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a few things

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I'll be listing some suggestions based on my few days playing with some friends. I'm a piccolo and I'm at level 77.

1 - dende class.

as a tank I am playing a lot with my friend who is dende, even having a lot of damage and usefulness, his class has a rather boring gameplay, using only one attack and healing... can be played with only 2 buttons, while others have even more abilities , many being forgotten and outclassed when arriving at higher levels

my suggestion here is to add an area damage skill, more specifically the destructive wind from the piccolo class to the dende, this ability has a great damage, but its area does not make it very efficient for a tank, most of the time we are avoiding facing the target, thus making its use very limited, it would be much better utilized in the dende class and thus making its game more interesting and more attractive, he could also at least be able to throw magic walls since support its his role.


2- piccolo class

just a feedback, i'm having a great time with the class, nothing aside the destructive wind to complain so far. we need eye flash to be fixed, and maybe having a little more time in exchange to a larger cooldown time.

rapid fire its kinda have its use in the event, but aside from that have a pretty low damage, no reason to use if you not gonna hit 5 or more enemies. maybe change the area to hit all enemies around the caster.


3 - auto walk in the fly would be nice.


4 - there is a bug I'm not sure if it's just with piccolo and dende or with everyone, but when using the transformation in the sqm of a ladder, the character gets stuck to that sqm



thats all for now... thanks for the amazing game


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1. Dende class will be reworked and he will be way more interesting than he's now.

2. Piccolo is one of the classes which actually can face the monsters because of his large amount of HP. So do not be scared to use your Destructive Wind properly.
Rapid Fire is a good point, since Piccolo is a tank we'll try to adjust the technique to his role in the game.

3. We'll be working on that one.

4. We're aware of that bug and we'll try to fix it. For now when this bug appears use Revert technique and Transform again - it should unstuck your character.

Thanks for your suggestions and bug reports and also for your nice words. We really appreciate that :)

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