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My suggestion is to make a hole looking ground under the Dragon Bal that has fallen on Earth.

The hole should be a bit bigger than it is right now with the treasure  underground .

The reason is that there are too many trees to be clicked and checked if a dragon ball is under it.

Before ss there are usualy 5 DBS to be found, and noone can find it each day.

In addition, how does dragon ball land inside a house without making hole in the roof? Does fly through the window:)?

Please make it more realistic and eastier for us as every player needs 3 sets of 7 balls.( not including players that have more than 1 character they play)



Falling Dragon ball should leave a hole on the ground that will disappear after SS.

Dragon balls should not appear inside buindings / inside tunnels ect.



Let me know what you think below !

Take Care



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Hi Malwin!

I love your idea about hole on the ground! 😍
I am not sure if it's necessary to implement since it is only visual thing, but I will talk with people responsible for such systems.

Regarding "Dragon balls should not appear inside buindings / inside tunnels ect." - I totally disagree. Dragon Balls needs to appear in various places! Even such places like tunnels. RoTS map are not that big to remove this option, but its only my personal opinion.

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Thank you for your positive feedback!

You are right, the mapmight be too small to exclude buildings from the dragon ball respawn list.

I just hope that the visual adjustion will be added  to the game,

As I have mentioned before, the number of trees in the game is countless and searching below every tree in the game is kind of annoing thing to do.



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Well easier way to find Dragon Ball while it is under a tree is to look after them during night! Dragon Ball spheres are glowing in the dark, so it's a lot easier to find them during night. 😎

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To be honest i started searching for DBs at the begining of this week. Ofcourse i have heard that dbs are bugged and its impossible to find them but didnt believe. 

Yet now after couple days of searching i am more likely to believe it that those 5 dbs available before server shutdown are bugged.

As you mentioned that dbs glow in the night but yet noone collects them.


As you see in the screenshot this happens everyday.

Maybe RoTS Team could do something to dispel doubts and post screenshots with the location of the not found DBs couple minutes before SS?

This is only my suggestion, as i strongly believe that i have looked into every possible place in the game many times each day to find it

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Hello Everyone,

Was this not supposed to be fixed with last update? image.png.d40915d707e30a0f2b08ca61e149efb9.png

@Lustitia Did we recive any answer from the Team about the visual addition-hole in the ground suggestion?


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Hi @Malwin

Bug with Dragon Balls is known and it will be fixed soon. It has high priority. Regarding visual effect for hole after Dragon Ball - the idea is superb but at the moment there are more important things to add (e.g. fixing Dragon Ball bug). It doesn't mean that it will be not added in the future 😎 

Btw. it's Iustitia not Lustitia 😉 

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