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Detailed Guide Regarding Boss System


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Boss System

1. Introduction 

What is the Boss System?
- The Boss System is a system, that allows players to spend their hard earned boss points on a fight with previously defeated boss.

What are the Boss points?
- Boss points are a unique reward for completing Daily Tasks. For every Daily Task you get 1 boss point. More info about Daily Tasks can be found here ->CLICK<-
After collecting Boss Points, you will be able to take a mission to defeat one of the previously defeated bosses and try your luck to loot epic items. Remember - stronger boss means higher chance for more epic items! 

Do I need a premium account to participate in a Boss fight?
- No, Bosses are for everyone! You can fight them without Premium account.

Is it worth using Boss points?
- Of course! Along with your adventure in Return of The Saiyans, you will successively earn Boss Points for completing Daily Tasks. Use them regularly to get better equipment. Remember - items from Bosses already have their bonuses revealed! 

Does a Boss from each room cost the same amount of Boss points?
- No, Bosses from each subsequent room will cost more Boss Points! It looks as follows:
-> Entering the Boss from the first room costs 3 Boss points
-> Entry to the Boss from the second room costs 5 Boss points
-> Entry to the Boss from the third room costs 7 Boss points
-> Entry to the Boss from the fourth room costs 9 Boss points

2. Process step

How do I pick up a Boss fight?
- It's super easy! All you have to do is go to the computer near NPC Professor Tusk (it's in West Capitol) and right-click on it. Then, a window will open with available bosses to fight.

Boss PC.gif

Keep in mind, that you can only choose to fight a Boss, which you already defeated before! If you haven't fought one, it will say "Locked". - it means that you need to complete CC Lab. Task related with this boss, first. 

When you click on the Boss icon, you will be presented with a window of potential loot to be dropped. Use the slider to decide how many times in a row you want to fight a Boss (You can check the price by hovering over the Boss icon).


After clicking "confirm" you will be automatically transported to the platform where you can go to the Boss room. All you have to do is step down and go on the platform again.

Boss Teleport.gif

After that you will be left in a room alone with the Boss. Of course you can escape from the room by walking on the platform - this will not consume your Boss points.
Remember, you can only fight alone. Your team member will not be transported with you, and if you die without a Divine Blessing your backpack will be teleported out of the room.

After defeating a Boss, you can open his soul and get items from it!


3. Are there any other types of Bosses?

Sure they are! Some monsters in the world of Return of The Saiyans are so vile that they've earned their own Boss - such as Devils, Lord Yaos or even Sushas!
During your adventure, you've got a chance to meet these powerful monsters, however, the chances are not so high, especially when you compare them to the Boss System.

4. Change log:

v. 1.0 - Created and spellchecked guide. Will publish after final check of guide regarding new Daily System.
v. 1.1 - Information about access "prices" has been added.
v. 1.2 - Checked all the typos and published the guide - 09.09.2021

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