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  1. Mini Bosses 1. Introduction What are Mini Bosses? - In your adventure while playing Return of The Saiyans, you have the opportunity to spawn Mini Boss. This means that some of the monsters have a chance to summon a Boss (of course, this chance increases during the Boss Event). How do I resurrect one of these mini bosses? - By killing one of the monsters that has a Mini Boss, we have the chance to respawn its Boss. Below is a list of all the monsters with their level and Mini Boss. 2. List of Mini Bosses Level Monster name Boss name 2 Wolf Alpha Wolf 4 Desert Crab King Crab 5 Dark Wolf Alpha Wolf 10 Bluish Crab King Crab 15 Litoral Crab King Crab 20 Sea Crab King Crab 23 Slight Skeleton Bone Lord 25 Bear Thief Bear Boss 30 Pirate Robot Robo Knight 35 Tyranosaur Elder Tyranosaur 35 Drum Drum Leader 40 Red Ribbon Soldier Red Ribbon Officer 40 Saibaman Biotic Soldier 45 Bioman Biotic Soldier 45 Giras Giras Chief 50 Susha Elite Susha 55 Namekian Elder Namekian Warrior 60 Pterodactyl Vicious Ptero 70 Skeleton Bone Lord 75 Mummy Ancient Mummy 80 Skeleton Warrior Bone Lord 85 Namekian Warrior Elder Namekian Warrior 90 Annihilator Robo Knight 100 Future RR Soldier Red Ribbon Officer 100 Lord Yao Emperor Yao 110 Vampire Bloodsipper 110 The Gravedigger Decay Hunter 120 Kiri Elite Kiri 125 Future Susha Elite Susha 130 Destroyer Robo Knight 140 Pterosaur Vicious Ptero 145 Future Skeleton Bone Lord 145 Future Pterodacty Vicious Ptero 150 Future Mummy Ancient Mummy 155 Future Skeleton Warrior Bone Lord 170 Swamp Spider Venom 175 Future Annihilator Robo Knight 180 Future Lord Yao Emperor Yao 180 Future Vampire Bloodsipper 180 Toxic Spider Venom 190 Frozen Skeleton Frozen King 200 Future Kiri Elite Kiri 200 Frozen Skeleton Warrior Frozen King 205 Future Destroyer Robo Knight 210 Crystal Robot Robo Knight 210 Future Pterosaur Vicious Ptero 220 Wraith Phantom 230 Future Swamp Spider Venom 235 Gobisaurus Diplodocus 240 Undead Soldier Ancient Soldier 245 Future Frozen Skeleton Frozen King 245 Shamosaurus Diplodocus 245 Future Toxic Spider Venom 250 Fallen Angel Fallen Queen 260 Future Frozen Skeleton Warrior Frozen King 260 Oozaru Dark Oozaru 270 Balog Vangeful Balog 280 Wizard Warlock 285 Future Crystal Robot Robo Knight 285 Rusty Robot Mossy Droid 290 Crystal Spider Ruby Spider 300 Armored Oozaru Dark Oozaru 315 Volcanic Oozaru Dark Oozaru 330 Imperialist Warlock 340 Future Gobisaurus Diplodocus 350 Future Undead Soldier Ancient Soldier 350 Devil Black Devil 360 Future Shamosaurus Diplodocus 370 Metal Cooler King Cold 380 Future Fallen Angel Fallen Queen 390 Frozen Oozaru Dark Oozaru 400 Golden Oozaru Dark Oozaru 400 Future Oozaru Dark Oozaru 420 Future Balog Vangeful Balog 430 Future Wizard Warlock 430 Aristo Vampire Bloodsipper 440 Future Rusty Robot Mossy Droid 450 Vampire Warden Bloodsipper 450 Haunted Zombie Cursed Flesheater 460 Future Crystal Spider Ruby Spider 460 Future Armored Oozaru Dark Oozaru 465 Future Imperialist Warlock 465 Future Volcanic Oozaru Dark Oozaru 470 Future Devil Black Devil 470 Future Metal Cooler King Cold 470 Goldenscythe Devil Desolated Devil 475 Future Frozen Oozaru Dark Oozaru 475 Future Golden Oozaru Dark Oozaru 480 Crystalscythe Devil Desolated Devil 520 Future Aristo Vampire Bloodsipper 540 Future Vampire Warden Bloodsipper 560 Future Goldenscythe Devil Desolated Devil 570 Future Crystalscythe Devil Desolated Devil 3. Other Are there any types of Mini Bosses? - Yes, we still have the Boss system. You can read more about it in this guide: Detailed Guide Regarding Boss System - Guides - Return of the Saiyans (saiyansreturn.com) 4. Change log: v. 1.0 - Created and spellchecked guide. - 20.02.2022 v. 1.1 - Updated the list, now it's up to date - 22.02.2022
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