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Update 2.7.7


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Greetings players!

We received some information from Agent J that new UFO has been spotted on Earth. Every volunteer should report to the agency immediately. We also heard that the aliens improved their equipment and now, wearing the whole set will grant additional 10% Heal Effectiveness.


What's more, on South of Giras spawn, in the Kiri's Village there is NPC Goldi. He is a greedy little pig, and he would give anything for Zeni. There is something for everyone in his store and what's important, all the items have never been seen on Earth before.


After all the changes in Team Fight Event, we received some feedback how to improve it even more. Along with today's update, every player participating in the event will receive Clash Chest at the end (no matter if he wins or not). For the winning team it will be a Green Clash Chest and a Red Clash Chest for the losing one. Players between 80 - 149 levels will get a Clash Bag instead. Every chest/bag will grant unique items and some experience. Obviously, the winners will have a bit higher chances and also better items, including Puar Skin! In addition, players would start the event on a random biome where defeating Glimmer should be easier because he's Health Potions have been reduced by 50%! We are also planning to add some bonuses to players equipment to make the Team Fight Event even more interesting, exciting and competitive!


Futhermore, we're adding a Clan Upgrading system. Every Clan will be able to unlock "Achievements" including daily bosses and some other bonuses. To unlock each section you need to donate PvP Points and some items. Of course it's just a beginning and in the short future we'll add more bonuses and bosses. We're also aware that solo players might not be satisfied about this change but we promise to add some daily bosses for them, too!

Sometimes it happens that low level players experience power abusing from higher level characters and they lose their hardly earned stuff from backpack. We decided to change it and remove Loot Bless from game. It means players will NEVER lose their backpacks after dying (except Purple or Black Flame). The Loot Bless will be replaced by Bless of Fortune and it will be able to purchase from NPC Kami in Korin Tower. In addition, to make the early level players even safer from PvP we are changing the protection level from 50 to 80.

Patch note:
- added new Dungeon Ug64,
- added Clan Upgrading system including new bosses and bonuses,
- added NPC Goldi in the Kiri's village, south of Giras spawn,
- added passive ability to Bio Set (+10% Heal Effectiveness),
- from now on, if player dies inside the Dungeon he will be respawned at the beginning of the dungeon; he will not lose his blessing but he will lose the experience,
- removed loot bless and added Bless of Fortune instead (purchased from Kami on Korin Tower),
- from now on, players would not lose their backpack after dying (except Purple of Black Flame),
- change the protection level from 50 to 80,
- reduced HP of all the monsters in Fallen King Quest by 50%,
- from now on, if the player has got "Invisible" condition, he cannot be seen by monsters,
- decreased damage dealt by Biotic Warrior 2.0 and Biotic Warrior 3.0 by 5%,
- removed non-pvp zone near Future Dabura and Future Uranai Baba,
- fixed skills restoring after Team Fight Event,
- from now on Wraith Mantle, Evil Scythe, Zombie Brain are stackable.
- Slightly increased loot chances for wood from following monsters: Drum, Susha, Annihilator, Crystal Robot, Undead Soldier, Oozaru, Balog, Wizard, Armored Oozaru, Volcanic Oozaru, Metal Cooler, Skeleton Phalanx and also their Future version,
- Strongly increased loot chances for wood from following monsters: Young Bandit, Bandit, Strong Bandit, Elite Bandit, Lord Yao, Future Lord Yao, Zombie Slaughter.

Team Fight Event:
- added brand new rewards,
- from now on, teams will be spawned on random Biomes,
- reduced Glimmer's HP by 50%,
- from now on, 2 out of 4 Biomes will include stairs, where you will be able to run (we are looking for your feedback regarding this),
- from now on, "Hide Players" is automatically disabled,
- from now on, "Hide Team Members" is automatically enabled.

Premium shop:
- added Key Ring which includes treasure Keys,
- added Light Senzu Beans and Half Light Senzu Beans,
- added Kame Backpack,
- added floors.

Bug fixes:
- fixed the exit of Fallen King Quest,
- fixed a bug where sometimes in one room in dungeon UG32 there were two Biotic Warriors 2.0,
- fixed a bug where sometimes Rubio did not reward us with Kinto,
- fixed some bugs in Ranger Walker quest,
- fixed an issue where sometimes player was not automatically turned on the way he wanted to walk in,
- fixed some map bugs,
- fixed a bug where the game tried to process a player's movement on Kinto when for example he tried to fly into a wall.

Best Regards,
RotS Team.

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