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  1. Like 24 days left of premmium
  2. Okay! I made the buy offer just a few hours before the other played sold it to me, like 1-3 hours i think. I was me who made the buy offer, and then the other player accepted my sell offer, and he obteined the money succesfully. Im a Picolo lvl 199, y was level 192 aprox when i made the sell offer. I was hunting in crystal spiders when the other played accepted my buy offer. I didnt die in the hunt. It was on thursday 21/05 at 20:00 hours aprox (chilean hour, 21:00 brazilean hour). Any other information that you need just ask me! Thanks for the help!
  3. Hello! Thanks for the answer, im really desespered with this because it was almost all my money. I will try to give you all the usefull information i can please help me. No i didn't lose premium in hte meantime. When i tryied to find help with this bug another player that i know told me that he was who sold the premium bag, i can ask him for more information if you need to, he told me that he had recieved succesfully the money. I will insert a screenshot of my offer history. If you need anyother information just ask please help me i dont know what to do.
  4. Hello, two days ago i put an offer in the market to buy a premmium bag for 1,1kk. Then someone sold it to me but the premium bag did not appear in my capsule(DP) and my money was gone I already searched in my backpack and in my gems and i didnt find anything please help i dont know what to do. I can send screenshot of my offer history if necesary. My name is Amano Jyaku in the game
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