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  1. Hi, of course it is possible, but it takes loooooooooooots of time. There will be new character - Bulma in the short future. Of course we will be working to add new Sagas, transformation and other stuff later on but for now we have to focus on something else - content. Anyway, thank you for your suggestion : )
  2. Hm, try the following steps, maybe they will help: 1. Open the link: https://www.microsoft.com/en-US/download/details.aspx?id=48145 2. Click download on the website 3. Choose 32 or 64 bit version 4. Open CMD as administrator (Go to Windows Start and type in search tool "cmd" then press enter) 5. Run this command inside the cmd bcdedit.exe /set increaseuserVA 2800 6. Restart your PC 7. Repair Visual C++ 2015
  3. Hi, please try to delete the Rots folder as you already did and download the game once again from the website : )
  4. Ayshia


    Hi, did you report the situations using ctrl + h in game? If so, the player will be warned for sure.
  5. Ayshia


    Hiho, the player has been warned : ) Thanks for the report ^^
  6. Ayshia

    Ban Time

    Hiho, regarding account suspension please contact Wizi or Xukio on our official discord server : )
  7. Ayshia

    Next Step?

    Hi, we work nights and days to bring as much content as possible. We believe it will satisfy our players for some time. But you need to be a little bit more patient : D
  8. Hi, thank you for your opinion regarding Ki and life drain bonuses : ) We're aware some of the players might be unhappy with current bonuses. We monitore the situtation and if we consider they need some changes, we will for sure make them : ) Stay tuned to be always up to date ^^
  9. Hi! Well, it seems strange to me, damage reflect doesn't absorb damage so he should be getting the damage still. Anyway, it's best if you report him next time using ctrl + h in game : )
  10. Hi, thanks for your opinion. Well, after the ki and life drain changes some people complained at it, saying it's useless and stuff. Now we reverted the changes and other complain that it was good before and now it's kinda bad. We'll keep an eye of the ki and life drain bonuses and we'll see if we need to do another changes. For now, we just want it to be balanced between AoE players and single target players. We want them both to be satisfied using ki and life drain bonuses and we'll do our best to do so : )
  11. Hi, did you check your quest pouch? It can be found in your equipment, next to the legs : D And are you sure you bought a Puar Stone? Not a Puar Skin? : )
  12. Hi, we're aware of that issue. There is really low amount of players who get disconnected during the server saves. We're currently working to fix that isue. For now, what I suggest is to be in safe zones during the saves. You've got 30 seconds pop up before so I believe it's enought time to hide in some safe spot : )
  13. Well, we're aware that new players might be lost in game sometimes and we have already started some works to add some tutorials and important information for newcomers : ) However, it will take some time to add such feature into the game : )
  14. Hiho! The Crit Damage does 100% more damage to the target (Melee attacks) and 30% more damage from techniques. Currently it is not possible to increase the critical strike, however such feature might appear in the future : )
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