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  1. Still you can have only 1% ki regen per item(max) while you can have 10% ki reduction from one item(max) and ki regen is per 2 seconds. So in the end even with best items you can regen only 5% of your ki per 2 seconds while you need 10-30% of your ki per spell ;-;
  2. depends ;-; if you have higher ki regen bonus go for it but in late game ki reduction % is best(because you can achieve 50% ki reduction from items) 😛
  3. Jakim cudem żeś to widział, że Dende nie dawał rady na 2 kiri a Trunks dawal rade po 8 jak Oni maja podobna przeżywalność? Z tym, że Trunks ma chwilowy buff na dodge ;-; Tutaj większość siły postaci zależy od przedmiotów i skilli, tanki nadal tankują i to bardzo mocno a dpsy robią dps kosmiczny cały czas :3 Half tanki są relatywnie dobre do solo gry(szkoda, że do team huntów się nie nadają) a Dende jest dobrym supportem tylko po prostu nudnym bo jedyne co ma to heala, który nie zawsze się przydaje bo tanki się same potrafią wyleczyć na expie biorac cala klate mobow a reszta postaci takich jak Gohan to i tak przed mobami ucieka :V
  4. Na Dende nie działają wszystkie bonusy on hit(life drain, ki drain, dmg) ponieważ bije On z dystansu i jego obrażenia z tego zwiększają się wraz z focusem
  5. Rekinek

    Ki Drain

    Ki drain/Life drain doesnt work on Dende(because he have range auto attack) and yes, if you have 15flat ki drain you will drain 15ki from enemy to yourself 😜
  6. Rekinek

    Strona www

    Powstaje powoli cała encyklopedia, która będzie dostępna w kliencie ❤️
  7. Masenko, Final Flash and waves like this should have upgrades too ;-;
  8. Wchodzisz i po prostu musisz przeżyc na tej białej podłodze - większość ludzi staję w narożniku i sobie stoi :d co 5 czy tam 6 sekund rosną Ci wszystkie skille poza Focus i Fishing 😜 Nie kończą się tam "potki" takie jak senzu czy half senzu :3 możesz też skillować focus bijac te mobki z ki blasta (każdy kolor ma inne działanie niż normalnie, np zielony leczy ;d) Nie musisz być ani bity ani nawet mieć mobów na ekranie żeby skill leciał Wejść możesz 3x na tydzień i każda śmierć tam to -100 punktów treningowych
  9. I dont think so ;-; Different classes gain skills in different time ;-; can you imagine someone were playing buu, trained defence and dodge to 70 skills and later he just changed class to Gohan and is unkillable because he have 70defence?
  10. Też uważam, że powinien być 1 domek na koncie(nie wliczając guild house) i powinny być za ten domek opłaty tak by niegrające osoby z paccem też te domki traciły.
  11. Rekinek

    FaQ by Swiezak

    Hello, since you always ask the same questions, I wished to create the most accurate tutorial, especially for new players. I hope you find it useful and you will recommend it to others. If something here wasn't right, messege me. It will be changed immediately. Special thanks for Pakiao (he really helped me a lot). If you want to skip to the part You're looking for, press CTRL+F and enter the phrase you want to search. Which skills should I train on my character? Every skill is important but default skills are marked with green color. For example that's how Trunks' skills looks like: Click I've found dragon ball but i can't pick it up. What now?! There's two kinds of dragon balls. 1st We get while doing sagas (lays on the same spots whole time) 2nd Are the ones which appears once per 3 hours and on planet Earth only. Attention! The dragon ball can appear behind the tree (you could see light from them at night) How to get shovel? You can get 1st shovel from Bulma, for doing easy quest. Bulma Bulma MiniMap. You can done it by bringing her barell of fuel. Fuel MiniMap. Attention! Shovel appears in Quest Pouch. We can get new shovels at Bulma as well. Detailed topic about shovels you can find here. This tutorial is made by Cris. How to open a chest? To open mined/bought bronze/silver/gold/platinum/diamond chest you need a key. These keys you can craft at Bulma's or buy them at the market. Bulma's location at "hot to get shovel" part. How to get Kinto and how to use it? Tutorial about Kinto was already made by El Led here. Where to buy senzu? You can buy it at Karrin , he's here. What gives Puar i and how to get him? You can buy Puar at the gem shop. After transaction we get the stone at Quest Pouch. After using that stone, appears window. Furthermore, at "item value" window we can order him not to pick useless items. Attention! Puar is active for 30 days after purchase, is for one character only and can't be given to other players. How to buy/sell a house? To buy it you must have premmium account, 70 lvl, money needed for that. Then appear in front of house's door and type !buyhouse . To sell it you have to type !sellhouse , nick of the person who wants to buy (then appears "trade" window ). Why can't I buy anything at the market? To buy something at the market you have to have money at the bank instead of your backpack. Money at the bank you can withdraw/deposit anytime you need with cash machine, which you can find in town. It looks like this. Monkey don't want to give me dragon ball/ defeated General White, what should I do next? The most common issues with sagas. If the monkey don't want to give you a dragon ball, try to kill a wolf next to her and then talk to monkey (it appears in dragon bag). Defeated General White? Congratulations, that's the end of the sagas for now. Soon there will be more. Train hard to be ready for new challenges! How to pass the Pilaf's labyrinth? All you have to do is move one lever, at the right top corner: here then the transition opens. What is a task, how to get them?/ Why can't I get it and what happened with my "strange crystals"? You can find tutorial about that here - it's made by Ikaa. For today (after 05.02.20 update) you can get a task by clicking on the board next to cage with a monster. You can get the strange crystal after defeating boss again (everyone can beat them again and get from them new, better loot). How to get daily mision? You can get it from that man. His location. I've already sold equipment and weapon. Where can I sell the rest? About npc who's buying most of the leftovers from a monsters. Items such as leathers, leafs and any other leftover we can sell at NPC which is located here. What to do to not lose your backpack after death? Bless. A backpack falls off when you have 30+ lvl. However we can buy the Bless at Kami's , to secure it from loosing it. The price will be your current lvl * 500. You can find Kami in the Karrin's tower (here). After you find him, you need to go upstairs, klick at a vines and click at the pillar. Attention! The blessing is for one use only and protect us from loosing backpack but we lose exp anyway. How to move to Hell? We can get there by falling from "snake way" (we get there after death) or with paying, with the help of Urnai Baba, which is here. It will cost 1001 zeni. Which bonuses are the best for my character? I really recommend you to experiment with that. Every bonus is usefull on it's way so all you have to do is create your dream character with your own bonuses. How to train Attack Speed? Tutorial about getting first bands and any next needed to skill up attack speed was already made so I'll put it here. This tutorial is made by Cris as well, don't forget to thank him for doing it. What are these weird antennas on the map? Antennas can be repaired and by doing it we can get one of few unique helpers. Details are here, made by Cris. Fast way to increse your offensive/defensive (Fight Mode) We have 3 fighting styles in this game: Fight Offensive gives us normal statistics. Fight Balanced reduce our offensive skills by 20% but increase defensive skills also by 20%. Fight Defensive increse defensive skills by 50% but reduce offensive also by 50%. Window with fighting styles can be opened by pressing this button. Everyone are talking about discord but I don't know how to get there. Discord is a modern platform used for comunication between people, serwer RotS has it's own discord server too. Here's the Link. Use for strange crystal Strange crystal is a reward for defeating task boss. For now there's not use for that. Energy Points, what is it? Energy points are placed above health points, here. Every point reduce lost experience points before death by 0.5%. It regenerate when we're online. How to set LFP (looking for party)? At first click here, appear window like this. If we want to join already made party - search at right top part of the screen If we want to inform that we're looking for one, we click Join, type description, for example "LF TANK SKELETONS". Where to wear belt/ringi/earrings? With this button you can change the page with equipment. Where are tasks' bosses? Tutorial about that is here, made by Ikaa. How to find Pirate robots? One of the spawns is described here, made by Malfus. What is a bonus and how to unlock it? Tutorial about that is here made by Cris. I will update this tutorial as fast as it's possible. You can also messege me with ideas what is needed here. Stay tuned!
  12. Your skills will be calculated and changed Probably as will be the same but sword will go down to 10 and you will get some fist fighting skill lvls up ;d around 40 i think? no idea but im sure your skills will change
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