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[CLAN] White Doves

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image.png.d26ad5f8d43e4af8ca67b34f5d9b7430.png    Hiho - We are the White Doves. A neutral (nihilistic) PvE-focused clan.

Current recruitment status : OPEN
Current entry fee: (5k * level) - for example 500k for a level 100. Money gathered through entry fee will be used to unlock more bonuses

Philosophy: If you encounter one of our members you can expect them to be helpful and courteous and never ever participate in any war activity, in fact, our members are encouraged to run away from fights rather than fight back (unless absolutely necessary). 100% of the PvP combat we willingly partake in will be inside the PvP events. If a member were to participate in a war they will likely instantly be banished from the White Doves. 

Regular Earth and Future Earth: All major clans has agreed to leave us alone on regular earth, however, Future Earth is a dangerous place! Some players will kill everyone they come across for fun here, sadly even our members who are peaceful. By joining us you must understand that we are not able to protect anyone here and you have to be extra careful if you want to play on Future Earth. We are hopeful that eventually all major clans will leave us alone even on Future Earth, but for now there are no such deals made.

Leadership: Council - consisting of Jocke, Roberto and Gorila.

With the new clan system players are able to choose 3 bonuses to make their character stronger. The buffs/bonuses are unlocked for all clan members and currently this are our unlocks. For example, I am currently using the +6 Focus, +6 Movement Speed and +2% Loot bonuses and we are working hard to unlock higher levels!



  • Level 80+
  • Active in PvP events (TFE) - Goal for each player should be 1000 points monthly, however it is not a hard requirement. (Easily achievable by doing 1-2 events per day!)
  • A willingness to help gather resources needed to unlock further bonuses
  • A nihilistic approach (both historically and going forward) - please don't join if you want to participate in a war in the future
  • Being able to communicate in English (using a translator is fine, but we must be able to understand each other)
  • Wanting to join in on guild boss runs (Bor and Chrysos so far) is a plus!

Recruitment process and where to apply: We do a background check on each person wanting to join us and an even more thorough one for players level 225+. If you are interested in joining, simply message anyone on the council (Jocke, Gorila or Roberto).

Hope to hear from you!
Kind regards,


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Health 3 unlocked, new requirements, new text
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