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Update 1.1.11 - 09.05.2019

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Fixes & Changes:
- fixed a bug, when players did not have space in the left panel for "Team" window and they have been kicked out from the team just after they joined it because of this,
- fixed display of Cooldowns so it is not possible to use techniques before the cooldown is finished,
- it is not possible to trade items from the ground anymore. You can now trade items only from your backpack or depot,
- "Defense" skill should be calculated corretly now,
- added several command related with houses:
~ !invite - it allows to invite other players to the house. Invitied characters cannot move any objects inside the house.
~ !owner - it allows to invite other players to the house. Invitied characters have got the same rights as the house owner.
~ !roomowner - it allows players who are on the list to open door (to use this command you need to stay in front of the door).
~ !kick - it kicks players to the front of the house. It can be used by owner to kick other players as well as by invited players to kick themselves (if they are locked),
- items bonuses now save correctly in houses,
- it is no longer possible to open chests (e.g. bronze chest) while on Kinto,
- expiry date on items such as golden shovel are now displayed corretly,
- military canned food regenerates correct amount of HP and Ki,
- players cannot receive any damage while being in Protection Zone,
- fixed a bug, where players were able to put items in incorrect slots (e.g. zeni were able to put in "armor" slot),
- Daily Tasks progress counts for all the players in team now,
- fixed a bug, where client window was losing the focus and we couldn't move our character,
- if we have got unread messages in any chat, it would be highlighted in red colour,
- displayed amount of offers in market is now limited,
- it is no possible to fly on Kinto while being in Time Chamber or Gyms,
- fixed a bug related with movement speed which was caused by Kinto,
- fixed Shenlong; He should not dissappear anymore just after he's summoned;
- added all the new items (the ones we added in previous patch) to the NPCs.

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