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  1. Well, i guess capsules aren't big enough to stock up my fish collection Gonna create more characters to dump spam I'm not even fishing merlins yet!
  2. Dufe replied in Discord that the table comparing % x Flat was wrong because it should be 2,5% instead of 5% (25% with best % Drain set x 10% = 2,5%) The new table should be: Damage on Technique | (25%x10%) 2,5% Life Drain | (300x10%) 30 Life Drain FLAT 100 | 2,5 | 30 500 | 12,5 | 30 1000 | 25 | 30 1200 | 30 | 30 2000 | 50 | 30 3000 | 75 | 30 With this correction i would say that im satisfied with the FLAT drain and the damage cap to become worse than % Drain, if that is the objective where FLAT is for low levels and % is for higher levels.
  3. Nice feedback, I'm fairly new to the game and haven't reached endgame yet. Good to know that meele attack scales right in higher levels. I guess it is my feeling at least for now, i'll play more and then we meet again in the future with a more solid ground by my side At the end, we at least found the issue regards life drain Great talk!
  4. Thanks for the response! I'm no game designer but maybe meele could be improved or at least encouraged by creating different hunting spots... the current and major style is to group a bunch of mobs and spam techniques. If there were more places, and for a good range of levels, where people have to solo strong mobs with high risk and high rewards, meele would automatically gain relevance. Increasing the quantity of existing bonuses is probably not desireable by everyone, but implementing something like a cleave where you could splash damage in adjacent mobs for a % of main target could improve meele in my opinion too. The flat system creates the possibility for low level players to be 2, 3, 4, maybe even 5, times more stronger in a certain way due to flat set, in comparison for higher levels where you are... 1.3? 1.6? time stronger with a % set. By merging the two i mean to find a common ground where low leves are not soo strong and high levels keeps a good advantage so the set ages well and you could, as you play, stay colecting all the pieces to get the perfect set and not have to sell the old rusty flat set. The same thing already occurs with CD reduction... if you get a lvl 1 item with 8% CD reduction, JACKPOT, you will use that for the rest of your life! If you find a lvl 1 60 life drain flat... great but it will stay in storage once you hit the barrier...
  5. Thanks Goblin! Yeah it looks like it favors low levels, but in a week or two, in the worst scenario, you are hitting more than 600 in a box of 8 creatures... there is no reason to invest or look for a set with drain flat because it has a short use. About the meele hit argument, unfortunatelly i dont have data or money to test by myself, but i can assume that a set with atk speed + draing flat could work, even when meele hit looks like a secondary thing in the game to me. As i can see, Its not clear to the players yet when its good to use % over flat, when a set becomes better then another and in what circumstances, and ROTS staff is adding more complexity to the system. What about merge % and FLAT dain regenerations so it can be good in early and late game? PS: im not advocating for any sides, just want to improve the game
  6. Hey Gobin! Im watching from behind and decide to help in this case Maybe their complaint is about the Life Drain FLAT. After the patch, the cap per item was 40, so you can reach 200 Life Drain FLAT ou your set. In a 8 creatures box you could regen 200x8 = 1600 on techniques + 200 every meele hit NOW, the Life Drain FLAT raised from 40 to 60, BUT, only 10% for techniques So now your best set could reach 300 Life Drain FLAT being 10% for techniques -> 30 Life Drain FLAT.. In a 8 creatures box you regen now 30x8 = 240 on thecniques + 300 every meele hit. As you can see, the Drain FLAT had a really big nerf for techniques compared to before. Maybe it was a mistake from ROTS team and the Drain FLAT should'nt apply 10% reduction... Lets compare the Drain FLAT and the % for the Life Drain regeneration over damage on one creature... Damage on Technique | 5% Life Drain | 300 Life Drain FLAT | 100 | 5 | 30 500 | 25 | 30 600 | 30 | 30 1000 | 50 | 30 3000 | 150 | 30 As you can see... if you hit more than 600 in a technique on every creature, something very low, its better to use % regen, making the FLAT reeeeeally limited for really low levels. Hope i could clarify the problem! Edit: Maybe only the flat could have better result from techniques raising from 10% to something that compares somehow to the % Drain, or the FLAT drain should be reworked in another way...
  7. Made some averages and the levelup from 60 to 61 took 12800 worms and 3,5hs of straight fishing
  8. Thanks for the reply! I'll wait for the rework, but probably it's a secondary thing because few people are interested in this system, at leasts how it works now. Im gonne update the table when i hit 66 just to the players know what to expect of the current fishing system.
  9. As far as i'm in the fish training, it's still not worth... Fishing Level ; Fish 1 ; Fish (2% Ki Regen / No Health Regen) 26 ; Northern Pike (2.5% Ki Regen / No Health Regen) 36 ; Shrimp (3% Ki Regen / No Health Regen) 46 ; Rainbow Trout (4% Ki Regen / No Health Regen) 56 ; Green Perch (3.5% Ki Regen / No Health Regen) 66?? Fishing Level ; Crab 1 ; Desert Crab 26 ; Bluish Crab 36 ; Littoral Crab 46 ; Sea Crab 56 ; None 66?? Feels like a big waste of time since you can buy coconut in the shop for a fraction of the investment i made to get into this fishing level. i'll try to get to level 66 to see if there is anything new, but it will take a while.
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