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  1. Apparently they shut down the Server to fix something, avoid getting make this type topic, I think they should create a Discord or a category in the Forum about Closed Beta to avoid i

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  2. I would like to participate in the Beta to help in the Game Development, I am here from the beginning unfortunately I was a little absent due to the fact of not having so  more news, I very much hope to be selected hugs.

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  3. Thanks for the new post, the server looks like it was well planned, the graphics part is very good, I expect more news about the systems.


    a constructive criticism about posting, is it really necessary to publish such large images? they take a while to load, I'm worried about people who do not have a good internet, I think this publication template is cool, but using the forum features would be much better, remembering and just a constructive criticism.

  4. Isso só ocorre nas primeira vezes que os personagens se transformam no anime, depois de um período isso é só uma pose pra concentrar Ki, e não se transformar, já tem uma prévia da transformação do Trunks no trailer e está perfeito, atualmente todos os personagens se transformam assim no anime.

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  5. Witam, przepraszam za trudność pisania, nie mówię po polsku, postaram się odpowiedzieć na kilka pytań i mam nadzieję, że administratorzy odpowiedzą na pozostałe pytania.

    8- Nie będziesz musiał nauczyć się mocy, zaczniesz od nich, odblokowując z poziomu swojej postaci.


    20- Powiedzieli, że możliwe jest, że beta będzie w 5 do 6 tygodni.



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  6. Thanks for new pics of the game, and congratulations seems to be very good server.

    Also why will you have different servers for each region ? If it's because of pinging okay, but if you have another reason what would it be?

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