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  1. Hello good the character that was scheduled to be removed has not been removed
  2. Itacks


    Hi, I'm new to this server and it's pretty good. I love the work that the pvm is doing. It's pretty good. I have interacted with the different classes, but the pvp, I feel they have forgotten a bit as a suggestion, I would like to say that they would like to kill. since killing right now is just risking your things without getting anything in return, apart from the satisfaction of killing xd it would be good if you kill a character to let go of your things and as in the tibia implement some system to save those things with a % but not everything since it takes away the grace
  3. well as a suggestion the tiles that are found seem quite interesting, they could put some texts to look for in order to understand what to do since it was what we expected to find good I hope to enable more quest of this style soon.
  4. from vegeta landing to the right is in the desert but close to reaching the green
  5. I found a quest lvl 100 where it has levers and tiles we applied several patterns in a group of 4 but for no reason did the wall open anyone knows about that?
  6. Itacks

    Task New

    Is it normal for the task to restart when a server save is made? it happened to me that I completed the task but when I went to claim it after the server save, I was not given the reward by pretending not to take it
  7. Itacks

    Vip List

    hello, in my viplist I do not see any name of people that I have added is completely empty and does not let me add new ones ,what can I do? I have checked again and when the box is on the right side it is empty but when I move it to the left side all the people I have in my viplist appear problem solved, going out and entering was the solution, why do these errors occur?
  8. Itacks

    Black Flame

    Itacks thank you very much if you do it soon I would appreciate it
  9. Itacks

    Black Flame

    How can I request that the black flame be removed?
  10. Itacks

    Black Flame

    I would like to know how long the black flame that goes by killing unjustifiably lasts.
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