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  1. Time for a little update Still a million more tasks to do 😴, also gotta start doing the tasks on my alt at some point
  2. I agree to everything said above, I wish the team would focus more on their task list and on more new content ✌️
  3. Maybe a tutorial about mid/higher level monsters spawn locations, I'm keen on exploring and finding stuff on my own, but I ofter run into monsters that are way too hard for me, and I think such a tutorial could help out alot of new players. 😊
  4. Levels 82, and 83 at skeletons with a nice and fast killing team Level 84 at Namekian Warriors for a daily task Afterwards decided to do some CC BioTechLab tasks since I've been slacking on them Slight skeletons 3/3 Dark wolves, wolves, and snakes done Currently at a total of 13 Coins, still a long way to go! I managed to get some high KI gear for manatraining and a goddess earring/ring set, I'm wearing that while doing these easy tasks or if I'm semiafk manatraining, seems to be working well for now Thats all for today folks!
  5. Thanks alot for this tutorial Cris! 😊
  6. Currently I'm mostly just grinding skeletons and wasting my 50% exp, ideally id like to start moving to better and more exciting spots soon as I'm getting a bit tired of skeletons already. Oh btw, I do also have an alt Majin but I'm not doing much atm with it so far I've only skilled it a little bit. Here he is, introducing Bubblegum Edit: If anyone has an suggestion what I should move on to after skeletons feel free to leave a reply or msg me ingame when I'm online Edit 2: My current goal for my main is to keep leveling and skilling, and at some point start working on CC BioTech Lab tasks since I only have 6 coins and no implants or pills yet.
  7. Hello everyone, my name is Fidus Amor currently playing on a level 80 Goku, and I've decided to document my life and adventures here on ROTS I'm a fairly new player exploring this world but I will try to capture as much of my life here as I can, I have a few goals in mind at the moment, mostly related just to getting stronger and exploring this world! Currently playing on a level 80 Goku. Current Goals : Level 80 [ X ] 90 [ X ] Level 100 [ ] Level 110 [ ] Level 120 [ ] Level 130 [ ] level 140 [ ] level 150 [ ] Skills : Speed 60 [ ] 70 [ ] 80 [ ] 90 [ ] 99 [ ] Attack Speed 60 [ X ] 70 [ ] 80 [ ] 90 [ ] 99 [ ] Fist Fighting 60 [ X ] 70 [ ] 80 [ ] 90 [ ] 99 [ ] Platinum Bands [ ] Gather all 7 dragon balls and meet Shenlong [ ] Lets start with a few pictures to get going My current skills (with eq bonuses): My current equipment : And Jewellery : Level 80 today ! Ive managed to get Leather,Stone, and Iron bands so far, so only platinum to go!
  8. Hey everybody :P

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