go to your teammate backpack). Please note that you are able to buy both - Premium & Puar for in-game money. You just need to earn it and buy it in Market. If it goes to the price it won't be changed. It doesn't matter from which country player is. People from Egypt, Poland or Chile have the same price for our items, and their local currency is not euro. Best Regards, Iustitia RoTS Community Manager
  14. Cze艣膰 @Poker Kid, Doceniam Twoj膮 wypowied藕 w tym temacie. Z edycji na edycje nie gra mniej os贸b. Co do ilo艣ci os贸b na poszczeg贸lnych serwerach niestety nie mog臋 si臋 wypowiedzie膰, bo ta informacja nie jest upubliczniona ale 贸w r贸偶nica nie jest bardzo du偶a. Je偶eli chodzi o Tw贸j komentarz dot. edycji to nieprawda - ci膮gle wprowadzamy nowe zmiany co mo偶esz zauwa偶y膰 np. po nowym sposobie kupowania domk贸w (licytacja) lub po maszynie do zmiany klasy. Je偶eli chodzi o r贸偶norodno艣膰 postaci to ca艂kowicie si臋 z tym nie zgodz臋. Obecnie posiadamy 7 unikatowych klas - w tym 2 tank贸w, 2 half-tank贸w, 2 DPS'贸w oraz 1 supporta, i jak s艂usznie zauwa偶y艂e艣 nied艂ugo wyjdzie Bulma - nasza kolejna klasa wspieraj膮ca. Po Bulmie mo偶esz oczekiwa膰 pojawienia si臋 ankiety dot. kolejnej grywalnej postaci w 艣wiecie Return of The Saiyans. Rozumiemy, 偶e gracze chcieli by dosta膰 na start z 15 grywalnych postaci, ale niestety nasz projekt ma zaledwie 1.5 roku a ostatni rok po艣wi臋cili艣my g艂贸wnie na naprawie b艂臋d贸w co wysz艂o ca艂kiem nie藕le moim skromnym zdaniem. Je偶eli por贸wnasz rok 2020 oraz 2021 to zauwa偶ysz drastyczn膮 zmian臋. Co do Strange crystali to tak jak wspomnia艂e艣 - znajd膮 Swoje zastosowanie i nawet na Discordzie og艂aszali艣my jak mniej-wi臋cej b臋dzie nowy system wygl膮da膰 Na pewno dodamy to do gry, ale nie jeste艣my w stanie na ka偶de zlecenie narzuci膰 wysokiego priorytetu, poniewa偶 pojawiaj膮 si臋 momenty w kt贸rych musimy stricte skupi膰 si臋 na rzeczach wa偶niejszych (m.in. naprawa krytycznego b艂臋du, lub rozwini臋cie gameplay'u). Je偶eli za艣 chodzi o Tw贸j argument z "kas膮" - jest on ca艂kowicie nie trafiony. Nie jestem osob膮 odpowiedzialn膮 za p艂atno艣ci, ale wiem, 偶e dochody ze skin贸w nie s膮 tak wielkie jak zapewne wydaje si臋 dla wi臋kszo艣ci graczy. G艂贸wnymi rzeczami kt贸re si臋 sprzedaj膮 jest czas premium oraz Puar - co 艣wietnie wida膰 w Shopie w zak艂adce "HOT THIS WEEK". Jeste艣my zawsze otwarci na dyskusje, wi臋c je偶eli masz jakie艣 pomys艂y kt贸re uwa偶asz 偶e warto zaimplementowa膰 lub widzisz jakie艣 pole do poprawy to 艣mia艂o - ch臋tnie porozmawiam. Pozdrawiam, Iustitia RoTS Community Manager
  15. Daily Tasks 1. Introduction What are Daily Tasks? - Daily Tasks are daily quests that allow you to gain extra experience points, boss points or some items in exchange for completing a mission to either kill a given number of monsters or to find and scan high level monsters. What are the boss points? - Boss points are a unique reward for completing Daily Tasks. For every Daily Task you get 1 boss point. After collecting 3 Boss Points, you will be able to take a mission to defeat one of the previously defeated bosses and try your luck to loot epic items. Remember - stronger boss means higher chance for more epic items! More info about bosses can be found here ->CLICK<- Do I need a premium account to take a Daily task? - No, the Daily Tasks are for everyone! You can do them without Premium account. Is it worth doing Daily Tasks? - Absolutely! Every warrior has to hunt down stronger and stronger beasts. Daily Tasks are a great way to gain additional experience points. They do not last long, and in addition, we collect the boss points, which in the future can be used to fight epic creatures. 2. How do I take up a Daily Task? How do you take the Daily Task? - It's super easy! There are two types of Daily Tasks in the game. The first one, are Tasks from the NPC Profesor Tusk - he is located in his house in West Capitol. You can do his task starting from the first level! The second type is from NPC Emradel - he is located in the starting location on Future Earth. You can do tasks there from level 90 onwards because Future Earth is for level 90 and above. You just need to talk to these NPCs by right-clicking on them or simply writing "Hi" to them. After selecting the appropriate option, you will see a window with a choice of one of three types of monsters. 3. Are there other types of Daily Tasks? Of course there are! What would Daily Tasks be without additional challenges. The NPC Emradel gives us the opportunity to prove that real warriors still exist. Besides the Monsters Daily Task, he also offers the Future Orb Daily Task (Normal Orbs & High Class Orbs) and the Drones Daily Task. - Future Orb Daily Task (Normal Orbs) consists in bringing 15 Future Orbs to the NPC Emradel. In return we get a random item with random attributes (it can be item of tier 3/4/5). Important Information - remember that Future Orbs Task can be completed only once a day, however you are able to trade 20 future Orbs for a random item all the time! As many time as you want. - Future Orb (High Class) Daily Task is to bring NPC Emradel 15 Future Orb (High Class). In return we will receive a random item with random attributes (it can be item tier 3/4/5). Additionally, we have a chance to get an item from the rarest set in the whole game - Diamond Core Set item. Note: Diamond Core items have from 1 to 3 attributes with Tier 3/4/5 level. Additionally, bonuses in these items are chosen by ourselves which allows us to design our own unbeatable set! Important Information - remember that Future High Class Orbs Task can be completed only once a day, however you are able to trade 20 High Class Future Orbs for a high quality random item all the time! As many time as you want. - Drones Daily Task is to locate and scan five monsters that are much stronger than us (difference in monster levels is +/- 100 levels). During the conversation with NPC Emradel he will ask us to scan five monsters of our choice with drone. After accepting the mission, five drones will appear in our Quest Pouch, which we can use to scan monsters (right click on the item and then on the monster - it will make the monster disappear as in the .gif below). After scanning all the monsters, our drones will disappear. The reward for this Daily Task is 5 items with two bonuses (always T2/T3). T2 bonus is random, while T3 bonus we choose ourselves which can make our future battles on Future Earth much easier! Important Information - remember that each Drones Task can be completed only once a day! Note - during this task we cannot use Kinto, otherwise our mission immediately becomes invalid (which means that in order to complete this task we have to move only on foot). 4. Process step After choosing Daily Task for killing monsters you will get the opportunity to choose one type of monsters from three available to kill. The number of these monsters is random (average number of monsters depends on our level). Note - If you don't want to start any of the Daily Tasks you can always cancel them - after 30 minutes the system will automatically draw a new one for you. Of course, the higher level of our character, the stronger monsters we can get to hunt. NPC Profesor Tusk: 1-99 lvl -> maximum difference in monster level is 30. 100-199 = maximum difference in monster level is 40. 200+ = maximum difference in monster level is 60. NPC Emradel: 1-99 = maximum difference in monster level is 30. 100-199 = maximum difference in levels of monster is 40. 200+ = maximum difference in level of monster is 60. But which monster is the most profitable for me to choose? It is easy to calculate! You need to consider three aspects. - First: respawn on which monster is (to know how much, more or less, it will take you to kill a certain amount of monsters) - Second: number of monsters to hunt - Third: level of the monster to hunt (the higher, the more experience points the monster gives you) Having the answer to the above we can start counting. Just multiply the basic amount of experience points for the monster times the number of monsters to hunt. Here are some examples: 1. 320 Pterosaurs. Each Pterosaur gives a 850 experience. 320 times 850 = 272,000 experience 2. 360 Mummys. Each Rat gives 465 experience. 360 times 465 = 167,400 experience 1. 250 Future Pterodactyls. Each Future Pterodactyl gives a 979 experience. 250 times 979 = 244,750 experience 2. 240 Future Giras. Each Future Giras gives 760 experience. 240 times 760 = 182,400 experience 3. 250 Future Lord Yao's. Each Future Lord Yao gives 1265 experience. 270 times 6150 = 316,250 experience Important note: Daily missions can be repeated, but each subsequent mission after the first one gives 15% of the experience value. For example: If we get and take the mission to kill 320 Pterosaurs again we will get 40,800 experience points (15% of 272,000) If we get and take a mission to kill 250 Future Lord Yao's again, we will get 47,437 experience points (15% of 316,250) - After choosing the type of monster and after hunting them, we can go back to NPC Profesor Tusk or NPC Emradel to talk about the reward - then we will know exactly how many experience points we received. 5. Change log: v. 1.0 - Created and spellchecked guide. Will publish after creating guide regarding Boss Points. v. 1.1 - Restrictions and a detailed description of the Daily types have been added. v. 1.2 - Checked all the typos and published the guide - 09.09.2021
  16. Adventurers, here are new challenges on the horizon! The wheel turned, now it's time to face our mighty bosses! This time as you explore our darkest corners in order to kill more and more powerful monsters you will have the opportunity to meet bosses Bosses are of course the leaders among the monsters of their type, so you can expect a great reward after defeating them What's more, you'll earn 1 Boss point for every Boss you kill! Get ready! It's time to compete!
  17. Hi @Skylline It would be awesome to get in touch in order to check and fix your issue. If you can please send me a message on Discord - Iustitia#2137 For future reference please try to create new topic instead of answering in people old topics Also, did you try to remove content of RoTS Client at your C:\\ drive? Best Regards, Iustitia RoTS Community Manager
  18. Everyone on Earth has a treasure that awaits him. Adventurers, not every treasure is silver or gold, that's why along with the following Weekend we decided to twist a little bit our Mimic Event After defeating a Mimic Chest, players who participated in the battle will receive a cursed chest fragment. These fragments will be super useful! They look cool, but besides that, players will be able to exchange them for nice rewards such as Treasure keys or various cosmetical items! The event kicks off this Friday (July 30th) and runs through to Monday's server save (August 2nd, 11:00 CET). If you were waiting for the right moment, now it comes. 20b8c8b9481bfbf7006bcbc882231150.mp4
  19. Hi @John Hawk, As you can see this task is on our Suspended list. We will implement this for sure in the future, however at the moment we cannot prioritize this one. Best Regards, Iustitia RoTS Community Manager
  20. Simple and cool guide, however I would skip this picture at the end Goodjob!
  21. Cze艣膰 @Czeszum, Je偶eli chodzi o kapsu艂y, to s膮 one ulokowane wed艂ug kultowych miejsc znanych z anime Mo偶liwe, 偶e w przysz艂o艣ci pojawi si臋 wi臋cej kapsu艂, tak jak kapsu艂a przy Raditz Landing. Co do 艂贸zek to mo偶liwe, 偶e r贸wnie偶 w przysz艂o艣ci znajd膮 Swoje zastowanie, aczkolwiek nie jest obecnie nasz priorytet. Co do szybszej regeneracji staminy to mo偶na sta膰 AFK w PZ, np. w depo. Je偶eli chodzi o training stamin臋, to nie da si臋 obecnie przyspieszy膰 jej regeneracji. Je偶eli mowa o dziennym czynszu to wprowadzili艣my to z wiadomych przyczyn, i raczej nie ulegnie to zmianie w najbli偶szej przysz艂o艣ci. Pozdrawiam, Iustitia RoTS Community Manager
  22. The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. We know and understand that some of you want to be the best of all so we have prepared a Hall of Fame to meet your expectations! Are you a monster in PvP? Or maybe you and your friends are an unbreakable wall that no one are able to pass? Train hard, shed blood and who knows, maybe one day you'll be in the Hall of Fame! Remember folks, the title of the strongest in the Universe can only belong to one person. Warriors, show what you can do!
  23. Young warriors, this weekend will be special! After Friday's Global Save we will launch Chest Event During this Event you will be able to collect Chests, not Treasure Chests which means you will not need any keys to open them so... You can have your cake and eat it too Rarity of Chests depends on Monster's level, e.g. if you hunt low level monsters, then you should not expect to loot Diamond Chests. Here is the whole list with Monster's level ranges and loot: Lv. 1-29 Monsters Bronze Chest Lv. 30 - 89 Monsters Bronze Chest Silver Chest Lv. 90-149 Monsters Silver Chest Golden Chest Lv. 150-400 Monsters Golden Chest Platinum Chest Lv. 400+ Monsters Platinum Chest Diamond Chest Note that, if your level is twice higher than monster's level then you won't be able to loot chests from it. We've added such protection, so low level players will not have to worry about some high level occupying their hunting spots. Additionally in the past we performed some changes to make Chests and Treasure Chests more attractive, so all the items looted from Chests will have their bonuses automatically revealed. Additionally, the chances of High Tier Bonuses got slightly increased for each Chest. All you have to do is to have a little bit of free time. Are you ready to make some extra money?!
  24. Cze艣膰 @kexus, Ban dzia艂a na ca艂e konto, wi臋c to nie jest tak, 偶e po z艂膮czeniu serwer贸w Twoja posta膰 otrzyma艂a bana. W tym przypadku niestety ale nie jeste艣my w stanie pom贸c. Pozdrawiam, Iustitia
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