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Update 2.1.19

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Hello dear players!

The open days for new houses in West Capitol ended now. There are 41 new properties which you can buy just after you log in to the game. To do that, simply use "!buyhouse" command in the front of the main door. 


NPC Rubio has been complaining about the number of the customers recently. That's why he decided to lower the prices of his services. From now on, the price will depend on the jewellery class. Here is the new price list:

Low class jewellery:
+1 - 0 zeni
+2 - 0 zeni
+3 - 0 zeni

Medium class jewellery:
+1 - 5 000 zeni
+2 - 10 000 zeni
+3 - 20 000 zeni

High class jewellery:
+1 - 50 000 zeni
+2 - 150 000 zeni
+3 - 300 000 zeni

Unique class jewellery:
+1 - 150 000 zeni
+2 - 500 000 zeni
+3 - 1 000 000 zeni

Obviously, we didn't forget about Valentine's Day! Since today, you will be able to find lovely hearts on the ground (only floor 0). They will spawn randomly (similar to excavations) and NPC Alice will exchange them for some small gifts. You can find her near southern exit of West Capitol. In addition, you can find some unique Valentine Skins in our premium shop. The whole event will last until 22nd of February.

Patch note:
- from now on, the trade window at NPC Warehouseman (CC Lab.) and upgrading jewellery window at NPC Rubio should close automatically after walking away few SQMs of the NPCs,
- from now on, switching jewellery using RMB should work properly,
- added new option in the Option Menu - Select next target using "Fast Target" hotkey,
- from now on, it should no longer split stackable items (above 100) if we move them in stash container,
- from now on, the nickname of the house owner is also visible on the windows,
- fixed a bug with tapestries, so they should not disappear anymore from exterior walls,
- from now on, the target selection should not disappear after receiving damage from techniques which move back the player,
- decreased the duration of all the Event food from 15 to 10 minutes,
- added Supreme Set to Mimics' drop.

Best Regards, 
RotS Team.

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