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  1. Witam, Poni偶ej przedstawiam wam kilka przydatnych informacji na temat bonus贸w 馃槉 W grze wyst臋puje 5 rodzaj贸w bonus贸w GREEN BLUE PURPLE RED GOLD Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5 Po zabiciu moba gdy wypada przedmiot Tier 1 lub Tier 2 jest on automatycznie odblokowany Tier 3, 4 i 5 mo偶na odblokowa膰 za pomoc膮 Bonus reveal gadget u Bulmy, kt贸ra znajduje si臋 w g艂贸wnym mie艣cie West Capitol Bonus Reveal Gadget - w jednym przedmiocie mo偶e wyst膮pi膰 max do 3 bonus贸w Fioletowym odblokowujemy Tier 3 Czerwonym odblokowujemy Tier 4 Z艂otym odblokowujemy Tier 5 Jak u偶y膰? - to PROSTE! Klikamy PPM na dany przedmiot, kt贸ry chcemy odblokowa膰 馃槉 W grze wyst臋puj膮 przer贸偶ne bonusy - jest ich a偶 27! Poni偶ej informacje na ich temat: Mam nadzieje, 偶e poradnik przyda si臋 osob膮 pocz膮tkuj膮cym 馃懚馃徏 jak i weteranom 馃懘馃徏 - w razie pyta艅 zapraszam do komentowania poni偶ej! 馃挏
  2. jest to tutorial odno艣nie 1 roomu
  3. Hi! Many of you is asking me or other players in game - how does Tablet work, how to use it, where can you start the task, etc. That's why I've decided to create this tutorial. First thing you have to do is to meet Professor Oak and talk to him. You can find him on second floor in West Capitol Depot. After you talk to Professor Oak you've to visit Lab. Technician in room to the right. If you already talk to both NPC's you've access to the doors on the left from Professor Oak - it's where the magic happens. As you can see there's a teleport in the room which moves you to the secret undergrounds where CC Lab gathered all the species from Return of the Saiyans world. Move to the left - there's a beginner room. You've to complete all tasks there to get access to the other higher level rooms. How to pick up the task? First thing you've to do is open your Quest Pouch from inventory window - it's where you can find your Tablet. Now use Right Mouse Click on the tablet and then Left Mouse Click on the panel which stands in fron ot the cage which you want to start task on. You can take 2 tasks at the same time. You already know how to pick up the task. Now I'll explain you the rest functionalities which Tablet offers. First thing you need to know is how to open tablet - it's simple. Just use Right Mouse Click and then Left Mouse Click on it. If you've opened Tablet already then you should be able to see further options: 1. ROTSPEDIA - There you'll be able to find soon information about Return of the Saiyans monsters, npcs, items, etc. 2. CURRENT TASK - In this window you can check your tasks progress and also take your rewards for completed tasks. You can also cancel your task here. 3. TASK HISTORY - As the name says choosing this option will let you see your history of completed tasks. 4. CAPSULE COINS - Here you can check your Capsule Coins status. You're getting them and also experience everytime you complete a task. You can trade Capsule Coins for some items from Lab. Warehouseman which you can find at the second floor of DEPOT. Let's go back to the tasks for a moment They do have from 1 to 3 stages. The stages determine how many times we have to defeat a given creature. With every stage there're more monsters to kill, eg. 200/400/800. In the beginner room there are several monsters with 3 stages. You can find them in bottom row of the room (Monkeys are exception - they do have only 1 stage). Completing a 3 staged task will allow you to fight against Miniboss of a given creature. If you would have already completed the 3 staged task and you wouldn't know where the Miniboss is, feel free to check my other tutorial CC BioTech Lab. - Bosses What else it's good to know? 1. When you cancel your task while on 2nd stage, your progress from the 1st stage won't be cancelled, so if you get back to this creature you'll continue on 2nd stage. 2. It's worth to do CC Lab tasks in group because it will count you even if your teammate kill the creature. 3. If you're not sure what to do after the first Capsule Coins you earn then keep them. They'll never disappear. 4. It's good to take tasks on two different creatures that appear at the same spots, eg. Wolf, Dark Wolf. I hope that you found this tutorial helpful! Good luck & Have fun! ^^
  4. Hi everyone! Since many of you ask me in game "where can I find X Boss" I'd like to gather all the locations in one place - FORUM. 馃悞 Monkey Mini Boss 馃拃 Slight Skeleton Mini Boss 馃惢 Bear Thief Mini Boss 馃 Pirate Robot Mini Boss 馃 Tyranosaur Mini Boss 馃惛 Drum Mini Boss Hope you've found it helpful. Thanks!
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