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  1. Hi Sadcman, No, it is not possible yet but they are planning to introduce something resembling guilds kind of soon - it was recently on the public test server
  2. Hello ya'll! Sorry for the hiatus - here is the next video! Room 2 and 3 is in the making
  3. Just a few things that either has been missed or incorrectly stated (there is a lot of text, maybe it was mentioned and I missed it in which case I apologize): There are exp stages in the game and you just got hit by one of the hardest ones. At certain stages your exp gain will drop: 111: 90% 121: 70% 131: 50% 271: 42% As you can see there is very strong tapering off around the level range that you mentioned from 120 (90% gained) to 131 (50% gained) and this is the reason you see spiders being "broken". If you go back to Destroyers you will see the same thing, your xp/h is now very bad. Just hang in there though, at 140 you will get stronger again and your xp/h will be back at a better pace again As previously mentioned you can always check what exp multiplier you currently have by typing !serverinfo Dmg % reduction and increase items has a cap of 30% effectiveness each. This means you can not stack 5 items with 30% each for a total of 150% more or less damage. The cap is always 30%! Don't see the levels of monsters as a suggestion for what level they are suitable to be hunted at. See it simply as a grading system where you generally can see what monsters are strong and which monsters are weak. I used to hunt Frozen Skeletons and Frozen Skeleton Warriors at level 120 without any issues for example, so don't limit yourself too much! Solo-hunting is generally a very bad way of playing the game if all you want is max exp. Try to find a proper team and learn how to hunt places efficiently together. Also, if you want to you can record your hunt(s) and send me a link, I would be happy to take a look and give some pointers if you want my help like that
  4. Hello, Small disclaimer, I am only like 85% sure about this so please double-check the dialogue when you summon him - it was a long time since I did this myself so my memory might not serve me correctly here... Point is that Shen Long will always ask something along the lines of "oh, are you sure you want to ...?", take advantage of this to make sure your choice is what you actually wished (haha) for. 1.) As far as I know there is no punishment but you get skills for your new class based on how many training points you had in your previous one. So for example if you are a tank with 80 defense and change into a damage dealer then you will not gain 80 defense. You will gain the same level of defense as if you would have trained defense for as long as you had on your tank. I know it's a bit of a tongue-twister but hopefully you get what i'm trying to say. Fist and Sword fighting does not translate at all. So if you have 90 sword and 25 fist on Trunks and swap into Goku then you will still have those same exact skills. 2.) Here each class gets the option to upgrade one of two spells, as Scoy said you can look through your tab and look for grey text on your spells - those are the upgrade able ones. 3.) This is your level 350 transform upgrade and does literally nothing for you up until that point - my advice is to ignore this option until... 350. Ps. I also noticed that there is no complete guide for collecting and using dragon balls - Me and Stg Pain might create this guide soon though
  5. You are not retarded but yes, this is not a "real" dragon ball, it is only there for decoration purposes. There are many like this around the map, I can think of 3 more just now
  6. Hi guys, So me, @Goblin and a couple of friends are starting a community where we invite new players to join us. Our goal is to help new people into the game! We don't have any demands except don't be an asshole. We are not a traditional guild that wants to PvP, all we want to do is help new players get started. You are welcome to join us if you are already part of a traditional guild but if you do - we ask you to leave any hate for other guilds outside our Discord - this is a PeacefulZoneā„¢ If this sounds like something for you then feel free to join us on our Discord: https://discord.gg/hKkMNED To promote this server and to generally just help new players we will be making and posting tutorials here too! Index below ROTS - BioTech Lab (how to do tasks and daily quest) ROTS - How to train skills ROTS - BioTech bosses (1st room) ROTS - BioTech bosses (2nd room)
  7. Congratulations and well done! Don't be too afraid of The Yao boss, the Annihilator boss is definitely one of the hardest ones (Destroyer boss is also difficult... these robot monsters seems to be hard overall). Just remember to always try new bosses close to the TP so that you can exit if you need to
  8. Yeah well, all classes has the strong and weak points, soloing bosses is definitively one of Trunks weaker points but you got a lot of other cool stuff to look forward to so just press on Good luck on your further attempts!
  9. You stated an opinion I told you why I disagreed Instead of following up your argument you move to ad-hominem attacks and concealed bandwagon attempts. Weak!
  10. I would like to pitch in to this idea: We already know that the admins has the possibility to make items visible to some players but invisible to others depending on their progress in a quest (for example Bulma's fuel barrel, it is only visible when doing the quest). So It would be cool if there were some broken teleport capsules around the map that we could help to repair with a small to medium sized quest and then we get access to use it. For example the teleporter on the south island could be that the Oozarus came down the mountain, smashed the teleport pod and stole some important parts. Would make sense since they have a treasury down there... Retrieve the item(s) to repair the pod! I think there is a lot of charm with having to sit on your kinto to travel to some places so I don't think there should be too many of them but... some more would be nice, at least one by south Capitol
  11. Aha, but what about the people that don't want to use a browser then? Should they be forced to open a browser and read the information here?? What if I only want to read such information by carrier pidgeon? The information is in a place where everyone easily and for free can reach it and it is written in the most common language we have, asking for anything more than this is just sheer laziness if you ask me... You don't even actually need to download anything, you can run Discord just fine through a browser
  12. Easy solution, start using Discord!
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