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Compilation Quest/Tutorials

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Since there are a few Quest tutorials would be more convenient to find all quest in just one topic and link to X topic of quest, i know the quests list is different if you find in the English,Poland, PT/ES section but still would be helpful for people either way they know the language or not and since alot of them are just images is going to be better to understand what to do


Saga Quest

Saga By Unholy


CC Biotech Lab

CC Biotech Lab how to start  By Ikaa

CC Biotech Lab Bosses By Ikaa

CC Biotech Lab Room 2 Task Bosses By Cris

CC Biotech Lab Room 3 Task Bosses      By Cris


Shovel System By Cris

Antennas System By Cris

Kinto(Cloud) Quest Images By El Led

Kinto Quest Video  By Akroz

How to train attack speed ?! By Cris

Bonus System By Cris

Training tutorial By Broku

Military Backpack By Broku

Military Missions By Broku

Bulma Guide By Broku

Where to get blessing and senzu beans By Broku



Ancient Cape Quest By Akroz

Quest Rubio Jewellery By Akroz

Hunter squad quest By Cris

Need more shovels? Shovel quest By Skuniasz

Platinum Treasure Quest By Deadjim

Quest for level 10

Quest for level 20

Quest for level 30

Quest for level 40

Quest for level 70

Quest for level 100

Quest for level 110

Quest for level 120

Quest for level 140

Quest for level 160

I'm going to try to keep updating the list when people keep posting more and more quest




if you want to support me, you can follow me in twitch at www.Twitch.tv/Akrozzzz ❤️ :D




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added ancient cape
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Do you know about the jewery quest? 
I delivered some itens to him and now he asked me to find someone in Namek.

As long as I know the only way to travell to another world is through the little pods on Earth.

But I'm free account, how I were supposed to do?

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Hi, unfortunately to finish that quest and go to Namek you need a premium account : (

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