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Update 1.1.10 - 01.05.2019

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Many players complained about low amount of items dropped by creatures. In that case for the last couple of weeks we've been working on the loot. We have added a lot of new items and we also increased the chance of dropping them by every single mob living in Saiyans world. As a result we had to lower a bit the chance of getting best bonuses (Tier 4 & 5) - they will be still rare. In addition we also lowered the prices of these items which can be sold to NPCs so the economy will be still balanced on the server.

Loot changes forced us to change "chests" system a bit - both - chests from Events and from excavations so it is still worth to get them. From now on, better items are inside better chests so "quality" of chests is important. In addition there is a small chance to get worse Tiers (1 & 2) and it is easier to get higher Tiers (3, 4 & 5) from chests than from mobs. 

Now, let's head to more changes:
- fixed bug, while Dende did not heal allies by "Recover" technique,
- it is impossible to cast techniques while on Kinto,
- Puar does not summon automatically straight after going off a Kinto if we did not summon him before,
- players are automatically signed off from an event if they die,
- usable items which we receive from Hunter Squad Quest (bandages, etc) regenerate HP and KI. We can also buy them from NPC Warehouseman,
- our party is disbanded while Monster Event starts if we had one before teleportation,
- our aureole dissappears while Monster Event starts if we have it above our head in this time,
- some changes in Team Fight Event to improve it,
- fixed server crashes which were caused by Rage and Concentration techniques,
- Chat is highlighted on red colour while receving the messages (we will be still working on it so the red colour is on until the player reads the message),
- fixed UpdateManager - from now on it works on 32bit systems and it updates the client correctly,
- added new function to house owners - you can invite your friends toyour house by using "!invite" command (we will be still improving this system),
- improved description in tooltip of "Super Masenko" technique,
- Tranformation effects are now displayed correctly on the character,
- fixed some Puar's behaviour. He should not lag anymore,
- improved technique "Full Control" (it should teleport to the enemy just once from now on)
- added some new dialogues to Shenlong and fixed it a bit,
- changes in Items bonuses (the bonus depends on monster level which dropped it).

If You have some problems with downloading patch through our Update Manager, please visit https://saiyansreturn.com/ to download the newest version of client.

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