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  1. Hi, is your language in game set into English? You can check it in Options Menu. What about Quest Log? It should also help in understaing the quest : P
  2. Matty

    Dragon Balls

    Hi @Malwin Thank you for your message! Currently, there is a knows visual bug with Dragon Balls. It says there are Dragon Balls on Earth but in fact they are not there. It will be fixed in the next patch though. Feel free to join our discord server to be up to date! : ) https://discord.gg/F4KFTh6R
  3. Hej! Spróbuj zmienić hasło używając tylko liter od a do z i liczb : ) Powinno pomóc : )
  4. Hi! Unfortunately there is no such option. And I don't think it will appear on the website or in game any soon.
  5. Hi, you need to create characters on both servers - Uniervsum I and II. If it doesn't help, please change your password using only letters from A to Z : )
  6. Hi, try do delete c://rots - the whole folder and download the game once again from the website. It should help : ) Let me know if you have some more issues.
  7. Czy masz stworzone postacie na obydwu serverach? Musisz mieć postać zarówno na Uni 1, jak i Uni 2 : ) Daj znać, jeśli pomogło ^^
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