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  1. then have a ring dragon or diamont +2 or +3 it would be impossible :c It would be interesting to add another option where you can put an item as a creature product to improve the% at least 5% or 10% so the low lvl would not live to get only cc
  2. it only takes 2 to upload a diamont ring or ring dragon? As seen in the image?
  3. hello, I have a question, and I have seen many houses that are owned by lvl 20 players who do not connect ... it is annoying since there are not many houses, there is someone who has information on how long it takes for a house to stop having an owner ?
  4. Trunks lvl 600 xd
  5. Kami Scz


    Someone could help me with this problem, it usually happens to me and I don't know why, I don't know if there is a bug in the game or if I have a problem with my PC
  6. Kami Scz

    egg event

    bad luck or is the % to get an event element too low? more than 200 eggs and can't get a skin and the only thing that came out was 1 plush bunny It would be good to implement 1 more week :c I do not want to be without my skin, I think that many of us have the same problem because I see very few with that skin or rather just 2 for now
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