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Update 1.2.10 - 16.10.2019

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- removed unnecessary tabs from the chat,
- improved loading of saved tabs in chat,
- ground floor is always visible on minimap if we are on upper floors (it will make using Kinto easier),
- added new team indicators above players' heads in Team Fight Event,
- you can no longer fix antennas while being on Kinto,
- items listed on market are correctly assigned to players now, even if they are offline,
- techniques balance and changes for some characters (more details below),
- training Agility and Defense will be faster now,
- increased the regeneration in Gravity Room by 100%,
- added "slow" condition on characters in Gravity Room and Time Chamber,
- improved usage of Senzu Beans after Team Fight Event is ended,
- fixed Pvp Mode after Team Fight Event is ended.

Techniques changes:
Goku techniques:
"Ten Times Kamehameha" - Ki cost reduced from 35% to 28%

Vegeta techniques:
"Final Explosion" - Ki cost reduced from 35% to 28%

Gohan techniques:
"Blaster Meteor" - CD increased from 3 sec to 3,5 sec
"Super Masenko" - CD reduced from 5 sec to 4,5 sec, Ki cost reduced from 20% to 15%
"Super Explosive Wave" - Ki cost increased from 35% to 40%

Piccolo techniques:
"Risking it all for friend" - From now on by using this technique on himself Piccolo gets 50% less damage from all sources for 3 seconds; Using it on ally grants Piccolo 50% damage reduction from all sources either.
"Eye Flash" - from now on deals DMG to surrounding enemies; "Dazzle" for player increased from 2 sec to 3 sec; "Dazzle" for monsters increased from 1 sec to 2,5 sec; Ki cost increased from 4% to 8%
"Bukirimaha" - Ki cost reduced from 14% to 8%
"Forceful Explosion" - Ki cost increased from 7% to 13%
"Chōbakuretsumaha" - Ki cost reduced from 35% to 22%

Buu techniques:
"Dimensional Portal Cannon" - Ki cost reduced from 14% to 10%
"Planet Burst" - Ki cost reduced from 35% to 20%

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Please go back to the previous version. Modified hotkeys are not working properly, characters are double-walking (walking 2 sqm at a time instead of 1), hotkeys reset to default everytime you reset the client, if you relog to fix the double-walking problem (which fixes it) every hotkey just stop working. Please roll back until you fix these problems, the game is unplayable as it is.

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