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Dear players!

Test Server is on! What you can expect?

#Free zeni and items for successfull testing.
First of all, there is an NPC Testina in every city who will be ready to help! He will also give you cash and items needed for testing. 

In addition, NPC Lab. Warehouseman will offer you pills and implants for free. You can use them everywhere, including Team Fight Event.

#Jewellery Upgrade
NPC Rubio is responsible for jewellery upgrade. He can be found on the southern part of West Capitol, next to Professor's Tusk room. 

On the beginning, you will need to give Rubio 10 rat tails to complete Nami Ring Quest (it's a quest for begginers, kind of tutorial for jewellery upgrade). After completing the quest, you will be able to upgrade the jewellery anytime you want. Jewellery can be obtained from boxes offered by NPC Testina. 

There will be one more thing needed to upgrade - Fire Opals. Just talk to Rubio to get them for free. The amount of Fire Opals can be found above your characters' avatar. 

#Team Fight Event
The Event will be organised every 20 minutes. Inside, your levels will be adjusted to 150 or 80 (depending on your current level) and the team will be matched basing on your PvP Points.

#Groups & War system
Temporaly to open a Group window use "ctrl + shift + g" - the shortcut will exist only on a Test Server. In its final version there will be a special button in the client responsible for Groups. The window is user friendly and easy so you don't need any advanced tips for this.

#Logging in
In order to log into the Test Server you will need a new client which can be downloaded from our official website in the "download" section. To log in, just use the same account number and password as you use on Universum I. 


#Bugs and issues
If you find any bug, please report it on our official Discord or Forum.
Don't forget about the rewards! The more bugs you report, the higher chance you will be rewarded!

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