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PVP Mounth Reward

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I am new to the game and I verified that there is a system to receive gems monthly using pvp, which appears throughout the day. 
I set the alarm clock every day and managed to reach the H rank but I did not receive the gems, I asked in the help and the united information I had was that it is not available at the moment.

I believe it is fair to put this information into the game so that new players like me and my friends are not frustrated.

There is even a chromometer informing when the reward will be paid, I believe that many other players counted on it.
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PVP Monthly rewards are disabled until we add Team Fight event update which is stated in one of the news on forum. We 100% agree that there shoul be some info in-game, so newcomers wouldn't get missguided and we'll add it in the next update.

Thanks for your suggestion and sorry for inconvenience.

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