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Update 1.1.7 - 14.04.2019

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Fixes & Changes:
- improved selecting players system by Dende (Resurrection technique);
- private messages do not display on Server Log channel anymore;
- added detailed information about regenerating stamina per minute in the skill description;
- added new event - Team Fight Event;
- switched DMG from Blaster Meteor to Super Masenko DMG and vice versa;
- added new hotkey to bind chat selection;
- all mobs can now pass through the Puar and Camera;
- added new command for every player - !giveballs - use it to receive dragon balls;
- Gohan can deal maximum 10k dmg while using Fury technique;
- fixed following bonuses: HP, Ki, %HP, %Ki. They do not increase your health permanently after the server crash anymore;
- added new NPC - Beowulf;
- fixed bug which caused the client crash in depo.

If You have some problems with downloading patch through our Update Manager, please visit https://saiyansreturn.com/ to download the newest version of client.

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