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  1. @Halla In West Capitol you will find 3 boxes on the ground, near NPC with armors, near NPC with weapons and near NPC with backpack/camera. Same lookin' boxes you'll find at North Capitol(1 box), Central Capitol(2 boxes), East Capitol(2 boxes) and at South Capitol(1 box). There will be some text bouncing at sqm where's hidden box is located. You'll find it for sure
  2. Wielkie dzięki za te słowa! Bardzo się cieszę, że filmik się podoba i mam nadzieję, że zachęci on nowych graczy do gry oraz starych do powrotu
  3. Think same - it isn't Pay to Play, and by gathering Zenis you can buy Premium Bag from other Players so you don't even have to pay any amount of Euro to achieve premium features.
  4. Maybe it's like Kinder Country haha
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