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  1. So I'm getting a bit tired of the bugs that seems to get unnoticed for a very long time (144 days and counting(!!!!) as of creating this thread) on most of these bugs, and some of them are critical so I decided to gather them for some visibility. Feel free to give me information if you know any more bugs that are currently in the game and I will add them but please check the list first. Here's the bugs on a title level, for a more close description check the uploaded text file: | # | Name | 1 | Incorrect movement | 2 | Green flame | 3 | Uranai baba | 4 | Antenna | 5 | Arena | 6 | Windows | 7 | Market (multi) | 8 | Resurrection | 9 | Xp/h bar | 10 | Stamina bar | 11 | Defense training | 12 | VIP list | 13 | Houses | 14 | Enraged monsters | 15 | Locked item overlay | 16 | ROTSpedia | 17 | Unwalkable SQM/Stairs | 18 | Ghost walls | 19 | Incorrect maps | 20 | Misspelled items | 21 | Unnamed items | 22 | Attack speed | 23 | Pills/Blessings/Implants | 24 | Square marks | 25 | Hotkeys disapearing | 26 | Items changing tier | 27 | Player HP plate Buglist2020-05-30.txt
  2. Lmfao makes zero sense but... nice find!
  3. Jocke

    Is Goku op?

    Yes, that is a visual bug. And those are fair points but between Fury/Hidden Potential or Burning Attack/Stroke/Full Control/High Strike combo or just Vision Smash spam I can assure you that even in PvP these damage dealer classes has a lot more damage to offer, especially burst (which is more important). Goku is more durable and has a stun though... I know a lot of people would disagree with me but I think every single class is good in PvP generally, depending on the size of the battle(s) and depending on how you play the character.
  4. Literally forever. The houses are bugged and the old owners won't lose access until they login without premium. If they stay offline they will keep the house forever. The administration knows about this and it should be fixed soon but just like valve time, the ROTS time is not like normal time so this has taken quite some time to fix... Good news though, the Trello ticket for this seems to be progressing so this might actually happen "soon" in real time terms too!
  5. Jocke

    Is Goku op?

    0.2AS? I guess maybe take your own advice and don't broadcast your opinion when you don't have all the facts limit is 1 hit every 300ms for every character, no matter what the ingame description says. In my opinion Goku is fine overall, there are some natural powerspikes considering when he and different other classes gets their transformations (for example Goku is ridiculously strong in pvp at level 50-74 range) and of course Gohan/Trunks deals more damage, they are damage dealers after all... Goku is more tanky and has more diverse spells, everything comes at a price.
  6. Jocke

    Ban sem motivo

    Simple... when you created your account you agreed to the rules, one of them being: "If a player performs any activities in the game, he is obliged to respond to the administration within a minute." You were performing in-game actions and did not respond within 1 minute since you were at the doctors... thus you were banned!
  7. There is open pvp but the limit of frags is really low which means that generally you really have to piss someone off to be killed, random pk is rare, at least in my experience. There are very many viable spawns in the game at all level ranges so even if there occasionally are people being assholes at what is considered the best spawn in each level range, it is not hard at all to find great places to hunt.
  8. Jocke

    [BR] Tutoriais

    I don't understand much more than the pictures and that my name was mentioned. 10/10 guide, keep up the good work! In all seriousness though really nice to see people making guides again, we need to continue making new players come into the game or it will die eventually so keep up the good work for real!
  9. Yeah depending on your date standard that can be a bit confusing... The servers went live on the 6th of January and no second server has yet been announced (although it seems that there might be one coming, maybe? hopefully?)
  10. Don't know what you mean by "everything resets on the 1st" - only the pvp season resets at this date, levels are untouched. Yes, while the total number of spells are maybe fewer (I think?) on general you just a lot more spells while hunting and way more creatively - hunting is at least in my opinion a lot more fun and engaging than normal tibia. "It depends" - you can PM me in-game and I can give you a couple of starter items. More than anything this game is just "learn by doing", which is also the most fun part. The exploration and continuous transformation upgrades makes progressing very fun and rewarding.
  11. I mean... attack speed is the only one that costs money to train since you need to get the appropriate bands but generally yes, training skills is very important and since it's limited to only 10m per day it's easy to do too. Depending on your class attack speed varies a lot in value so it's hard to say if this is where you should put your early money really!
  12. Whats your ingame name? I could give you 24
  13. Transformations are 75 -> 140 -> 225 -> 350 Places to hunt: Just do tasks until level 130~ (finish 3rd room), after this you can search for more and better places Vegeta can be played as a DPS or as a Tank (especially if you have a friend that is Dende) - good luck!
  14. Jocke

    error exp

    Exp meter is extremely broken, this is common knowledge. Use the in-game meter to compare spawns if you wish but if you want to count your actual xp/h you have to do so manually.
  15. What do you mean? Just press ctrl + shift + m (unless you unbound/rebound it) and you will get a full screen map that you can crop however you wish
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