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Dr. Gero Event


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So we got a new exciting event and there are many questions about how exactly it works. We don't know all the details yet but here are a few pieces of important information that might help you get started to explore the event more.


Premise: 8 players on red team, 8 players on blue team. The event takes up to 15 minutes and there are two ways to win (more about this later) - by killing Gero or by getting the most points.

First stage (C15, PvE): A few tips depending on your role... Use your cooldowns to deal damage quickly (get started directly). Dendes should create as many flowers as possible directly to speed their team up. Tanks should take as many monsters as your team can handle (but be careful not to take too much) and make sure to use Provoke to keep them away from your less tanky players. Damagedealers and halftanks just deal damage. Everyone should be ready to transform, eat food and move directly when the event starts to not waste any time. Try to dodge the red markers on the floor as much as possible so you don't die and waste time.

Second stage (C14, PvE): Basically same as the last stage, these monsters hits a little bit harder than C15 maybe but it is pretty much the same stuff - just keep going.

Third stage (C13, PvE): Again, very similar but these monsters will transform when they reach about 50% hp to a more aggressive version that hits harder. You might have to go a little bit slower here than the previous two stages to avoid people dying too much.

Fourth stage (Dr. Gero and enemy players, PvP): So this is where it is all decided. As I told you earlier there are two ways to win the event - by killing Dr. Gero or by killing the most players. If Dr. Gero dies then the team that dealt the most damage to him will win automatically. If Dr. Gero does not die within 15 minutes then the team with the most kill points will win instead.

Tips and tricks: 

  • The PvE portions are very important to go quickly - if you team can clear it fast enough so that you can deal a lot of damage to Dr. Gero before the enemy team arrives then you can take the win directly
  • Stick together and help each other - a team that moves together to kill the enemies is much more powerful
  • You can track the progress of the teams on the top (there is a bar that shows points for blue team and red team). This is useful in all 4 stages. In the first 3 stages you can see how far your team has made it compared to the enemy team and in the fourth stage you can keep track of what team is leading the damage to Dr. Gero.
  • Whoever last hits Dr. Gero does not matter. It is the team that has deal the most damage that wins the event. (highest points on the top bar)
  • If the enemy team has a strong lead on the bar then your only option is likely to defend Dr. Gero and kill the enemy team, preventing them from finishing Dr. Gero off. If you can prevent them from killing him fully and create more killpoints than the enemy team you can win this way instead.


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