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  1. this is bullshit, i hope they fix it
  2. Yes, they could start with the basics and then add new things, one that i thought would be nice is guild implants. Something like normal implants only that would affect everyone in the guild when we do tasks os bosses.
  3. It would be very good, it will bring more visibility to the site, which is very tedious
  4. Cookie Assa

    Small patch!

    Nice update ! 2 things i want to say, maybe you guys can look at it. Stop doing shutdown on event time and piccolo is a joke when compared to buu.
  5. Guild implants would be a cool ideia.
  6. Cookie Assa

    Dear players!

    Its really bad, i lost thousand of task monster but i have hope on this game and you guys are awesome team.
  7. Thank you for the update when this hits live servers?
  8. Excelent topic, thank you.
  9. I think its a good ideia if he stay 30days temporarly
  10. Every step you walk in gravity room you lose stam
  11. Posting to more people see it and to ask for suggestions to me add to main post
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