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  1. I can't find the smell of fear spell inside the techniques page of vegeta. In the log of this new update it's not mentioned anything about that technique, so i guess and hope that is a bug.. Since it's the technique key of this class..
  2. I can totally feel what your are telling us with your post @Tempura! Im a Vegeta too, and i used to play both solo and with a small team made by a Piccolo and another Vegeta, nowdays i hunt solo or with the help of another Vegeta. But back in time, i had some struggling too hunting solo the spiders, that's why i reccomend you to hunt in team and most importantly with a decent gear dedicated to those monsters. You dont need a full set of t5 items of course, you can always seek for a cheaper one like a t4 or a t3... Not to mention that back in those times Vegeta didn't even had the Galick Gun.. But still it was doable, pretty much doable. Me and my friends always sticked hunting the suggested mobs (from the biolab tasks) Plus the daily from Prof. Tusk. To be honest im not a rush player, i take it easy with the leveling up, i play for fun, not to grind... Now with almost 220 lvl, when i hunt solo i rather go with Crystal Robots, Undead Soldiers (small resp) or even Fallen Angel (small resp). In team we go to Crystal Robots, Undead Solider (big resp), Fallen Angel (big resp), sometimes Green Kiris, Gobi and Shamosaurus... We don't use the pills still, but the exp gain is pretty much ok. If you consider the daily task boost too. 1h ~ 1.3h per day and we get a level and something more in teamhunt. Keep the work up Temupra!
  3. @Olwe Good job, keep shredding those bosses And i loved how you explained to all of us how was the experience and strategy to get the life of that boss!
  4. It might be non that important but i suggest you in the future to add a NPC that sells furnitures and decoration for the houses As for now we must do the burglars to take some tables, chairs and so on
  5. Discord is also a way more intelligent device to use, when there's some important post, you even get a notification. Via website someone could just miss these important messages, i doubt that players stays hours refreshing the home page of a website. What i mean is: Discord gives you notifications in real time, Website don't. They could add some post on the website why not? But if i was in you Ne Koh is more wise to download that application, instead of trash talking on a forum
  6. Exactly at least in south capitol, there's even the world tournament there... So it makes sense. And i love the idea to relate some teleports to quests, they could even be linked to the hunter challenge or as you said some bulma side quests!
  7. Exactly you are playing a DPS Class mean high damage and low survival ability, this game kinda forces you to hunt in team for both better experience and profit, that's why there are precise classes. Tho for the bosses you are forced to solo them, as Jocke said: Bring more senzu, and try to collect a gear that suits the purpose... Like + max hp or damage reduction or heal effectivness You can even make a mix of this ones (Max health and heal effectivness) or (Damage reduction and Max Health) and so on.
  8. Hey everyone! I would like to suggest to add some more Saiyan Spaceship teleport around the map. Why? Because many places aren't well accessible For Example the southern city of the map, and the top south-right corner... I link an image to let you figure out what i mean! Of course they can be moved from where i speculated to place those Saiyan Spaceships
  9. True, on the skill tree (on the bottom side of the screen) You can just see the actual skills you got (and if you wear some equipment that boosts directly the skills it counts them). So at the end, you will just see the skills buffed or not, but just the skills, The items that gives %age won't be calculated.
  10. Goblin

    Update 1.5.4

    Try to download the new client from the website
  11. Sorry buddy i've never went fishing on the server so i can't really help you out with that... But you can buy rice balls that ain't much expansive and give a dencent ammount of hp/ki... Later on you can buy coconuts that's even better but a bit more expansive... You can buy those foods from a npc in almost(?) all towns.
  12. Goblin

    Upcoming update

    @[email protected] You must download the new client.
  13. Goblin

    House Issue

    Hey everyone, once you buy a house, and leave it.. You can't buy a new one unless the old house you left gets bought by another player. This happened to me today, i could not buy a new house, even if i didnt own any. After a while a plyer bought the house i left, and i was be able to acquire a new one.
  14. Damn! I find all the statments for the website quite honest and right to be made, the level highscore section in my opinion should be added, it wont scare the newcomers at all, why would it do that? I mean every new player must expect to have people higher and higher then him... Maybe it's about the cap level stuff? Well even for that is not a big issue... At least i think... And also the game gives his best for the newcomers so.. I would add the Trello section in the homepage, so it's visible for all, and in a quicker way instead of searching it in the news As for the In Game i have some points to discuss, the rest is quite ok: 2A - Not at all, later on you will find thousands of monster to kill per task and it's OK. I dont know if you ever made tasks in real tibia, where the respawn and the ammount of the monster is quite lower and slower.. Here it's just fine, belive me if you grind those tasks (in team is way better) you will finish all the 3 avaible room in a decent time and level. 2G I found the sagas quite interesting but i felt like the new ones they added after the latest update are way too unbalanced, Tao Pai Pai could kill a 140 level without too many troubles, what we can expect in the future then? What's the real reward of the sagas? Will we be able to use those dragonballs we collect to make a wish for our character? It would be cool actually, it will give a boost on doing sagas with teams and also will balance the actual price of the in game dragon balls that can be found around the map.
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