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  1. Very detailed, good job once again! Btw. I love your transitions ❤️ I am a 100% sure it will be used by new players Good Job!
  2. Hi folks, I am 165 Dende at the moment. I will share my thought's with you Basically in my opinion there are few things that you should have in mind every single time when you decide to go hunting (either solo or with your team mates). Exp Boost - if you are Premium User (having an premium account) exp boost will gives you 50% EXTRA experience points for first 2 hours, which means it's smart to hunt when you have full "stamina" Waste/Profit - before you will go hunting, you need to think how much money you want to spent. Obviously there are respawns that will give you a LOT of experience points, but your waste will be higher, and vice-versa (you can get less exp, but more money in items then you used for senzu) Think about Dende (as a support for your team mates). We are very. very very underrated. A good Dende can restore your HP, KI, and most important - have passive that will increase your Ki regen by 2% every 2 seconds. And he can increase DPS damage by a fair amount of percentage as well. Finding a proper people to play with. I totally understand that you have Buu, Trunks, and Vegeta but it will be more efficient if you will go like Buu, Trunk/Gohan and Dende (for example), due to higher sustain/utilities. Having a proper equipment. The thorn in eye for every player.. The dream EQ would be Less DMG from monster (%) for x-type of monster. Those items make Tanks immortal. For example if your Buu can have 5 items with Less DMG from monster (%) for Toxic Spiders, he can obtain up to 150% of dmg reduction (please note its not calculacint like 150%, but more like -30%,-30% etc). From the other hand, you as Vegeta, or your Trunks friend (more preferable for DPS to have this kind of items) can wield More DMG to monster. It's really something. For some kind of comparision - my friend which is 190 trunk can hit for almost 9k with dende buff and his items. THIS IS VERY HIGH DAMAGE Return of The Saiyans have their exp rate system, which means there are few "gates". I am having 0.5x exp rate at level 165. You can check yours using command "!serverinfo". Choose a good spot for hunting. Specially for Team Hunting. I can share you my 2 favorites spot's, if you don't mind that you will be not able to earn a lot of money a) Fallen Angels in Hell - if your Buu friend are able to sustain Fallen Angels, then with pills you will be able to earn 2.25 KK exp/h. I was here at level 130, however my Piccolo was around level 140. Additionally we had a Gohan. b) Shamo - its hard to describe where it is, but if you will pm me I can show you this spot as well It's basically my favorite spot in the game at the moment. Thanks to this spot I am able to get 4-5 levels in 2 hours, per day (with pills and premium stamina). Why? Because the exp here.. Stay tune.. is 2.8KK /h. I have pretty good items, so I do not have any waste. But as far as I know, our Gohan/Trunks have a little bit waste. So here are a few thoughts from my side. I hope they will be helpful for you. If you have any questions feel free to ask me anything, will try to answer as good as I can Additionally.. you weren't wrong. Toxic spiders are just.. bad, extremaly bad. I hate this spot with all of my heart - I trully do. So in short.. awake your adventour spirit, get some items, discover new spots with your friend, aaaaand.. most important - HAVE FUN! This game is really something -Arthur
  3. Scoy

    FaQ by Swiezak

    @Rekinek Podróż do piekła kosztuje już 1000 zenni, zostało to naprawione jakiś czas temu jeżeli mnie pamięć nie myli
  4. Hi Tempura, I feel sugar and spice everything nice, how ya doin'? 😎 1. Unfortunately I do not know, but maybe @Jocke are you able to advise? ^^ 2. If i remember correctly every class have 2 spells with possibilites to be upgraded by Shen Long wish. For example, I as a Dende have possibility to improve by Benevolence passive (regenerates your and your allies Ki points by 2% every 2 seconds) with this effect: "Regenerates the closest ally HP by 55% and KI points by 100% if he lost more than 70% of hitpoints.". If you want to check which spell you can upgrade.. You just need to look at every your spell, and check which one are upgradable 3. I know that in order to achieve your last transformation you need to ask Shen Long to additional power.. It seems like this is the correct option. With Best Regards, Arthur~
  5. I'm also guilty of this.. Haha, it's funny how most of people are tricked by those . But you have to say.. those decorations looks amazing though ^^
  6. Hello @Jocke your guide is amazing! Especially I love your miniatures 😁 Pretty well explained, I am a 100% sure that many people will found it useful. Good job mate!
  7. Good job @Olwe keep it up
  8. Actually its a great idea to add some kind of NPC with furnitures. To be honest with you I as a Dende have to go to Kiri hidden spot every restart in order to get few green chests for free Love the idea Goblin! But quest for some fancy shiny furnitures sounds amazing too 😈😈😈
  9. Hello everyone, As @Jocke said, all classes have strong and weak points. Soloing bosses are kinda hard sometimes. I am playning Dende and I remember how much I was struggling with Anhi Boss.. Even my Ki Barrier wasn't helpful at all, so I had to change my equipment to Flat HP and after that I was able to do this Task Boss alone. I used few senzu but it was totally worth it. Just think about your equipment! :D In my scenario I can heal myself pretty much due to my Focus level (around 100~), unfortunately I do not have much HP.. so I had to buy EQ with flat HP. Just think a little bit what are you lacking in order to defeat this boss and that it ;) Good luck on your further attempts @Olwe :D
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