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Rethink premium + puar


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It's too expensive to play this game, especially if you are Brazilian
It's like having to pay 2 premium accounts per month to be able to play, because there's no way you can progress in game without both premium and puar

Puar should be a feature included in premium, like kinto, otherwise i can't afford playing the game

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Hi @vinidoido,

Thanks for your suggestion. Players are able to play without Premium account. Additionally players are able to visit every place in our world of Return of The Saiyans without Kinto, the thing is that you need to travel more, which takes time since flying is quicker.
Same goes for Puar. You don't have to have Puar if you don't want to. You can pick up items from monsters or you can play with someone who have Puar (in that case loot from monsters will automatically go to your teammate backpack).
Please note that you are able to buy both - Premium & Puar for in-game money. You just need to earn it and buy it in Market.

If it goes to the price it won't be changed. It doesn't matter from which country player is. People from Egypt, Poland or Chile have the same price for our items, and their local currency is not euro.

Best Regards,
RoTS Community Manager

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