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  1. haha "get lv 140 to became stronger" nice aggurment,
  2. there a lot of changes to do before open a new server lol, need finish sagas, balance hunt system, events, pvp, new hunts for mid-high level... does not make sense open a new server now.
  3. hello, i dont speak english, so i didnt understand what u say in this topic.
  4. Double kamehameha dont have upgrade, like single kamehameha which upgrade turning bigger, will be good if double kamehameha have this too.
  5. Yo, i wanna suggest ki regen implant, because high level waste to much ki, so this will help us. Or, acessories with ki regen in %.
  6. omg this change in puar!!! good joob
  7. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk cry noob
  8. Sapequinha

    New room!

    good changes
  9. him friend insult me too, its sad to comunity have such toxic players
  10. Yo guys, this polish player hate brazilian players and call then "Monkeys", i hope him get a punishment.
  11. serious problems in pvp event, i stopped play this event a long time ago because of those issues.
  12. Buff on gohan (best class in game), and nerf in goku (one of worst class in game). NICE!
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