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Meteor Blaster ??

Wick Frost

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Why the skill Meteor Blaster has a so small range , considering Gohan is a AOE Dmg , isnt fair to give that skill a little boost ? i'm not saying to make like before, but a little bigger range then now, like more 1 or 2 sqm and made like square ? i think could be awesome....

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I do agree with you that it would be awesome, but...
Gohan still an AOE dmg dealer when it does damage to more than a single target. 😛
You said that before it was more than the current range? Well, if so, looks like he got adjust to balance with others vocations...
It has same range as Super Massive Wave... Would be awesome as well if Super Massive Wave had a range increase same way, right? Sadly, it cannot happen because would make it very OP over other vocations, same case as Meteor Blaster...

I do would like to have a Magic Materalization with 7x7 range, but it would be unfair 😞

It's just my opinion, right?

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