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  1. Mitzuy

    Update 1.5.0

    no mega client link to download faster
  2. Mitzuy

    Update 1.5.2

    Do I have to download the client and thus have the update?
  3. I think there are not many players who don't even donate as it has 2 or 3 characters in pvp and they are always the same in position 1 to 10 and earn a number of gems every month
  4. the worst pvp event in history there is no team balance and 60 x 1 is always lost so anyone penalizes him for staying afk
  5. Mitzuy

    Is Goku op?

    in pvp Gohan focuses on doing more damage with spells and heals well, instead goku focuses more on melee Damage since spells don't do much damage.
  6. How do you get the rank from D to S at the end of the month? Or how many players do I have to kill or how many points do I have to make to get a Rank? help plx
  7. since they updated yesterday, several players have died due to disconnection and when they try to enter again, the game stops
  8. a good balance in pvp is required is all
  9. in the duel you see more participation of the gohan trunks and where the rest does not work
  10. deve acomodar o dende em pvp nunca morre e parece um tanquer
  11. Eles são melhores gohan, trunks e dende , bata com forca e mate rapidao
  12. I still get the bug ... could I check the client? since I am not the only person that happens to him please and sorry for the inconvenience
  13. I use 32 bits...download the most current and I get again
  14. please fix the bug that comes out when trying to enter the game ... I have to open it 5 times +/- in order to play == application crashed app name: Return Of The Saiyans app version: 1.0 build compiler: msvc12 build date: Jan 29 2020 build type: RelWithDebInfo build revision: 0 (devel) crash date: Feb 03 2020 20:31:50 exception: Access violation (0xc0000005) exception address: 0x0018415f backtrace: 0: C:\Users\David\Desktop\Saiyans Return\ReturnOfTheSaiyans-opengl.exe [0x000000000018415F] install the microsoft visual c ++ several times Pliz Help
  15. fix those mistakes and you will have more people
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