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New room!

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Hi everyone!

The day has come! Today we've opened a third room in CC Biotech Lab. What does it mean? Of course new tasks and bosses for you. BUT - that's not everything. All the bosses have their unique loot now! They can drop the items with already revealed bonuses from them. All the players, who killed the bosses already will have a second chance to face them. Due to that fact, all the Strange Crystals have been removed from the Quest Pouches. But don't worry, you will get them after killing the bosses. However, you need to be more careful while challenging the bosses - they will be a way better than before. Have a good loots!

There are also some other changes, here is the changelog:
- fixed a bug with Zanzoken technique; players should no longer be able to use it in protection zones,
- fixed a bug where players could lose experience while getting killed by Mad Scientist,
- added level requirement to the Golden Chest Quest.
- fixed several monsters techniques so they do not bug players movement speed anymore,
- from now on after logging in players will get additional condition "infight" (condition "protection" will remain without any changes),
- added two hunting areas for Pterodactyls (yes, the blue ones),

What do you think about the changes? Feel free to share your opinion about them!

Best Regards, 
RotS Team.

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Good changes, nice to see that server is improving, quick question , where are these 2 new spawns for Pterodactyls  ?

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